Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brrrrr it's back !

I looked out of my window late last night and we were having a snow shower, they had forecast it but I don't usually go by what they say because they're usually wrong. The slight covering was still on the ground this morning and dangerously slippy so no going through either the back or front door for me.
By lunchtime it was all gone thanks to a slight peep out of the clouds by Mr Sun, I was so tired I fell asleep this afternoon and was rudely awoken by the phone. People always apologise for disturbing me if I've dropped to sleep but as we, nor they have a video phone they have no idea what I'm doing the other end of the country so can't be blamed.
Whilst chatting sleepily to my friend I glanced through the window and said 'oh we've got one of those rainy snow showers again'. That was at 3.45pm now we have a good covering of snow much to some of the dogs delight but not mine.

The temperature has dropped considerably and hubby has just walked in looking like a snowman so I guess it's still coming down. Hubby is thrilled, it means good snow conditions in Scotland for their climbing holiday.

Back to stitching, thank you so much for your kind comments, I managed to get quite a good amount stitched on my sampler last night finishing the small alphabet & numbers bands. I'll be doing some more on it later. I sometimes wish I did more smaller projects then I'd have finishes to show you more often.

I had some sad news today, Dionne, who has kindly had my girls on holiday whilst I'm off my feet, had to take Douglas, a fabulously snuggle monster Westie she has been long term fostering for us to the vets yesterday. His health wasn't good when he came in to us last summer and it's deteriorated this past week. Sadly despite being on a drip all night plus other medication he has now gone to the bridge. Dionne and family called him the Brigadier due to his character and his pottering around. He was totally deaf and had not to great eyesight but he fit into D's family, both human and furry straight away and was very much loved. We also lost Sammy the Bedlington on Monday evening, he came into rescue last April, his owner had to return to work and was leaving him in the garage all day which didn't help his health. Jean another of our fabulous foster Mums took him into her home as a long term foster, he was tested and was positive for Cushings disease. The vet only gave him a couple or so months so Jean said she'd make sure his remaining months were full of tlc. Because of her care he lived a lot longer than we thought he would and was as happy as could be. He loved his life with Jean, Gyppy, Lucy & Archie the cat and his food, especially sausages ;O). The world is a sadder place without these two old boys but they have touched so many hearts over the months they'll never be forgotten. Both Jean & Dionne are special ladies and my heart goes out to them both.

You know there are so many wonderful, interesting blogs out there and I've enjoyed reading some of them so much. I love to see their homes, their work and read about their lives and could spend all day everyday reading them and still not read them all. Thank you ladies for sharing with us.

Take care

hugs Peg xx


amelia said...

It always breaks my heart when I read about someone losing a beloved pet, especially when the pet had a rough life before. So, so sad.
I would love to be able to harden my heart instead of crying at these things but haven't found a way to do it yet!! If you know of a way I'd love to hear it!!
These ladies, Jean and Dionne are to be commended for the love they gave to these lucky pups.
We took a ten year old little mutt from the Toronto humane society some years ago and she only lived another year but it was the best year!! She had bone cancer. She was little and all white, her name was Millie. No idea what breeds were in there and it didn't matter.

Tanyastitches said...

Hi Peg, thanks for your lovely comment. I just read all about your knee surgery, I have a similar scar LOL although mine have been due to breaking my kneecap four times they refused to give me a new kneecap telling me I was too young. I am terrified when its icy and snows, but i'm very lucky with my husband and friends.
Touch wood all is okay at the moment.
It was when I first injured my knee 10 years ago that got me stitching.
Hope you recover quickly, even though its painful you must keep moving it and doing your exercises.

Anonymous said...


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