Monday, April 30, 2007

A long time

Again it's been a long time since I posted, life has just got in the way and a lot has been happening here, to much to bore you with so will just get on with it.

I've been able to complete my Mira' Midsummer Nights fairy and she'll be going to be framed along with Mira's Garden Verses sometime this week. I'm also trying to get Mira's Butterfly fairy finished so I can start Passione Ricamo's gorgeous new design The Fair Queen. I've ordered the chart and the bits I didn't have in my stash from the lovely Jacqui at Celtic Rose I can happily recommend the service she gives and she's a lovely person too. She will post abroad as well as here in the UK. My chart and bits have arrived so I'll get them when I see her Mum on Wednesday at our stitch club.I'm still undecided on the fabric I'll use, I have several pieces here and have also bought some from Debbie at Hidden Treasures I'll decide when I've got all my fabric here and do a floss toss.

I made a decision a few weeks ago to go back to the stitch club I used to attend before having more health problems, I was a little nervous not having seen them for over a yr but I needn't have worried it was like going home after a long absence. The ladies were so welcoming and a lot of hugs went around. It was wonderful being back amongst them, they're a lovely set of ladies and we do have a lot of fun. I really look forward to going each week which apart from visiting family, hospital or drs it's the only social gathering I go to. Jean one of the co runners of the group had a birthday last week and brought us her present from her daughter Jacqui, mentioned above, she'd had someone stitch MD's Summer Queen in pinks and had it framed for her Mum. It is gorgeous and a lot of hard work has gone into it. I much prefer her in pink than blue. I do have her kitted up and she was on the back burner but after seeing her in the flesh she'll have to move up the chain of projects.

We've had a bit of a rough spell with Zebedee again and I've been bitten several times resulting in stitches. I got to the edge of my tether about 3 wks ago and contacted the rescue with a view to taking him back, I felt I couldn't do anymore with him. However the rescue, after saying it was ok to take him back failed to contact me again but meantime I had found a group on yahoo which is run by Mary Nelson a qualified dog behaviourist and bless her she has sent me a sort of retraining programme on how to overcome the problems we're having. I've read through it and am already putting it into practice. We love this little man and if working hard with him for a few months can get him to be more social and happy then we're happy to do it. I know the rescue is really busy and I'm not critisising them for not getting back to me, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. So master grumpy is still with us in the hope we can help him become mr happy :o) I wasn't happy at the thought of giving up on him and felt I was letting him down, yes he's grumpy and bites but he has a really cute face.

Neil & I are going out this evening, we're off to a presentation ceremony. He has worked for our local council since 1974 and they are supposed to recieve a long service award at 25yrs but the invitation is a little late :o)better than never.

I've been stocking up on hand dyed fabrics recently and the colours are amazing, I still like the parchment colours for samplers but the Mira's take on another dimension on hand dyed. There are some really talented ladies out there who are trying their hand at dyeing fabric themselves and are making a fantastic job of it. I can see how they become inspired, our sunset and the following early evening sky last night was amazing. I looked at it for quite sometime considering which projects the colours would suit. I don't have the talent for dyeing so will have to rely on the other ladies :o) I am a bit sorry I've started my Chatelaine designs on white fabric now after seeing some of the lovely one's stitched on h/dyed but I have and I'm certainly not frogging them!!

I've also been transferring my MH beads into small box containers and have had a jolly time doing that! The ever present dogs around my feet have come under scrutiny for beads dropped in their fur much to their disgust. I'm almost there, it will make life a little simpler when I have to take beads from my stash for projects.

I've been able to spend more time with our youngest grandson Jacob, he is quite a little character and calls me Nanny much to the amusement of the others. The only problem is he's quite put out when I can't play football with him :o)

Paul is doing extremely well in his recovery, it will soon be the anniversary of his accident and it's still taking a lot of coming to terms with but I keep telling myself he's still alive and his determination to get as much of his life back as possible is amazing. He went at the beginning of April for a check up and some tests, they are now trying different things with him. I went over last Thursday and had a great time with him and then the girls and Philly when they came home. Our local chemist had a special on for juicers, we bought one a few weeks ago, I love fruit and veg but Neil has problems eating his 5 per day but this is a great way of keeping up on the nourishment and vitamins they provide. I took one over to Pauls as they recommend he ups his veg,fruit and fibre intake, he's another Neil so it will be a good way of making sure he gets them. The girls love doing anything with cooking or experimenting so I'm waiting for a new concoction coming forth when they get started.

James has had his midterm results and report and has done exceptionally well getting high scores in each subject. Craigs son Sam has just returned from a visit to China with his school and Laura is going to Thailand with her friend and parents in the summer. Whatever happened to the school trips to the seaside 50miles away long gone are those days :o)

Well I need to start getting myself ready for our night out, hopefully it won't be as long before I post again. I haven't had the chance to read up on anyone esle's blog lately and I really miss them.
Take good care of you and happy stitching, knitting, reading or whatever is your favourite pastime.
hugs Peg
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