Friday, January 28, 2005

Finished at last! Completed 19th Jan 05.

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It seems an age...........

hello again, it seems an absolute age since my last blog session.

There have been some good days and some bad days.

Sadly my mother in law passed away last Sunday morning, she had been ill and in hospital for 9wks. She slipped away quietly and peacefully like the lady she was.

I have my lovely DH at home for the next 2 wks but would have prefered it to be in happier circumstances. We never know what is around that corner do we? The funeral will be next Monday and then the hard work comes for my DH and his 2 brothers, sorting the estate out.

Stitching matters

On a happier note I am pleased to announce I have completed the stitching of my L&L Celtic Autumn. She was a delight to stitch, I had her as a wip for quite some time but feel pleased to have achieved a finish. I think she may be a lounge hanging when framed.

I have also uploaded a pic of my TIAG Celtic Banner which I completed before Christmas, this will hang, when framed, on the long wall which faces you as you go down the staircase.

I am now alternating between my Pot sampler which has another motif completed and Mirabilia's Shimmering Mermaid. I want to try and finish off my ladies throughout this year and believe me there are plenty wip's to keep me going!

I have increased my stash of Sampler charts considerably, I can't resist them. Goodness knows when I will stitch them, I'd have to live a few lifetimes to complete them all but it's very pleasurable having

I've also almost completed my Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine collection. There are just a few back copies I need before I can shout 'full house'. I used to buy all the UK magazines costing me double figures each month. I now stitck to SANQ and Jane Greenoff's magazine.

I realised there wasn't a lot in them that I liked or would be likely to stitch. Oh before you jump on me onmass this is just my opinion. They're all well produced and the charts are to some peoples tastes just not mine.

I found I had an amazing amount of these magazines and I'm pretty sure they were breeding too. I came to the ruthless decision of removing the charts I would stitch and took the remainder of the magazine to my stitch club for the other ladies to go through.
Those which are complete are still occupying a large box and I mean large! At the moment they are inaccessable because of the decorating of my craft room but as soon as I can get to them they'll be on a journey somewhere or other.

I have finally bought my new computer work station curtesy of good old Ikea, I'm very pleased with it and the plus side is it takes up far less room than my other one. My old one being a genuine dark oak desk it is not going to desk heaven as it will be used in Neil's new office at school which is being worked on at the present. I'm glad about this as the desk is very old and like all furniture in those days it was 'built to last'.

I still need to buy the large cupboards to go in here but am having a rethink as Neil thinks it would be better to have a single bed and not a bed settee in here. I was against it at first but realised I was perhaps being a little selfish wanting the room to house only my stash, it does make better sense to have a spare bed available anytime.

Saturday 29th

My craft room is still under construction as they say. My daughter came last week to paint the walls and ceiling, the border is on and the blind is up. My new lighting is in and the laminate floor will be laid when Neil has the time.

I'll have to sort out what I'm keeping and what I'm getting rid off regarding stash. I'm trying to 'declutter' the house so it takes less time to keep it clean.

I bought a new toy today, I invested in a webcam so I can talk with my grandchildren, Sammy and I have just spent some time being rather silly but it was fun.

I know how to load pictures onto my blog but can't figure out how to make links to other blogs, there are so many great ones out there, I love reading them so I think this must make me nosey!

Well I think that's it for today, I'm getting cross eyed staring at this screen..........take care


Sunday, January 9, 2005

Tinkerbelle on the rare occasion of sleeping

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One week on......

What a week, it's been hustle and bustle and little time to take a breath!

We started out quietly but when Tuesday hit so did the rush.......Dr's for me for some test results, pleased to say they were fine. I managed to get some more stitching done on my Celtic Autumn, she's so near the finishing post, I have 3 squares to stitch on the left handside border then it beading time. Unlike some I do enjoy beading but only when it involves projects such as this. I wouldn't enjoy stitching something completely in beads.

Wednesday morning I indulged myself and went to the local beauticians for a pedicure and foot massage............oh how wonderful this was. I'm not into new age philosophies like reflexology and having someone stand over me waving their arms about madly to ward away bad karma and vibes but I do enjoy a relaxing massage.

The afternoon I was at my stitch club which I haven't been able to attend for about 6wks do to a back injury, it was so nice seeing those lovely ladies. We were a little on the small side as a lot are suffering this horrible flu. A good time was had by all and mutual admiring was going on good and strong, I nearly lost my Celtic Banner and Celtic Autumn as they were very much liked.
Renee who is 81 and a fairly new stitcher brought a picture she'd stitched and framed of 2 Bluetits on top of milk bottles, it looked so real. She was so proud of her first framing and so she should be she had made an excellent job of it.

Late afternoon saw me back at the Dr's for my cardiology MOT, pleased to say that mostly went well but some concerns on the Angina, I think it's all the stress that has hit us this past year so another visit is necessary this coming week. I'm not enjoying my meals very much at the moment so 'we' think it a good idea to completely change and consider other food than I have at present. It won't be to hard as I'm not a chocolate, cream cake, fish and chip person. I love fruit and vegetables so have to now be a little more adventurous. Every visit sees her (Dr) trying to coax me to eat more fish, OILY fish, the mere thought of it makes my stomach turn......bluuurr. I can eat tinned salmon in brine but not fresh so the oily fish is OUT!!! I've spent the week trying to convince Neil it would benefit him too.................LOL

we were at the hospital for Neils ENT appt Whilst there we had a fire scare, apparently a microwave had blown up in the cafe in the main concourse. Thankfully it was soon over and we were back inside. Neil has a date for his operation, Feb 4th he will need to be in overnight and have a fortnight off work but will benefit from it in the long run. All he seems concerned about was that it may prevent him going climbing in Glen Coe at halfterm! Our halfterm is late in February so he may be okay to go. If not I've told him we could go away somewhere nice and quiet for a change................

I rushed to get myself kick started then realised my dentists app. was 2.30 and not 9.30am, I don't do mornings very well. In the evening I managed to get some more stitching done and some computer time in.

We went to the warehouse for Neil's ebay goodies, had lunch there but as it was a little late the meal left a lot to be desired. I could have used my garlic chicken to play frisby with, I know my grip isn't very good but whilst trying to cut into my 'frisby' it flew across the blooming cafe and landed almost back on the counter. Needless to say the other occupants of the cafe were given free, unexpected entertainment with their meal.

I must add here that another passion in my life is fairies and I have a little friend called Tinkerbelle who is with me most of the time, see pic. Now I thought I had left her at home sleeping but I'm wondering if she may have stowed away in my bag as this is usually the sort of capers she gets up to......... ;o) Neil ate his meal rather quickly looking rather flushed, I just finished my drink and head held high went on my merry way.

When we got home I decided to do a little stash sorting, you know the one, mmm.....will I ever use this, why did I buy this chart it's awful.........I always find it strange how, when you want a particular fabric it's not there, go and buy some and lo and behold there is a nice large piece in your stash cupboard/draw? I have so much to sort out for this room to be decorated, I'm having a new computer desk as this one is proving to big for this room, new cupboards and we hope to include a bed chair. We had hoped to have a bed-settee but the cupboards I would like would not leave enough room for a settee.
I need to do a full inventry of my stash, I have a fantastic programme on my computer called CrossMagic which a friend in the states bought me quite a while ago, it will take me ages to update it but it is a good programme and worth taking time to log all goodies.

That brings us up to today, I had hoped to do a little more stash sorting but Neil needed to go to another warehouse so by the time I'd got going, we'd been there we didn't have lunch until 3pm so the thought of bending over (can't bend down!) wasn't very desirable.

When I finish this I have some emails to read then I'm off here and back to my stitching, I want to see her finished before the week is out. I'm in a Celtic Christmas SAL so have to kit that up. I have a lovely Pot Sampler calling me constantly......

All that's left is for me to wish you a great week of stitching........I'm hoping to post more often so my posts don't go on for so long.....................'phew' I hear you cry.............


Sunday, January 2, 2005

Me in all my glory ready for a night out.......

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Hi and welcome to my first attempt at blogging, I've never done this before so please excuse the mistakes and fumbling whilst I find my feet.

I wanted a place to share my stitching diaries , works in progress and finished projects.

My passion in life is cross stitching, not really any great surprise seeing as this blog is entitled 'stitching room' ! Being disabled means I have a mainly sedentary lifestyle, I'm afraid the nightclubs & dancing the night away are no longer within my capabilities. However the body may feel 90 some days the mind and spirit is still in her 20's - 30's............ Oh boy that seems a lifetime away.......LOL.

I was a keen knitter for many years and used to enjoy the occasional tapestry but they were getting heavier and were not good for my hands so I looked around for something else to do as I couldn't just be a couch potato!

I had never heard of cross stitch until I saw the wedding sampler my daughter's MIL stitched for their wedding, I found it fascinating, so my daughter took me to see her and now almost 6yrs later I have many projects under my belt.

I am a member of a 'few' online stitching clubs where I have learned so many helpful tips and the best places to buy 'stash'. Treasured friendships have been formed and I've had the privilege to meet 4 of those lovely ladies for real.

I also attend a local stitching club when I'm up to going, this club consists of between 15-20 members who despite their ages, over 70 in some cases, create the most beautiful projects and are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to be with.

When I started going to the club 2 yrs ago one of the members took me under her wing, which was difficult as I'm head and shoulders taller than she is......... she has become a very close friend who I have grown to love as a sister, we've laughed together and we've cried together and we've got into trouble together but don't worry nothing serious, funny but not serious..........

I'd also like to include incidents which affect my daily life and hope in some incidences these will bring a smile to your face. If I hear any good tips or recipe's I'll share those with you also.

Well, now we're starting a brand new year, what will it bring?

Already the world is in shock over the devastation of the disaster in Asia, an horrific event which has been like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripples have reached out far and wide throughout the world. Our hearts break for those lost and their families, it will be a long time before life becomes 'normal' again for these people.

In my own life

I hope for a better year for my family as there have been many sad happenings throughout 2003/4. We've had illness, lost loved ones, had accidents, had operations but despite all this there have been times of laughter along with the tears and I feel all these things have brought us closer as a family.

My wish for you also is that 2005 will be a special year and the memories will be mostly good ones. Am I to late to wish you a Happy New Year..........well I'm doing so anyway...........

take care


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