Thursday, October 20, 2005

Almost Autumn!!

Oh gosh, where has summer gone to???? no sooner do I think about scaring the living daylights out of our neighbours by donning a polka dot bikini than Autumn slowly creeps into our busy lives.

I know I am joining the rank of the middle age group because I keep commenting on how quick the months are flying by, and I realize that the comment 'this time last week we were........' is now becoming a regular in my vocabulary. Our youngest grandson Jacob will be 4 this December is already at nursery school and like his Dear Daddy has the gift of the gab!! Neil says they take after me because I can talk for England but.......all who know me personally know I am but a shy retiring wall flower...... ;o)

What's been happening in our lives........well we didn't have a very productive summer as Neil had the builders in at school so he couldn't get on with the rest of the decking so I'm assuming that will be continued next year. The central heating people have been and gone not much fun for Neil as he had to take up the laminate flooring in our bedroom, good job my craft room hadn't been done or he would have had a complete wobbly! We can now think about the decorating and finishing off the flooring etc. Neil can't do it at the moment as he has again damaged the main ligament in his knee so is unable to kneel down. I'm sure he's doing it on

We did manage to go away for a few days at the end of August, we went to Thornton Le Dale nr Pickering in Yorkshire in a luxury B&B and for once 'luxury' is how I would describe it. The hosts, accommodation and food were excellent. I would certainly recommend it to anyone in a flash. The website is the site needs updating but you get the general idea. We liked it so much we have booked the s/catering cottage for the late half term holiday in October when we'll have a whole week of relaxation.

Whilst there I finally managed to go to Whitby museum to view the samplers amongst other things and bought 3 reproduction sampler charts. Also Neils forages in the local secondhand book shops revealed 3 great sampler books which I did purchase of course.

Both our eldest son Paul and family and our daughter Lesley and family went away for the week together and had a great time. The children all being around the same age had a whale of a time.

Neil went back to the hospital in September for a check up after his nose op, he doesn't feel any benefit from and it's been several months now so it is a real disappointed at going through it for no change in his condition. The consultant checked him out and said the op has been a success but the problems he's having is an allergy, (probably to me) so has put him on another nasal spray and it does appear to be working.

We entertainined a guest for two weeks in September, he's completely crackers, goofy and a walking calamity! He is my sisters 5mth old Dogue De Bordeaux, a well muscled powerful package of dog, he isn't pretty but he's so comical and has reduced Neil and I to tears of laughter with his antics. Deeber of course was her usual snobby self but I think he's won even her heart, she has now deemed to lower herself and play with him, she is about 5cms bigger than him so is playing being the dominant dog which he's happy to let her think she is. Goodness knows what will happen when she stays with my sister next week whilst we're away as by now he will have grown considerably and make her look about as big as a Springer Spaniel!!

He and I had a running battle of wills, my opinion of furniture is sofa's = human domain, floors = animals domain, Reo thinks he is entitled to stretch out on my cream sofa or chairs. I did win this one as he quickly learnt after only a short time that getting down onto animals domain (floor) earned him a treat. He needed to learn this rather quickly because of the episode of torrential rain for several hours creating a good amount of mud in the garden for rolling in. He then managed to get to the sofa before me, needless to say the covers had an exciting time at the fair ground roundabout formally known as the washing machine. Whilst we were out shopping he 'stole' a teddy which has sat on the bed for the past yr, he's not very active. Ted was very shaken by his ordeal and had passed out on the kitchen floor, upside down in the dogs water bowl. I did resusatate him and he is now recovering slowly. Reo normally stuck to tossing his big yellow duck around but I think the duck needed a rest.

Here is a pic of the two of them in the first week, as you can see friends forever now.

We had a bit of a scare with one of our grandsons, James who had to spend time in hospital after complaining of pains in his back. Although the different consultants couldn't agree what was wrong they medicated him, he had tests plus xrays and now has to go for a scan on his stomach. Thankfully he's feeling a lot better now and is back at school and is going on holiday next week to Majorca.

I had to go and see a skin specialist for a mole on my face which had developed lumps on it and changed colour. I'm very happy and relieved to say it was benign, he gave me the name but I can't pronounce or spell ! He sprayed a long shot of liquid nitrogen on it which was uncomfortable but only for a short time and not as painful as I'd been led to believe. I have to go back and see him in November but the size has shrunk and all that's there now is a small red circle with no lumps on it, it's not inflamed just new skin growing I think.

We have a new member in our family..............a small Shih Tzu called Paddington, Deeber was so miserable when Reo went home and really missed the play so we talked long and hard about it. The house isn't large enough for 2 large dogs permanately so we opted to go for a Shih Tzu. We adopted two from the rescue in 1992 and had many happy and comical years with them before they both passed away in 2000. I rang the same woman who as well as a vet is a breeder and shows her dogs as well as rescuing them. She did remember me and after talking for a while she said she had a special little man who had been found wandering the streets of Manchester the previous month. They knew nothing about him except he was very malnurished and very matted. They had cut his coat off to give him some comfort but it had grown about 2" so he wasn't bald. He got on well with all her dogs (26) appeared to have a lovely nature also. They thought he was approximately 3yrs old and Gold/white and would I like to give him a home..........
Lesley took me last Tuesday morning and it was love at first sight, she was able to sit on the floor so he climbed on her knee immediately. Then he and I made friends, all the while he was watching Carol the kennel maid who had been taking care of him.
He'd already been neutured so had to have his stitches out, he was vaccinated and micro chipped at which stage Lesley almost passed out at the sight of the large and after the chatting and stroking and getting to know his likes and dislikes we set off home.

I asked Lesley to bring him in so I could make a fuss of Deeber first so she didn't resent him, she then went straight to Lesley, sniffing around what appeared to be her next meal lol

There has been no argueing or snapping, I'd brought him a smiley faced squeaky ball which he loves, Deeber of course never played with them but now does and walks around with it in her mouth just out of jumping reach of Paddington! They don't lay snuggled up together yet but are getting closer when laying down. He has fit in as if he'd always been here, is now eating well and is loving the fact that Sam and Lesley call each day on their way home from school. He has to see the vet in 3 wks time to check his weight and to see if his muscles are now stronger. He is supposed to be Neil's dog but at the moment sticks around me but I'm at home all day and he was looked after by women at the kennels so he'll be more confident in Neil soon. I wondered where he was on Sunday and came upstairs to see Neil sitting at his desk with Paddinton sat on the desk looking through the window. He is beginning to relax quite a bit now, he knows we come back after we've left the room now and doesn't need to follow us everywhere just in case and he'll stay in the room without us for a while.

When we collected him he hadn't got a name so we quickly rung Neil to tell him to think of one and rung James to ask him and his friends to come up with some suggestions. Later that night after much deliberation Neil popped his head around the door and exclaimed 'Paddington' mmm yes a good selection but why?
The reason is that Paddington bear had been lost and was found at the Paddington station and so called, the dog had been found roaming so this is now his name and he has started to answer to it.

Whilst I'm typing this I have Deeber curled up on oneside of me and Paddington the other I can't move my chair without waking them or it will be squashed dog on the menu!! When we're in the lounge Deeber is at my feet and Paddington has claimed the beanbag puffe as his, I think he thinks he's the king of the castle. At first he'd curl up drop to sleep, start to stretch out and fall off, now he's more certain he rumages around until he's made a 'dent' to curl up in then drops of to sleep and stays on. A quick learner!! He's a typical Shih Tzu in that he'll dart around playing for a while then suddenly just flop and sleep for a while. They are small dogs with big hearts and to see how calm he is after the ordeal he's been through is a wonder to me. Deeber of course knows she's not going to be pushed out and is slowly condescending to hint at playing with him.
She will see her best buddy next week as she will go to my sisters to stay whilst we're away, Reo will have grown a lot so he'll probably want to be top dog on his own turf. She love my sister so is always happy to go for her holidays.

Paddington will stay with Lesley and her family, we can't take them with us as dogs aren't allowed. I know both dogs will be safe and loved whilst we're away. As James is going away Sam will have Paddington for company and can't wait for Friday until he goes up there. Hopefully a pic of Paddington should show up at this point if I've done it right.... ;0)

Stitching wise I have finished the Pot sampler, Simply a Little Quaker sampler the 2005 Swvd Sampler and am now stitching on the Three Little words and the Blue Ribbon samplers. I also have a Prairie Schooler exchange which I need to sew and have almost finished the M Davol sampler. I haven't taken pictures yet so can't post any.

Now I must come to a close and let you catch your breath. I'm hoping it won't be as long till I write more. Take care, enjoy your family and your stitching.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As I thought this pic didn't show up so am posting it now, as you can see he's a big lad for 5mths and he's a month older now so goodness knows how big he is now!!

Friday, July 15, 2005


I can now reveal which Blackbird design I have been stitching on the BD SAL which I took part in for a sampler group I belong to. I chose My Valentine, just because I'm a soppy romantic at heart ........ I stitched it on a mottled evenweave which I bought from a LNS I visit occasionally. I did go back a couple of weeks ago to buy some more as it suits these samplers really well but apparently it was a piece which was taken out of a kit someone purchased and didn't like the fabric so they had exchanged it for her. A friend thinks it's possibly a Zweigart as it's usually their fabric that Lanarte use.
I used the recommended GAST threads, the border does need to be counted carefully as it's easy to do an extra stitch or two.

I have over the past week or so been able to increase my sampler chart and kit stash, with the curtesy of the sellers on ebay. I was able to obtain some really good bargains, when I'll be able to stitch them all goodness knows but it sure is nice having them to look at and imagine on my walls.

Through another stitcher on the sampler group I discovered these are beautiful sampler designs, not expensive and as they come in pdf form as soon as you pay online they are available for download into you computer. The new one is Three little words, a beautiful large sampler stitched with just one light and one dark shade thread. Yvonne also has some complimentry charts which compliment the larger for sale charts. Well worth a visit.

I have also purchased the Jane Austen Collection of charts from Tanya at there are three in the collection, Northanger Abbey, Pride & Prejudice and my favourite Mansfield Park. A phrase from the relevant book is on each sampler. Tanya has also created a wonderful series of 'The First Ladies' of American past presidents. A brief history of each lady is included with the chart and if like myself you enjoy history you will enjoy stitching these samplers. A new 'First Lady' is to be released in September, an exciting project to look forward to.

Isn't it strange how our tastes change, when I first started stitching I loved scenic charts and historical dress. I've always loved the ladies of Mirabilia and Lavender & Lace, now my main passion is stitching samplers. There are so many to choose from, the quirky L*K's, Bent Creeks, Blackbird Designs along with Birds of a Feather to the beautiful geometrical designs like St Georges from Long Dog to the beautiful historical samplers. I have the Pot sampler from The Historical Sampler co. as a wip, the colours are gorgeous and it's a pleasure to stitch on. Each motif with it's own meaning. This is not a small sampler it will grace my wall nicely when completed.

I think I need to have three life times to complete all I have in my stash, but then again if I don't buy them now when I'm able to I may not be able to afford them when I'm older so would have missed out ......well that's my thinking anyway and my

happy stitching whether you're a sampler fan, scenery or disney cutie stitcher!!



Gosh July already, the year is going so quickly. Many things have happened on the stitching front since I last posted, I've finished my Celtic Noel and am sooo pleased with it. I think the next Celtic will probably be Spring, I have both her and Summer kitted and ready to go. I bought matching frames for all the ladies, Spring and Summer will be stitched in the original colours. I will stitch Celtic Winter but not in the original form as I'm a little disappointed in her. I wish I was talented to change her but I'm not so will rely on one of the many talented ladies on the board.

Since finishing CN I have been stitching on Mirabilia's Garden Verses which has been on the go a long time. She is almost finished, I have the bottom 1.5" to stitch plus the gold thread as I like to do that last. I still have many other MD's as wip so will try and get those finished also as I can.
My taste like many stitchers changed when I discovered samplers so the ladies take a bit of a back seat I'm afraid.
I have now bought two more cupboards and two sets of drawers from Ikea to hold more of my stash. Now all I need is for my room to be finished and the floor laid then my stash can move into it's new home and rest easy.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

MISSING HIM...........

Well it's 3 days since the love of my life left for Southern Ireland but it already seems like weeks. I know the younger generation think that they invented romance and relationships as all younger generations have done over the years.

The wonderful man I'd proud to have for my husband..........

is talented, has a big heart and will happily go the extra mile when needed. To me he will always be handsome, each new wrinkle, each grey hair that life brings only adds distinction to his looks. He has beautiful eyes, is it possible to say that about a man? There are laughter lines around and a wickedly mischievous twinkle in those beautiful eyes.

He has a wonderful sense of humour and will play practical jokes frequently, but never at the expense of someone's dignity. He is loyal to his friends and is very protective of his family and friends.

Literature is a great love in his life and he can often be found with book in hand. His study and love of Gods word is supreme and he can quote you an encouraging verse when life isn't treating you as kindly as you would like.

He works very hard and much to the amazement and amusement of many can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so to speak! He isn't a lot of company when on a long journey in the car as within 5 mins of traveling he's gone into the land of nod! I have learnt never to ask him to navigate a route as his frequent nodding leads to crucial turn offs being missed......... :o) Needless to say he doesn't and has no inclination to drive.
I cannot say 'patience is a virtue' applies to him as he is sometimes lacking in this department especially when putting something together! He doesn't suffer fools glady either.

I really miss him when he's not here I feel a part of me is missing. Just like thousands of other couples we have our moments of misunderstandings and frustrations. Being perfect is not a requisite of marriage but being understanding and making allowances for being human is.

Even after 34 yrs together my heart still skips a beat when I think of him or when he's across a room and winks when he catches me watching him. He is my best friend as well as the man I love dearly. His picture is the screen saver on my mobile phone and each time I receive a text message or a phonecall I can see him and he's near.

I received a phone call for him earlier, they have had a really good day's climbing today and will have a chill day tomorrow. The cottage is very nice, the country is beautiful, the people extremely friendly and to top that off the weather has been perfect for climbing. He sounded content but tired.
I would love to ask him to bring me home some Irish linen for my stash but I'd probably end up with a tablecloth....... ;o)

Only 5 more days until he comes home for a day and is then off to Seahouses in Northumberland with school for 5 days.

Well it now 2.09am and I think I should shut down and go to bed before I fall asleep here! I hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant Bank Holiday weekend.

Take care

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Progress as of 26th May 05

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I'm beginning to wonder if old father time is winding that clock up a little quicker these days, he's probably been at the Sanategen wine Is it just when you get older the days seem to fly by, no sooner do I crawl out of bed than it's lunch time, tea time then back to bed. We're almost 1/2 way through the year!

Neil set off this morning at 3am for Holyhead where the intrepid climbers caught the ferry over to Southern Ireland for thier climbing holiday. I have heard so many people say how beautiful it is over there so envy him a little but not the walking and climbing he'll be doing. Unfortunately the other car traveling with them had a mishap on the ferry, it was a rather rough crossing and another car came free and crashed into Alwyns car doing an awful lot of damage. I haven't heard an update yet so will find out later what's happening with that and if it's drivable.

All my family are doing well at the moment thank goodness. This week has been the trial of the man who was responsible for the death of my eldest son's best friend by dangerous driving. He has had his freedom taken away for him and has been sentenced to prison but it doesn't bring Ade back. I think in this world of fast cars and in this case fast m/bikes we need to just slow down and hey what does it matter if there's someone in front of're still going to get to your destination whether you're in front or behind and does it really matter if his car/bike is faster than yours? Proofing it can be fatal.

On a happier note my Celtic Noel is almost finished I'm on the bottom of her dress, the top and side borders are done. I need to take another update pic of her but haven't got the camera at the moment and my scanner isn't big enough!

I saw the release of the new LL Celtic Winter and am not impressed, I don't find her inspiring at all and at the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered she looks like she's holding a snowball! I would personally have preferred something with more glitter representing the frost and snow. Perhaps a cape flowing behind......I do like the darker skin and hair but not the dress. This is just my personal opinion if you think it's great then that's fine.

I have stitched some more on my Blackbird designs SAL for a group I belong to, I'm really enjoying this. I'll post a pic on completion. I've just bought a beautiful sampler from Papillon designs it is called Mary Queen of Scots. You can pay for the chart by paypal and receive it in your email box within minutes.
I am so wanting to start this but have to be strong as I need to finish my Pot sampler first... ;o)

Well I think that's the update done for now, will upload a pic of the progress of Celtic Noel as of Wednesday evening, I did stitch some more on her after this.

Take care and have a great holiday weekend


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Progress as of May 13th 05

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A lot has happened this past month, it seemed like we were never going to get on our feet health wise.

Thankfully Neil's health is improving and the Dr's were extremely pleased with his BP reading which was down to 122/70. They said whatever he's doing to carry on as it's working and if it's still around this level they will take him off one of his BP medication in September when they next see him. He's also lost almost a stone in weight due to his change of diet, I will take a little credit here though ;o) as I have told him for quite some time about the food he was eating, he's at last listening and the results are great.

I'm so proud of his progress, he doesn't cheat but he's not starving himself either just eating more healthily. I still can't get him to eat what he calls 'rabbit' food but he's doing well as he is. He's also drinking the yoghurt drinks in the mornings, which I thought he'd never do but he feels they're helping too. I think if he loses a little more it will be enough, he's not that large, his legs have never changed it's just around the middle as with most men! One or two people have mentioned it at work so that made his day and gave him some encouragement.

He's off to Ireland in two weeks on a climbing holiday so I'm hoping he'll keep up the good food diet when he's with the chaps.............

I've been suffering from severe back problems and have had to go onto 'wappy' tablets as Neil calls them. With those and strong painkillers it is starting to ease off I'm pleased to say.
I did have a very humourous incident this week, I'd dropped something on the floor, can't bend down to get it and as it was cutlery Deeber wouldn't pick it up so I had to slide down the kitchen cupboard to the floor to get it.............then the problem do I get up???? I regularly 'kiss carpet' as I call it and have to wait for Neil to come home. This time I was totally stuck, tried to shuffle to the doorway to use the door jamb to hold on to but I can't pull myself up as my hands just aren't strong enough! Ten minutes later I'm shuffling into the lounge to get the phone to ring Neil and ask him to come and help me up. He only works around the corner so came, got me up and then went into the kitchen to pick the knife up. Then he gave me a lecture about not keeping my grabber with me! Now imagine this, I am thinking of buying a trademens belt, you know the ones with lots of pockets for tools. I'll put this on each morning, carry my phone, pen & paper, keys, the grabber doesn't fold up so will have to carry this in my teeth. Also I'll pop in a sandwich and drink so that I'll have sustinance whilst I wait for him to come and pick me up then I'll not starve to death whilst I wait......................oooohh a pretty site to behold I'll be...........LOL

The one good thing about this is I've had more time to stitch on my Celtic Noel, she is a dream to stitch on. I didn't stitch on her yesterday (Sat) as that's my Blackbird Design SAL day. I can't publish a picture of progress as it has to stay a mystery from the other ladies until finished.

Well I'm off to have some lunch which my lovely DH has cooked so until next time, take care and keep well.

hugs Blondie

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

This is my completed but unframed Chatelaine Mystery VII

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My progress on LL Celtic Noel, I started it on Sat 30th April. The colour conversion is by Victoria's Needle here in the UK. If you'd like the link to their site it's:

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sam in getting ready for his swimming lessons

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Goodness me!!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted on here. Life has a habit of getting in the way of the things we wish to do.

Our life has been very hectic over the past couple of months...............both DH and I have had our fair share of health problems. He had an operation on the 4th of March and caught an infection which didn't help his recovery. Very unusual for him I think up to the middle of April he had spent more time off work than he has for the past 27yrs!! He still isn't 100% but the Dr's are keeping an eye on him and monitoring his health. We can't say his operation was a success as he doesn't feel any benefit at this present time. We're hoping for a better time ahead.

The Dr's in their wisdom have placed on an oral medication to try and stop me having so many Angina attacks, the side effects are pretty much the same as the GNT spray, tremendous headaches, however these are starting to decrease as time goes on. Plus the attacks are getting fewer.

We had more sad news tonight another friend of ours has passed away. Sadly her daughter died a few weeks ago and they were very close. Both were disabled and were dependent on wheelchair's to get around. Many peoples lives will be empty without them around.

On a lighter note one of our DIL's has had a promotion at work with an increase in salary which is very helpful when you have 2 growing children. Their lawsuit against the driver who pulled out in front of them and caused a horrendous accident 4yrs ago looks to be finally going to court. Both our son and his wife still suffer from their injuries and only by the Grace of God survived the crash.

One of our grandsons Sam who is almost 8yrs old has started going to swimming classes with the school and is very proud of his achievements so far. See pic, although he only needs the scarf flying out from the side to look like the famous Biggles!!

Stitching wise I have managed to complete my Chatelaine Mystery VII, I will upload a pic as soon as I can. Also my band sampler RR came home this week , which I'm thrilled with. I have stitched the initials of the ladies who kindly stitched on it for me, I'll post a pic of that also when I can.
I still have plenty of WIP's to work my way through, I purchased the materials pack for the conversion of L&L_Celtic Noel, this is beautiful. I think I may stitch it on a Silkweaver fabric instead of the recommended white evenweave. I shall post a progress report if I decide to start it.

Well it is almost 1:15am here and I'm tired so I'm off to bed, hopefully to sleep and start a new day tomorrow. Good night one and all.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Finished at last! Completed 19th Jan 05.

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It seems an age...........

hello again, it seems an absolute age since my last blog session.

There have been some good days and some bad days.

Sadly my mother in law passed away last Sunday morning, she had been ill and in hospital for 9wks. She slipped away quietly and peacefully like the lady she was.

I have my lovely DH at home for the next 2 wks but would have prefered it to be in happier circumstances. We never know what is around that corner do we? The funeral will be next Monday and then the hard work comes for my DH and his 2 brothers, sorting the estate out.

Stitching matters

On a happier note I am pleased to announce I have completed the stitching of my L&L Celtic Autumn. She was a delight to stitch, I had her as a wip for quite some time but feel pleased to have achieved a finish. I think she may be a lounge hanging when framed.

I have also uploaded a pic of my TIAG Celtic Banner which I completed before Christmas, this will hang, when framed, on the long wall which faces you as you go down the staircase.

I am now alternating between my Pot sampler which has another motif completed and Mirabilia's Shimmering Mermaid. I want to try and finish off my ladies throughout this year and believe me there are plenty wip's to keep me going!

I have increased my stash of Sampler charts considerably, I can't resist them. Goodness knows when I will stitch them, I'd have to live a few lifetimes to complete them all but it's very pleasurable having

I've also almost completed my Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine collection. There are just a few back copies I need before I can shout 'full house'. I used to buy all the UK magazines costing me double figures each month. I now stitck to SANQ and Jane Greenoff's magazine.

I realised there wasn't a lot in them that I liked or would be likely to stitch. Oh before you jump on me onmass this is just my opinion. They're all well produced and the charts are to some peoples tastes just not mine.

I found I had an amazing amount of these magazines and I'm pretty sure they were breeding too. I came to the ruthless decision of removing the charts I would stitch and took the remainder of the magazine to my stitch club for the other ladies to go through.
Those which are complete are still occupying a large box and I mean large! At the moment they are inaccessable because of the decorating of my craft room but as soon as I can get to them they'll be on a journey somewhere or other.

I have finally bought my new computer work station curtesy of good old Ikea, I'm very pleased with it and the plus side is it takes up far less room than my other one. My old one being a genuine dark oak desk it is not going to desk heaven as it will be used in Neil's new office at school which is being worked on at the present. I'm glad about this as the desk is very old and like all furniture in those days it was 'built to last'.

I still need to buy the large cupboards to go in here but am having a rethink as Neil thinks it would be better to have a single bed and not a bed settee in here. I was against it at first but realised I was perhaps being a little selfish wanting the room to house only my stash, it does make better sense to have a spare bed available anytime.

Saturday 29th

My craft room is still under construction as they say. My daughter came last week to paint the walls and ceiling, the border is on and the blind is up. My new lighting is in and the laminate floor will be laid when Neil has the time.

I'll have to sort out what I'm keeping and what I'm getting rid off regarding stash. I'm trying to 'declutter' the house so it takes less time to keep it clean.

I bought a new toy today, I invested in a webcam so I can talk with my grandchildren, Sammy and I have just spent some time being rather silly but it was fun.

I know how to load pictures onto my blog but can't figure out how to make links to other blogs, there are so many great ones out there, I love reading them so I think this must make me nosey!

Well I think that's it for today, I'm getting cross eyed staring at this screen..........take care


Sunday, January 9, 2005

Tinkerbelle on the rare occasion of sleeping

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One week on......

What a week, it's been hustle and bustle and little time to take a breath!

We started out quietly but when Tuesday hit so did the rush.......Dr's for me for some test results, pleased to say they were fine. I managed to get some more stitching done on my Celtic Autumn, she's so near the finishing post, I have 3 squares to stitch on the left handside border then it beading time. Unlike some I do enjoy beading but only when it involves projects such as this. I wouldn't enjoy stitching something completely in beads.

Wednesday morning I indulged myself and went to the local beauticians for a pedicure and foot massage............oh how wonderful this was. I'm not into new age philosophies like reflexology and having someone stand over me waving their arms about madly to ward away bad karma and vibes but I do enjoy a relaxing massage.

The afternoon I was at my stitch club which I haven't been able to attend for about 6wks do to a back injury, it was so nice seeing those lovely ladies. We were a little on the small side as a lot are suffering this horrible flu. A good time was had by all and mutual admiring was going on good and strong, I nearly lost my Celtic Banner and Celtic Autumn as they were very much liked.
Renee who is 81 and a fairly new stitcher brought a picture she'd stitched and framed of 2 Bluetits on top of milk bottles, it looked so real. She was so proud of her first framing and so she should be she had made an excellent job of it.

Late afternoon saw me back at the Dr's for my cardiology MOT, pleased to say that mostly went well but some concerns on the Angina, I think it's all the stress that has hit us this past year so another visit is necessary this coming week. I'm not enjoying my meals very much at the moment so 'we' think it a good idea to completely change and consider other food than I have at present. It won't be to hard as I'm not a chocolate, cream cake, fish and chip person. I love fruit and vegetables so have to now be a little more adventurous. Every visit sees her (Dr) trying to coax me to eat more fish, OILY fish, the mere thought of it makes my stomach turn......bluuurr. I can eat tinned salmon in brine but not fresh so the oily fish is OUT!!! I've spent the week trying to convince Neil it would benefit him too.................LOL

we were at the hospital for Neils ENT appt Whilst there we had a fire scare, apparently a microwave had blown up in the cafe in the main concourse. Thankfully it was soon over and we were back inside. Neil has a date for his operation, Feb 4th he will need to be in overnight and have a fortnight off work but will benefit from it in the long run. All he seems concerned about was that it may prevent him going climbing in Glen Coe at halfterm! Our halfterm is late in February so he may be okay to go. If not I've told him we could go away somewhere nice and quiet for a change................

I rushed to get myself kick started then realised my dentists app. was 2.30 and not 9.30am, I don't do mornings very well. In the evening I managed to get some more stitching done and some computer time in.

We went to the warehouse for Neil's ebay goodies, had lunch there but as it was a little late the meal left a lot to be desired. I could have used my garlic chicken to play frisby with, I know my grip isn't very good but whilst trying to cut into my 'frisby' it flew across the blooming cafe and landed almost back on the counter. Needless to say the other occupants of the cafe were given free, unexpected entertainment with their meal.

I must add here that another passion in my life is fairies and I have a little friend called Tinkerbelle who is with me most of the time, see pic. Now I thought I had left her at home sleeping but I'm wondering if she may have stowed away in my bag as this is usually the sort of capers she gets up to......... ;o) Neil ate his meal rather quickly looking rather flushed, I just finished my drink and head held high went on my merry way.

When we got home I decided to do a little stash sorting, you know the one, mmm.....will I ever use this, why did I buy this chart it's awful.........I always find it strange how, when you want a particular fabric it's not there, go and buy some and lo and behold there is a nice large piece in your stash cupboard/draw? I have so much to sort out for this room to be decorated, I'm having a new computer desk as this one is proving to big for this room, new cupboards and we hope to include a bed chair. We had hoped to have a bed-settee but the cupboards I would like would not leave enough room for a settee.
I need to do a full inventry of my stash, I have a fantastic programme on my computer called CrossMagic which a friend in the states bought me quite a while ago, it will take me ages to update it but it is a good programme and worth taking time to log all goodies.

That brings us up to today, I had hoped to do a little more stash sorting but Neil needed to go to another warehouse so by the time I'd got going, we'd been there we didn't have lunch until 3pm so the thought of bending over (can't bend down!) wasn't very desirable.

When I finish this I have some emails to read then I'm off here and back to my stitching, I want to see her finished before the week is out. I'm in a Celtic Christmas SAL so have to kit that up. I have a lovely Pot Sampler calling me constantly......

All that's left is for me to wish you a great week of stitching........I'm hoping to post more often so my posts don't go on for so long.....................'phew' I hear you cry.............


Sunday, January 2, 2005

Me in all my glory ready for a night out.......

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Hi and welcome to my first attempt at blogging, I've never done this before so please excuse the mistakes and fumbling whilst I find my feet.

I wanted a place to share my stitching diaries , works in progress and finished projects.

My passion in life is cross stitching, not really any great surprise seeing as this blog is entitled 'stitching room' ! Being disabled means I have a mainly sedentary lifestyle, I'm afraid the nightclubs & dancing the night away are no longer within my capabilities. However the body may feel 90 some days the mind and spirit is still in her 20's - 30's............ Oh boy that seems a lifetime away.......LOL.

I was a keen knitter for many years and used to enjoy the occasional tapestry but they were getting heavier and were not good for my hands so I looked around for something else to do as I couldn't just be a couch potato!

I had never heard of cross stitch until I saw the wedding sampler my daughter's MIL stitched for their wedding, I found it fascinating, so my daughter took me to see her and now almost 6yrs later I have many projects under my belt.

I am a member of a 'few' online stitching clubs where I have learned so many helpful tips and the best places to buy 'stash'. Treasured friendships have been formed and I've had the privilege to meet 4 of those lovely ladies for real.

I also attend a local stitching club when I'm up to going, this club consists of between 15-20 members who despite their ages, over 70 in some cases, create the most beautiful projects and are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to be with.

When I started going to the club 2 yrs ago one of the members took me under her wing, which was difficult as I'm head and shoulders taller than she is......... she has become a very close friend who I have grown to love as a sister, we've laughed together and we've cried together and we've got into trouble together but don't worry nothing serious, funny but not serious..........

I'd also like to include incidents which affect my daily life and hope in some incidences these will bring a smile to your face. If I hear any good tips or recipe's I'll share those with you also.

Well, now we're starting a brand new year, what will it bring?

Already the world is in shock over the devastation of the disaster in Asia, an horrific event which has been like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripples have reached out far and wide throughout the world. Our hearts break for those lost and their families, it will be a long time before life becomes 'normal' again for these people.

In my own life

I hope for a better year for my family as there have been many sad happenings throughout 2003/4. We've had illness, lost loved ones, had accidents, had operations but despite all this there have been times of laughter along with the tears and I feel all these things have brought us closer as a family.

My wish for you also is that 2005 will be a special year and the memories will be mostly good ones. Am I to late to wish you a Happy New Year..........well I'm doing so anyway...........

take care


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