Sunday, September 30, 2007

A wonderful sight to see....

As you can see from the images below we had a few airbourne 'visitors' over our houses this past week. It was an amazing site to see, we often get them coming over and threatening to 'fall' in someones garden but they usually manage to lift themselves up at the last minute. However as you can see the red/cream one didn't quite make it.....I took the first pic of this one but the others are taken by Neil, well I can't run downstairs and I certainly can't run after a falling balloon :o) I'm glad to report they came down safely and happily there were no casualties except perhaps a little wounded pride. They finally came to rest in the field behind the next street to us and as you can see had a few spectators.
They were certainly more entertaining than the fast roar of the fighter jets which go over frequently practising low flying. The poor doglets think armageddon has come on such occasions!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope your weekend is restful and peaceful

hugs Peg

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An enjoyable week

A bad hair day and what happens if you leave your bed to use the lose your place!!!

I have had the most enjoyable week whenever I have had time to spend on the internet this week. I've been reading blogs I had in my bookmark but also visiting new ones, these ladies have shared their homes and it has been truely amazing visiting each one. I have felt so warmly welcomed, some decorated in past era's, some with the relaxing neutral tones but all so inspiring.

Thank you ladies for sharing the talented gifts you have. We in the UK don't have the large spacious homes our cousins over the pond enjoy, the delight of having an ensuite bathroom or a basement for those washing/drying machines or storage areas to me would be wonderful. Some of our older victorian houses do have cellars but they don't usually have windows in them, the attic space in most of our modern homes barely has standing room never mind the space to add a further room. However in saying that I have read blogs whose owner has a small cottage which has been decorated in Shabby chic style and is a joy to behold. I'm not speaking for everyone else but to me that says it doesn't matter what you have it's what you do with it.

I've read Cindy's blog tonight, her home is beautiful, so warm and welcoming and decorated with taste and her talent shines through in each picture. If you need a delightful experience then visit her blog and let her take you through her home. What is most surprising is how she has achieved beauty without spending a lot of money, she has dedicated time and love, she still has more to do and I look forward to seeing her next project which if I remember right will be her kitchen.

I bought some wonderful bargains this week which I will share in my next post it's to late to start taking pictures tonight. I have been trying to purchase 2 vintage feather eiderdowns but each avenue I've tried has been a dead end. I asked at charity shops but sadly they throw them away when they come in, they are not allowed to sell them because of fire regulations, I did say to one that they could throw them at me then and I'd pick them up but she didn't bite. I haven't given up trying, I could make my own but then it wouldn't be vintage, mind you it very well could be by the time it would be stuffed! I can just imagine the fun the munchkins would have chasing the feathers all over. We're fighting now for floor space under my desk, I think my feet belong there they think they should have first shout and lay there despite the over large bed I have in here for them!
It seems strange that something we cuddled up and felt safe under when we were children is now such an expensive item. I've watched 7 of them sold on ebay today none of which went for under £40. One which I thought very pretty and was going to bid on but thought it would be snapped up by a big spender at the last minute only went for £15.55. I could have kicked my desk if I thought it wouldn't hurt, I didn't go with my hearts leading, I hope the winner has many happy years with her quilt. I have put a few feelers out in other directions so am hoping to be successful.

Have a lovely day and may you be blessed in all you do
hugs Peg

Friday, September 21, 2007

What a week of bargains

I won this beautiful embroidery on ebay, I won't be changing the frame I like the weathered antique look it has. I'd love to find out the history behind it, the stitchers name and address is on the reverse, I think she must have entered it in a show or competition with the message on the back requesting the string and rings for hanging are not removed, I love it.

I've also won 2 other embroideries, one is a gorgeous Peacock design and the other is either chinese or Japanese. They are both stitched in embroidery I don't personally do but I just loved the look of them. I did bid for several really old samplers but of course they went wayyyy over the limit I had set myself. I would dearly love to have one which was stitched in the 1800's knowing that what was probably stitched out of duty is now dearly loved for it's own beauty.

I managed to get a frame for my own historical sampler last week, I stitched this in 2005 and it has sat patiently with the others waiting for a frame. I found an old one in our RSPCA charity shop. It is a frame within a frame but the inner frame will have to be left out to accommadate the size of the sampler. I have so many needing framing I'm ashamed at my lack of effort.

I have been buying fabric again this week, I won a lovely crisp, fresh looking pr of curtains in blue and yellow which I'm still undecided to use as curtains or as fabric for quilting. I was pleased to win auctions for vintage linen sheets and pillowcases which I have already washed, ironed, aired and put away. I've bought some new lavender satchets to put amongst the linen to keep it smelling fresh.
I don't want to use them until I have sorted out a white bedspread for each of the single beds. I was winning a bit on 25mtres of White Damask fabric which would make wonderful bedspreads but I have a sneaky feeling some clever, better off sniper will probably out bid me in the last few mins of the auction. I do it myself so I can't grumble, I just think the Damask will look great with a quilted throw folded over it.
I would love to win two of the many feather Eiderdowns on ebay at the moment but two reasons prevent me doing so. Dh has asthma & I'm not sure it would be good for him and also each one I've liked has gone to way over £70-80 so out of my league. I have been wondering if I just pop the Eiderdowns on in the daytime and take them off at night if it would still affect him?

I was able to get quite a bit of fabric from our flea market yesterday, here it is with the linen sheets/pillowcases pre washed. The fabric cost me 50p each item, there was 2 king size duvet covers, a single duvet cover, a king size sheet, brand new still in pkt, a dusk pink floral curtain. The blue stripe fabric next to the top is 4mtrs of Danish fabric I won on ebay. A great week for bargains as I said. The quilted floor runner is another bargain from ebay. The partial little black and white head belongs to my little Megan, she was admiring the rug too :o)

I also had a fantastic trade with a seller on ebay which I will share when my extra special item arrives, I'm hoping that's tomorrow but who knows, I will share a pic and the story of my special item later
A bounty of fabric

My lovely quilted floor runner

I have been enjoying some wonderful blogs these past 2 nights, they are ones with a vintage theme and oh what joy there is to behold looking through them. I have a massive list of blogs I like to look at I bookmark them because I can never remember where I've seen something :o)Thank you ladies for providing a wonderful nostalgic visit.

I had a go at shabby chic today, my daughter gave me a lovely basket which would happily grace any shabby chic store so I thought it would be nice to pop my current crochet project in to be displaid therein. It was just to the side of my chair and I must admit looked nice, I had to answer the door to the postie and when I returned my shabby chic effort was strewn across the floor with both wool and granny squares seeing who could win the race around the coffee table! I did ask the munchkins which one had decided to decorate the floor with my wool but no-one owned up they all just looked around counting the flecks of micro dust which flutters through the air in a shaft of sunlight. So much for that idea, I won't be beaten I will think of something else :o)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why did God create.............

..........mice & rats??? I haven't a clue and will ask when I meet Him. I don't see any redeeming features for them. I am absolutely petrified of them both and it's not just their tails it's everything about them. I know some people have them as pets and love them but I haven't a clue why and have never come up with a feasable answer.
I get into a very bad state if I think there's one near, I can't help it. I can't say I'd rather face a large tiger than a rat or mouse because I wouldn't but they may as well be that big. I even had nightmares the next night about them. I'm worried now about leaving my back door open for the dogs to go in and out because although I have 5 I know not one of them would attack one. We thought we had a problem last winter and put poison down from the enviromental health, unfortunately one of my dogs got into the garage and started eating it! We had to rinse his mouth out straight away zoom off to the vets for injections and medication and keep watch on him for a few days, happily he had no long lasting ill effects.

They are at this present time keeping me from using my tumble dryer and getting food out of the big freezer both of which are in the garage. My electric scooter is also in there so I have to ask dh to go for anything we need out of there. My family spent ages telling me I was paranoid about them and was imagining it well at the beginning of last week I went in the garage to put clothes in the tumble dryer, the day before I had taken some fluff from the dryer door and foolishly not thrown it away. It was still at the side of the dryer and there in plain sight was all the evidence I needed. The droppings on the fluff looked like both mice and rat droppings, sis and dh say they're all left by mice but believe me folks if that's true the are some pretty large mice in the garage!!!!!!!!! and until they are evicted I'm not going in there.
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