Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Photos

Here's the photo of my Victorian Sampler after coffee dyeing it, I'm pleased with the results which is even more lovely in the 'flesh' so to speak. I'm hoping to get it framed in the next few weeks.

Photo no 2 is of the Style Quaker designed by Jardin Prive this stitched up pretty quickly and was a delight to stitch.

The 3rd photo is of my current stitch, Winter sampler by The Prairie Schooler. I stitched Autumn leaves in 2006 photo 4, maybe I'll stitch the summer & spring one too to make the set. I like stitching PS designs the colours are always so bold but warm.
On the knee front things aren't going so well,
I've been experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty walking. Not like last time at all, I saw the consultant surgeon on Monday he showed me the xrays and told me he wasn't pleased with the results because the joint wasn't straight! Not straight, it's at a blooming angle.
Also he'd had to shave away a lot from underneath the kneecap and insert a prosthesis under it which will cause pain for quite some time and may never go away. He seemed very blazai about it what worries me is will it affect my walking in the future. I'm going to see my own dr next week and ask to go to someone for a second opinion.

The rescue is going to be busy this weekend we have 6 cavelier dogs coming in from a breeder who is to ill to look after them plus a little Pom girl. This is on top of the dogs that have already come in this week. I can't foster any at the moment I've been finding it a bit hard coping with my own. I love them to bits and wouldn't be without them but sometimes they need a long walk, I can't and dh is not able to with work commitments.
I'm off to read a few lovely blogs and then stitch on my PS for a while, dh has just left to meet his climbing friends for a drink, glad I'm not going out it's really cold out there!
take care
hugs Peg xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What was I thinking !!

After finishing the Victorian sampler I came upstairs to kit up Nathalie's Style Quaker sampler, this is a small one so should be a quick finish. I had to move things to get to the cupboards for the supplies so was not most impressed with myself. Because of this I decided it's time I had a sort out, oh my gosh what was I thinking. I honestly didn't think I had so much, I think I have stitching stash to last a few lifetimes. The quilting supplies aren't less either, I think I have enough fabric to make at least 40 quilts if not more. Apart from the cupboards there is fabric in about 10 large plastic tub containers. I have to do a bit then have a rest do a bit etc etc.

Another thing in looking for supplies for the sampler I have found loads of samplers I've stitched, some I have forgotten about, all needing framing. I realised I have not posted pics of these so it may be pic overload in my next post. I also found samplers framed already which I had forgotten about. I'm going carefully now as I'm wondering if I may find a lost bank manager in here somewhere ;o) I love my hand-dyed fabric, evenweave & linen so will be keeping them but I have found loads of aida and I just don't use it. Also I have some threads, Madeira and some which came with kits I am not going to use. Does anyone know of a charity that sends stitching goods abroad who could benefit from this stash? A few years ago I sent some out to Romania to a village where people had requested stash for the ladies who had nothing but I've lost the address. Either that or a charity here in the UK who could benefit from it. My email is please feel free to email me if you know of anyone.

Changing the subject completely, I don't think Paddington is going to make his 11th birthday, he kept me up last night with his barking. My neighbours aren't here in the daytime but they all work so I don't like the dogs being noisy so I spent most of the night up and downstairs. Today because I'm busy doing something he's constantly barking. He isn't indicating what he wants just barking in one room after another. I'm letting him bark he can't disturb anyone in the daytime, I know he's not ill just annoying me............................................I love him to bits but am thinking of sending him on a road trip with his little pole and red scarf with his dinner in it ;o)

I must get on sorting my room out I can't see my cutting table at the moment it's covered with stash from the cupboards and now I've got to put it all back. I'm going to have my blog fix first though and drop in on a couple or so blogs and catch up.

Have a good day, I hope your weather is better than ours, we have thick fog and it's very cold. Neil rang this morning to say they have blizzards where they are so no climbing today! I will post a pic of the sampler coffee'd in my next post.

hugs Peg xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Happy Dancing!!

I finished my Victorian Sampler last night after having to undo the right side border and re stitch it!! I found I'd put one to many stitches in the right hand corner arrrgghh, there are a couple more mistakes in it but I'm leaving it. Now it is finished and because I am immobile at the moment it only took a month to stitch. This is a pre coffee dyeing pic it's been soaked in the coffee and it drying at the moment but when it's dry and pressed I'll post a pic. That's another one to add to the many which haven't yet been framed! I found a few new blogs to read last night and really enjoyed my visits. On one I saw the Quaker Lady designed by Nathalie I fell in love with this a while ago when I was stitching two other Quaker samplers. I went onto Nathalie's blog and oh boy that was fatal..........her charts are available either by pdf download or actual paper pattern. To save on costs I opted for the pdf which I prefer anyway as I always do a working copy and never mark the original. I bought several of her charts, 8 actually then I went back to purchase 2 more which I love. So much for NOT buying any new stash for a while, but then I thought about all the stash I have and realised I really must have enough charts to use it all up. Well that's my thoughts on it anyway ;O)

I found this strange dog in my home, I woke up from a nap to find my legs numb and this growing on them. I was quite dazed at the time and honestly thought I was hallucinating. But on coming around properly realised it was little Nulie Noos in her favourite place ;0) She and Poppy has taken to laying here since they came home. I think the thinking behind it is I can't go anywhere without them knowing now.
I've got one very sad little boy on my hands, Nemo along with Poppy is dh's constant shadow when he's at home. Since he went on his climbing trip Nemos been laying on his bed, I managed to coax him downstairs this morning but he sat looking at the front door for a while then mooched off back onto his Dads bed. I've never had this before, it's always been me the dogs pine for if I'm not at home so am a bit at a loss as to what to do with him bless him.
Take care
Hugs Peg xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think we're finally turning the corner!

Well I think things are finally improving, I didn't sleep at all on Tuesday night because of the pain despite the medication. I was shattered yesterday. It wasn't until around 11pm I realised my knee hadn't been to painful and I could cope with it. In bed I managed to get comfy and suffered no pain all night and today walking has been a lot easier. I really feel I'm turning the corner and it can only be good from here on. I'm glad it has because Neil is reluctant to go on his climbing trip if I can't cope. And it means only 2 more injections..yeahhhhhh.

On the stitching front I'm on cloud 9 I have almost finished my Victorian sampler I just have the bottom band and the bottom border to complete. I've been reading through a few blogs and WOW there is some seriously gorgeous stitching out there ladies, I love looking at peoples finishes you inspire me so thank you for sharing.
I hit on a new blog, new to me anyway, this evening, this is Tanya's blog, why not pop in and say hello it's a really lovely chatty blog, down to earth, a very enjoyable read.

On the quilting front I can't do any until my sewing room is cleared, there is waaaay to much stuff in there. I have a lot of new recycled fabric to choose from and I won 3 unfinished quilt tops on ebay, this is one of them, gorgeous isn't it? I'm really looking forward to finishing it.

Well I want to get back to my stitching to finish this sampler, I'll post a pic of it when finished.

Take care

hugs Peg xx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brrrrr it's back !

I looked out of my window late last night and we were having a snow shower, they had forecast it but I don't usually go by what they say because they're usually wrong. The slight covering was still on the ground this morning and dangerously slippy so no going through either the back or front door for me.
By lunchtime it was all gone thanks to a slight peep out of the clouds by Mr Sun, I was so tired I fell asleep this afternoon and was rudely awoken by the phone. People always apologise for disturbing me if I've dropped to sleep but as we, nor they have a video phone they have no idea what I'm doing the other end of the country so can't be blamed.
Whilst chatting sleepily to my friend I glanced through the window and said 'oh we've got one of those rainy snow showers again'. That was at 3.45pm now we have a good covering of snow much to some of the dogs delight but not mine.

The temperature has dropped considerably and hubby has just walked in looking like a snowman so I guess it's still coming down. Hubby is thrilled, it means good snow conditions in Scotland for their climbing holiday.

Back to stitching, thank you so much for your kind comments, I managed to get quite a good amount stitched on my sampler last night finishing the small alphabet & numbers bands. I'll be doing some more on it later. I sometimes wish I did more smaller projects then I'd have finishes to show you more often.

I had some sad news today, Dionne, who has kindly had my girls on holiday whilst I'm off my feet, had to take Douglas, a fabulously snuggle monster Westie she has been long term fostering for us to the vets yesterday. His health wasn't good when he came in to us last summer and it's deteriorated this past week. Sadly despite being on a drip all night plus other medication he has now gone to the bridge. Dionne and family called him the Brigadier due to his character and his pottering around. He was totally deaf and had not to great eyesight but he fit into D's family, both human and furry straight away and was very much loved. We also lost Sammy the Bedlington on Monday evening, he came into rescue last April, his owner had to return to work and was leaving him in the garage all day which didn't help his health. Jean another of our fabulous foster Mums took him into her home as a long term foster, he was tested and was positive for Cushings disease. The vet only gave him a couple or so months so Jean said she'd make sure his remaining months were full of tlc. Because of her care he lived a lot longer than we thought he would and was as happy as could be. He loved his life with Jean, Gyppy, Lucy & Archie the cat and his food, especially sausages ;O). The world is a sadder place without these two old boys but they have touched so many hearts over the months they'll never be forgotten. Both Jean & Dionne are special ladies and my heart goes out to them both.

You know there are so many wonderful, interesting blogs out there and I've enjoyed reading some of them so much. I love to see their homes, their work and read about their lives and could spend all day everyday reading them and still not read them all. Thank you ladies for sharing with us.

Take care

hugs Peg xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How stupid can I get?

Well as you know I've been using my post op immobility time to catch up on my stitching which I'm enjoying immensely. Unfortunately I have made a huge boo boo and I'm going to drive people mad and go against all my usual principles because I've decided I am NOT going to correct it!
My op was a success so I'm told but I am having some problems with it at the moment so they have put me back on the strong painkillers so I am going to blame them for the fog in my brain!
It wasn't until I got to the band under the alphabet and the stitching didn't finish right that I realised I'd make a mistake. I sat back looking at it trying to see what I'd done wrong then it hit me I had started the alphabet in the wrong place. It should be 5 rows down I started it 11 rows down from the border. Please don't ask why as I say I'm blaming the meds :o) In times gone by I would have removed the border restitching it but it would mean moving the top border down and undoing the two side borders and re stitching them. I am not going to do it, I know there is sufficient fabric to complete the sampler. If this winds anyone up I am truly sorry and will happily share my meds with you so you can chill out LOL.
I am at a loss as to why I'm still having so many problems with my knee, both Neil & I think there is at least one stitch left in which won't be helping and the pain is sometimes unbearable with the swelling not going down yet which makes it feel like a large band of steal around my knee. Please don't let me put anyone off having this done I do feel some of the problems may be due to my other health problems. I know I wasn't getting as much pain as this last time. When all this is over though I know I will benefit from having it done and it is worth all I go through.
I'm hoping things improve soon though because Neil is due to go on a climbing holiday on the 13th Feb so I need to be able to look after myself because I don't want him not to go he needs the break. So fingers crossed all will be well soon.
I'm still missing my other 2 girls Mia & Georgi girl who are having a whale of a time with Dionne and her family. We need to get them back up country but no one can make the whole journey so it means doing it in legs. I can't wait to see them again, I think Neil is worried they will forget us but I don't think so.
Well I'm off to read a few more blogs and then do some more stitching on my sampler, I hope I haven't damaged you to much with my mistakes ;o)
Take care
hugs Peg xx
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