Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where does the time go?

I thought I had written a post for early December but alas no I must have been dreaming again! How is everyone, thank you for visiting and I hope all is well with you and your families.

As I wrote in my last post Mr B has had a lot of hospital and dr's visits he's shattered now and a bit fed up of sitting in waiting rooms. The results of all the test carried out on his bladder have shown it is fine so we're celebrating that outcome but the downside is now they've ruled out bladder problems it's more likely to be cancer. We are both mystified as to why they can't do an MRI until February but have been told that they need more blood tests at intervals between now and then, One of his climbing buddies rang him the other night to offer his support, he has been through the same it took them almost 5yrs before they did a biopsy under a GA so it could be more thorough, This showed without any doubt his was cancer and he's had the necessary treatment, he is slowly coming out the other side. It helped Mr B to talk to someone who knows what he's feeling and what his fears are, it's not all that long since Mr B's middle brother passed away very quickly after being diagnosed with a different cancer. We haven't given up, we're both keeping each other as positive as we can. Better news on the blood pressure front, they've tried him on a Beta Blocker which took a few days to get used to but we think it's helping. He's back at the drs tomorrow for a check up with that.

On a happier note I've finished my quilt as you go quiltalong quilt I was doing with other ladies from around the world. I used fabric from Tilda, cotton batting and the backing a light blue floral on a dark blue background. I'm really pleased with it and will certainly use this method again. The photo isn't brilliant we've had rather nasty weather here I took the pic in the sun room but no sun this day :)
It was my youngest Granddaughters 18th birthday this month both she and my youngest Grandson have birthdays a couple of days before mine. I wanted her to have something she could snuggle into and think of her old Nan when she does. I loved making this quilt knowing who it was for.
I had to quilt this on my dining table so I could fit the quilt on whilst sewing, even my nails co-ordinated that day. Totally unintentional.
She loved it, which made it all worthwhile.

I used a Jelly Roll from a seller on ebay who puts the most lovely co-ordinating prints together. cotton batting and the backing is a pretty ditsy  little rose on a white background.
I've also just quilted an autumnal quilt which is made up of 4" patches and bordered in a pale gold fabric. I will post a pic of that one next post.

Well I have a lot to catch up on and if I don't do it all in this post I'll just have to write another tomorrow won't I ;)

Enjoy whatever craft makes you happy

Peg xx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half way through November!

This year has gone by so fast, it doesn't seem that long since we were getting Vera Van ready for the summer but all to soon Sunday, just past, saw us saying goodbye to our bolt hole until March 13th next year. She's been our bolt hole, a recluse from all the hospital visits, treatments and a sanctuary from some of the heartache that's hit me this year. If we think of it in weeks it's only 17 weeks so not to long really before we go back.

We were hit by another curve ball earlier this month, Mr B hasn't felt well for a while, I thought it was probably everything catching up on him. He's been an absolute rock for me and I thought he was exhausted. He had a routine call to go to the cardiology clinic for his annual check up, one of his blood test and his urine sample caused some concern, His PSA level in his blood test was 5.3 which is very high and there was blood in his urine. An appointment with an oncologist who specialises in prostrate cancer was made for the next day.
They did a biopsy where they take 10 random biopsies and have booked him in to see another consultant regarding further tests for his bladder. Along with several other men that day we came home with him feeling rather unwell and uncomfortable. He had painkillers and strong antibiotics to take for 4 days to stave off any infections that sometimes occur after this type of biopsy. If he felt ill with flu like symptoms he was to go back immediately and they would treat him, thankfully it didn't come to that.
We had to wait just over a week for the results, we were relieved to hear his biopsies had come back clear but before we could rejoice she told him they can't rule cancer out because of his other symptoms and the biopsies aren't from every part of the prostrate. They are keeping an eye on him and he has to go back in February for a MRI which will tell them if it is cancer. Why he can't have one now and has to wait I don't for the life of me know, he's to have another blood test to see if his PSA is still high or higher.

The following week he had to go and have a blood pressure monitor fitted for 24hrs because his bp is very high, we get the results for that this Thursday. So Mr B is having a pretty rough time of it at the moment which upsets me because he's such a strong character usually, I can't do a lot physically but morally and loving wise I can give him the support he gave to me and keep praying all is well.

On the crochet front my progress on my Cottage Ripple blanket is coming on nicely. Once Heather at  (lovely friend) and I realised I had the wrong amount of chains we knew that was why it wasn't working out right! I started again, counted carefully and everything is coming out rosy. I'm a third of the way completed, I'm really enjoying myself with it. I thought at first that the colours weren't what I wanted but I stepped out of my pastel comfort zone and got on with it. The design makes the colours 'pop' and I'm glad I went with Lucy's colour scheme. I want to crochet her Cosy blanket too but will start that soon.

On the quilting front I've completed another 8 blocks for my quiltalong with Jera and others, I know they've caught up and passed me now. Jera is at the stage of binding I think, I haven't been able to work on more blocks until the other day with hospital, dr's and dental appointments. There is no pressure to finish at a particular date but I would have liked to be a little further on than I am. If you'd like to see what colours others have chosen please pop over to Jera's blog 

Today I have been so grateful for modern technology, there was a lot of washing to do from Vera Van, bedding, pillows, duvets, cushion covers and cushions, curtains and clothes were keep down there that I wanted to refresh ready for next year. The weather hasn't been good it's been dark, wet, foggy days so far this week I am so appreciative for my washing machine and tumble dryer. I can remember having a twin tub when my children were small and washing took all day! It all needs ironing now and storing, where I'm going to put it I'm not sure but I think cases and large holdalls will come in very handy.

Take care and enjoy whatever crafts make you happy.

Hugs Peg xx

Monday, October 27, 2014

At last!

At last I have finally crocheted the rows correctly and my result is way much better. Here are the results, as you can see the top one, where I made my mistakes gives a gentler, less defined ripple. Thè bottom one has the points and I can see where I've increased and decreased, I was so relieved when it clicked into my brain and as Lucy said on her blog, once you 'get' it it's so relaxing and it is. I'm really enjoying working it now.

In fact I'm enjoying it so much I ordered the wool pack for the CAL, Cosy blanket, this isn't a ripple but if you pop on over to her blog you'll see why I gave in and ordered the pack, why not pop along and join in. it's a pleasure stopping by and reading her blog, she's having a weeks break from her blog and the internet. It's been a manic few weeks for her and it catches up with us all at times, also I imagine her children are on half term holiday so it will give her time with them.

I have no affiliation with Stylecraft or The Wool Warehouse and can give a honest opinion regarding Stylecraft Special Dk. It's a pleasure to work with, I've used many different brands over the years and recently have got irritated when the wool starts to come loose after the band has been removed. Stylecraft keeps its shape, comes off the 'ball' nicely and it shows in the finished garment/blanket. 

Wool Warehouse stock packs of this wool for  Lucy's blankets, I also found another online stockist where this particular wool is on sale, Cottage postage is free on orders £25 and over. I am so impressed with the wool I ordered 1 x 100gms ball of each colour, well, I didn't it was my fingers, I think it happened when I nodded off mid afternoon lol.
I'm taking breaks throughout the afternoon, donning my marigolds and immersing my hands in hot water to ease the stiffness. When I get home I'll have a hot wax treatment, that is so soothing.

We have until Wednesday here then we need to go home, I don't think we'll come back after the drs on Friday through until Sunday. I'm shattered the day after driving home, it's only 2.1/2hrs drive but it whacks me out. We probably won't come back until the following Thursday, the season ends about the15th November then we shut down until March.

We both really love coming, it only takes an hr at most to tidy the van and make the beds etc then we can just chill out without feeling guilty.

We have some big jobs that need doing at home, a new bathroon and shower for starters, Mr B put the last one in but I don't think he's up to doing it this time. His own health hasn't been great and he's having some more tests done when we get back this week. I think there'll be some moths flying from his bank account for this job. There's decorating needs doing also. 

Well back to my crochet or shall I do some knitting for a change, I think I'll read a few blogs before I do anything:)

Enjoy your afternoon and whatever craft makes you happy.


Peg xx

Saturday, October 25, 2014


I think my brain has not been working properly, I've been working on my ripple blanket on and off throughout today. I'd got this far, 5 colours, 10 rows. Then I realised my decreases and increases weren't lining up correctly, arrrrgghh.
Yes it waves but not as it should, I read through Lucy's pattern again and checked her step by step instructions on her blog. I realised I had neglected to do 2 trebles into the last chain of each row!!! Totally my fault I read quickly and started, pride comes before a fall the saying goes and it certainly did here lol. The daft thing is I started another ripple blanket months ago in different colours and that's fine so I must have had my brain in gear when working on that one.
I'm going to start it again, the piece above will become a scarf, I'm not wasting it. 

It's been a good day to stitch, crochet or knit, the weather has been appalling, the rain has been horrendous. Being in the van it sounded worse and talking to each other was a no go, this was after one heavy down pour!

These two had no intensions of going anywhere in this weather, they'd been out earlier, had been fed and were chilling oblivious to all around them. Don't they match the rug well lol. 
Well I'm now going to restart my blanket, oh by the way I didn't put the right colour on the first colour change either, I used light blue and it should have been lavender! I didn't read the last page where Lucy has written the sequence of colours, yes I know I can see you all shaking your heads sadly thinking what a complete wally I am. An early new year resolution could be to read instruction properly;) 

Tomorrow's another day, probably as well. Enjoy your weekend doing whatever craft you enjoy.


Peg xx

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What a blustery day!

Gosh it's been so blustery here today, we came down this morning for a week, I've come armed with knitting needles, crochet hooks and wool. I'm hoping to get some more little people made and get a good bit of  the crochet done on my ripple blanket.
I'm following Lucy's pattern from Attic24, I fell in love with hers, ordered the wool which came very quickly which pleased me loads because I could bring it with me. I've started it this evening inbetween eating, walking Livvy and showering.
I was so pleased with my parcel, the wool and pattern came in a lovely gorse bag tied with a ribbon. The colours are gorgeous.
My progress so far, this is actually a very light blue.

It's been a very woolly week, I took all my wool home from here last week and have been sorting it all out into groups. I found a lot of large 500gm balls so I sent a lot of time turning this 
Into these
A lot more manageable.
At the beginning of the week I started working on my QAYG blocks I'm quilting along with several others, we're making a quilt by Jera Brandvig of quilting in the rain blog. We're following her pattern from her new book, 'Quilt as you go made modern'. These are 3 of my first 5 blocks, I'm using Tilda fabric, the process is very addictive and I'm really enjoying working on them as and when I can.
Well I'm going to get back to my ripple blanket, take care lovely people and enjoy your crafting.


Peg x

Friday, October 10, 2014

Gosh I think winter is here never mind autumn

I love autumn, the colours of the trees as they prepare to shed their leaves are beautiful. We've come to the van for a few days and it's cold outside but snug and warm inside. We've had mixed weather at home in Derbyshire, gales, thunder storms, a small tornado, I don't know if any damage was done it wasn't in our part of the county.
My daughter is in Cuba until next Wednesday and the heat there was at 42 degrees today. They fly back sometime Wednesday but don't arrive back in Manchester until 6.30am on Thursday, I have her 2 little Lhasa girls staying with us, I can't wait to see their reaction when they see her again. They're no trouble, Cassie is an oldie like Livvy and also sleeps most of the time like Livvy. Tilly is only 31/2 so full of mischief but she's been fine, she, like Nemo will run off with my wool if she gets the chance.

When I was sorting some of my sewing goodies out I came across some Jean Greenhowe knitting booklets on my book shelves. They have some really cute little ones in there, I knit Little Bo Peep a couple of yrs ago, I got out my needles and picked out some wool from my small wool stash ( yeah it's very small LOL) it's stored in lovely boxes under my bed. It stops my dogs going under the bed and people don't really know how much there is :) I decided to make Grandma & Granddad first,

These are there parts pre stuffing, I have knit Granddads hat but I left it at home ! I love them they're so cute.

My hands are very stiff after knitting a while but I'm donning the marigolds and immersing my hands in hot water to ease the stiffness and pain.
I'm sticking to my resolve and have started listing stitching goodies on ebay, I've started with my Sampler & Antique Needlework magazines and scanned in 33 pieces of hand dyed fabric that I know I'm never going to use in my lifetime. I still have more, I've got to list them yet though, there's still more of it, I'm listing charts and kits when we get back home. I'm going to keep the linen I'm hoping my fingers will allow me to hold a small needle so I can cross stitch some more samplers again, I would love to hand quilt a quilt but know I won't be able to.

I buy books for my kindle fire from Amazon and recently found a new author, new to me, her name is De-Anne Black. Her books are based in Scotland and I'm thoroughly enjoying them, they aren't expensive, can be bought in paper back. She is a crafter too so includes delightful patterns in the back of her books. At present I'm reading The Vintage Tea Dress shop in summer, I love them.

Well it's 2.40am and I need to sleep so I'm off to bed, have a great weekend and have fun with whatever craft you enjoy.

Peg xx

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello lovely ladies

Thank you for popping in, it's been almost a month since my last post although I have been reading others blogs. My gosh you've been really busy creating beautiful crochet, knitting, quilting and sewing. I've had good days and bad days which have enforced resting, but on the good days I managed to piece another quilt top. I have made a promise to myself not to piece another one until at least 2 of the 14 tops I have made have been sandwiched, FMQ'd and the binding put on.

I've crocheted more sq's for 3 blankets and whilst sorting out my books I found my Jean Greenhowe pattern books so am knitting a few 'little people' again, I can only do it in short bursts because of my hands hurting. Mr B has re sealed and insulated my ex grooming room and painted the inside and a large shelving unit. My eldest son made me 4 table risers for my cutting table, now it's at the perfect height for me. Fabric has been moved on to the shelves and into drawers, it isn't large but is fine for my purpose. I still have a lot of fabric in my cupboards upstairs and it will have to stay there but I have cleared up some space.
I also answered a request on our local freecycle for fabric required for a community project, the 4 bin liner bags created quite a bit of space lol. I'll post some pictures when it's up and running.

The other summer house which is to become a sewing room will be started probably next week, we're back here at the van the last week in October so hopefully it will be finished before then. Last year I bought a Little Gracie quilting frame from a lovely lady who had only used it twice. Unfortunately due to a death in the family she had to turn her sewing room back into a bedroom. It was collection only but as it was in Wales and I was undergoing treatment she kindly agreed to package it all up for me and a courier collected it for me. I was really looking forward to learning to use it, I could purchase extention bars for larger quilts. Also one of my machines would fit perfectly so I wouldn't need to buy another especially to use on it.
Now unfortunately I don't have the space to set it up and use it, the only option now would be in our garage, we don't use it for our car. However it would mean more work and money would need to be spent to line the walls and new flooring put in. We need a new bathroom and that's more important right now. So this is how the frame looks right now, still in all its packaging and with great reluctance I've made the decision to sell her, I was hoping one of the summerhouses would be big enough but it won't give me room to work.
I saw my oncologist on Tuesday, things have settled down a little so I am not due anymore treatment. I have to carry on with the Lymphoedema daily massages to divert the fluid to the lymphnodes on the other side of my body for drainage to stop the breast filling with fluid again, I can do this myself. I will be called for a mammogram probably in December, I need to keep a supply of antibiotics with me in case of any risk of infection from cuts, scratches etc. one good thing was a short time ago I had a tooth abscess but thankfully my body didn't react with a serious kick off, their words. Maintenance is common sense, wear gloves when washing pots, gardening etc and being careful around animals for bites and scratches, getting medical treatment asap if I am and keeping the area from sun exposure. Eating sensibly, getting proper rest, etc, etc. 
Unless there's a problem I don't have to see her again for 6 mths, like every other cancer patient I asked when I could be pronounced cancer free and what risk is there of it coming back again. It will take a few yrs yet for them to be able to say I'm clear and my chances of a reaccurance are above moderate which hit a bit hard.  I'm trying to not dwell on it and am keeping my mind occupied. I need to take the Letrazol for the foreseeable to help, one of the side effects is making life uncomfortable. It worsens the pain and stiffness I already have in my joints, some days it's hard to get going and it causes hot flushing! It could be a lot worse though.

Have a great weekend with whatever craft makes you happy.


Peg xx

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another month gone by.

Gosh the year is going by so quickly, I don't know if its the pace of the world today or if it's me getting older :). Now is my favourite time of year, Autumn, I love the colours of the trees, I love sitting crocheting with a crochet blanket or lap quilt across my knees. In fact I just love Autumn, the nights are drawing in so quickly.

It still seems very strange only having only two dogs, I miss each and every one of them, they brought a lot of love and happiness into our lives. It is easier with two and it's very quiet, Livvy bless her has very little sight now but is fine otherwise, it's amazing how they adjust. Just as with a blind person in the family we don't move furniture around so she knows where everything is. When we're out walking on causeways (sidewalks) we have to make sure she's on the inside because she will fall off the edge. 

She's still a happy, smiley Shiddie girl, she reminds me of a teddy bear, she sleeps like one too, she certainly loves her bed. Nemo is more active but is sending himself dotty trying to catch flies! He loves to be outside chasing them and he doesn't like the birds landing either lol. He has taken over Megan's mantle of telling me when it's time for their dinner!

I still have my little girls ashes, they're in a box with her lead, collar, discs and her Diva t shirts she wore in the winter. I'm not in any hurry to scatter them, I still miss her so much, I know time will heal eventually.

We went away for three weeks during August, I took a lot of fabric with me and my Accuquilt Go and over that period cut out 8 quilts, I managed to piece 2 of them the photos are below. They are both designed by Pam & Nikki Lintott, they're from one of their books, There wasn't a border on the hidden stars one so I add one. I love both designs and am looking forward to piecing the others together.

Now I only have my two fur babies I sold all my grooming equipment, I can keep them brushed but I have to take them to the groomer for cutting etc, I can't do it now. All my equipment went to a friend who has her own grooming salon so I know it will be used.
No grooming means there is a summerhouse with nothing in so I came up with the idea of redecorating and storing my fabric in there. Mr B has been brilliant, giving it a good clean, sealing all joints again on the outside and insulating the inside for me. He's covered the insulation with hardboard and spent today painting it and my large shelf unit. He's done a really good job, we're leaving it to dry completely and will move my fabric in this weekend. It isn't a massive place but I can also get my cutting table in there this will give us more room upstairs. The other summerhouse further down the garden is rarely used with us being away so much so he's going to refresh that one too and move my seeing desk in that Paul my eldest made for me, that SH isn't big either but will make a cosy little sewing room. We have to route an electric supply to them both, I'll post pics when they're finished. I have a fabric in my stash which will make the perfect curtains, the cost was very little, the hospice charity shop have really good, clean bargains in and if I remember right it cost me about £3 for almost 6mtrs of fabric. I called in two wks ago and came home with over 20mtrs of 3 different fabrics for less that £8.

It's going to be quite enlightening when we move my fabric, it isn't all in the cupboards, its in, lidded tubs, my wardrobe, boxes and storage drawers. It will give me a chance to sort out and perhaps pass on some I'll not be using.

Well its time for eating again, Mr B is hinting he's hungry so I'll say bye for now.

Take care and enjoy whatever craft you're working on.


Peg xx

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Photo heavy post.

The past few weeks haven't been great, no not with my health but with my little ones. My little Megan who I adored had been unwell and under the vet for a while, we knew we didn't have her for much longer but I wanted her last days to be calm, filled with love and no stress. Even though some ex puppy farm dogs make great headway Megan, although she could be cheeky at times, never lost her fear of strangers, sudden noises and any changes. I loved all my dogs but Megan held a special place in my heart and always will we were very rarely apart only when absolutely necessary. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on July 1st, I had prayed her leaving would be this way and not a vet visit, she would have panicked so much she didn't like anyone holding her feet or legs it was to much of an awful reminder of what she'd had to endure when used as a breeding machine. It didn't lessen the pain of her leaving, it was devastating, it hurt much more and knocked me sideways far more than my cancer diagnosis.
I miss her so much, her odd little ways, her beautiful bright eyes which once they'd been treated changed to bright sparkling jet coloured jewels. She brought so much laughter and love into my life, this photo was taken just a week before she fell asleep. She was such a pretty little girl with her Queen Anne legs, just minutes after taking this she told me off for not getting her down quick enough :)
I have her ashes I can't let her go, I still wait for her barking at me when I go to open the front door to go to the recycle bin, she never barked when anyone came always when they left. I miss her running into the living room when she'd been outside, she'd run around the room almost skipping then roll on her back riddling about. She'd do the typical Shiddie play bow and jump about on all four paws in front of Nemo trying to get him to play with her, he just looked at her as if she'd finally lost the plot. I think he like us knew if he'd gone to play she would have legged it behind me lol.
She didn't like it if she thought she was alone, if I was out of sight these past months she panicked. The thought of scattering her ashes and leaving her is to raw at the moment, until the time is right, if it ever comes, she will stay here with her Mum.
Here she is with Livvy, next to her, and Nemo on her last visit to the van, she couldn't walk far in her last few weeks before she had to be carried but she still got her walks around the lake in her Dad's arms. I recently sold all my dog grooming equipment to my lovely friend Jayne who owns her own grooming salon. I can keep them tidy with brushing but not a full bath and groom any more. Mr B is turning my grooming room into a place to store my fabric, today after some boxes were moved I was sweeping the floor and found some hair that had gone behind them. It hurt, the hair was Megan's from her last groom, I have her lead, collar, harness and little Diva t shirt and now her hair will go into the box with them. I know some may think it silly or over the top but she was one very special little girl and I loved her and miss her, Livvy misses having her snuggled up beside her and still lays on one side of the dog bed they shared instead of in the middle.
Bless her, Livvy is such a good hearted girl, I can't look at her without smiling, she's like a big teddy bear and gives amazing snuggles. Thankfully she's a very healthy girl full of beans and fun, she has very little sight but you wouldn't know it watching her out walking. I have her on an extending lead, every so often when she's not sure where I am she will stop and cock her head listening for me I just call her name and she moves towards me. We don't move furniture around and she's got it all sussed where everything is and she still loves her rough and tumble with Nemo, it's like the clash of the Titans :). Both have gone through a lot these past months and he was depressed for a while but is slowly coming back to his old self. He's taken on Megan job of telling me it's time for their dinner but as he has a really deep bark it gets my attention quicker.

On a happier note I have finally managed to get back to and enjoy doing some quilting and crochet, as you know there have been some downers on the health side but as I said in my last post things are improving.
I've made the two quilt tops below I need to get some of my tops backed and quilted but it's getting the time to do them

Earlier this year I managed to get a place on a workshop held at Quiltessensials in Cromford near Matlock Bath. It's very rare to have one where I could travel to so jumped at the chance. It was run by Lynne, a lovely lady who designs, writes quilting books and has a great blog Lynnes blog she's so easy to get on with and has the patience of a saint. The workshop was making a Union Jack pillow, Lynne also has a quilt made from them which I intend to make one day. The pillow front is paper pieced, my first effort, I wasn't able to finish it on the day but her tuition was great and I finished it a while after. I'm so pleased with it.
Lynne's book
 This is my finished pillow I used fabric similar to my bedding.
Here's a close up
We've been at our bolthole for the past few days and will be going again on Wednesday for a few weeks, my grandson is coming to house sit, he loves my bed, its nearer to where he works too. I've got a break in treatment until September. I'm well prepared sewing wise, I spent last week cutting out kits for the quilts I want to make, I've found a lovely little quilt shop in Louth called The Little Fabric Shop, run and owned by Helen. It's a pleasure to visit and have a chat, my purchases the other day were these few fat quarters, 2 Jelly Rolls and 2 background fabrics, the books are mine I have several of Pam and Nickys books I love them they're so easy to follow. I cut the fabric for the one on the front book on Saturday it's called Jitter bug. 
You know we quilters like other crafters always seem to end up with rather a lot of fabric or whatever we use in the craft we do don't we, I was looking for a particular jelly roll last night and found some I'd totally forgotten I had, it was a lovely feeling :)

Well I think I'll leave it at that for now, I've got more photos to share but will do that next time. Wherever you are and what ever craft makes you happy enjoy your day.

hugs Peg x

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Lovely People

Hello to you all, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the emails and messages sent to me wishing me well, they certainly helped.
There had been a problem with reoccurring infections I think I've only had 6-8 days without antibiotics since my op last September. I've had repeated scans and repeated drain offs to try and keep the breast from filling with fluid. They took away the Lymph nodes on that side because the cancer had spread there too. Consequently any fluid coming into the breast could not drain away naturally via the lymph nodes.
I had another appointment with the consultant after yet another drain off, this time they'd drained off a blood clot and some fluid. Samples had been taken and sent for analysis so I had to go for the results.

When we got there it wasn't the consultant but a staff nurse who actually asked me what I'd gone for and what could they do for me today! He then had to send for the results, checked them and said there hadn't been anything to nasty in them. Upon examination he said I needed to have the draining off and another scan despite only having this 3 days before. My daughter wasn't pleased and said so,  the outcome was that I waited a few minutes and the consultant slotted me into her clinic. She diagnosed straightaway what was wrong and referred me to my local hospice for treatment.
There is a clinic there with specialist nurses trained in a massage that moves the fluid to Lymph nodes in other areas to drain it away. The consultant at the hospice told us the reason I've been feeling so ill and having to have it drained so many times is because it's like putting a bucket of dirty water outside in the garden and leaving it there, just adding more dirty water. Because the fluid is sitting in the breast it's stagnating just as the water in the bucket would do and it gets impacted, it has to be moved.

I take 4 x 250mgs of Penicillin pr day and will do for the next 6 mths. Along with their treatment and the antibiotics things should start to get better. They showed us how to do the massage it's very gentle which I was pleased about I was dreading them touching me because I was so swollen and painful. It can be done with a clean blusher brush it's that light, some breathing exercises to help also. There was a lot of things they told me I had to do to keep other infections at bay, a different cream to use on my skin ect. Not to wash dishes, do the garden or any cleaning without gloves on and to avoid being scratched and to keep antiseptic wipes with me. Not to expose my arm, shoulder or breast to the sun, that's not a massive problem I'm fair skinned and burn so don't sunbathe. As well as them doing the massage I do it at home several times a day I don't need to stand, I have to have someone do them on my back and neck we're aiming to move the fluid to the Lymph nodes on the other side.
Just so you can see what we've been dealing with, this photo is without a bra on and the breast on your left is my Norah Batty one, the one on your right is known as Jordan and shows you how big its has got.

The good news is I'm so happy to say it is working, as well as the swelling slowly going down, it's not as painful I still feel quite sick sometimes but not all the time and I get tired quickly but it's nothing like it was and at last I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The nurses were rather annoyed because I'm not the only patient this is happening to, they've seen several over the past few months who they've been able to help after being referred to them and each one could have been helped earlier. I could have been feeling a lot better a lot earlier.

I have been slowly getting back into doing some sewing and have things to show you but as you've probably nodded off by now reading through this I'll write another post later with the photos.

Once again thank you for caring enough to get in touch it means a lot.


Peg xx

Friday, March 7, 2014

My apologies

Hello lovely fellow bloggers I must apologise for my absence over the past couple of weeks I have a lot to share with you but unfortunately I've had a lot of problems with a severe infection yet again and I have to go back to the hospital and have the compacted fluid, its called a seroma, drained off again. I've had antibiotics for the past 3 wks and it hasn't made any difference it's still there and there's still a lot of pain.

I will be back as soon as things settle down and I'm more comfortable, I'll know more after seeing the oncologist again.

Take care and happy stitching

Peg xx

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Winner of my Grow Your Blog giveaway

Hi ladies

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Vicki's Grow Your Blog party, I have met many new friends and have increased my followers. The bonus is I have so many new blogs to read, it has been fun and I haven't finished visiting them all yet.
A huge thanks to Vicki for organising the party and her helpers who gave their time in making sure we got it right :)
I put 86 in the generator because I had replied twice and Tammy posted a PS.
I've used the random number generator and the number chosen is........drum roll.......................................

No 35  Thea  so if you send me your address I can get your winning present to you.

Thank you to everyone who took part it's been a pleasure looking through your blogs

Keep safe and enjoy your weekend

Peg x

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is the half term holiday off?

No not mine, poor Mr B's, every year at half term he joins 10-14 of his climbing friends from all over Britain. They hire a beautiful cottage in Glen Co and hope the snow has compacted to ice so they can do their ice climbing. It's quite amusing, over the years they've spent their week in a rough and ready 'hut', a small cottage where it's first ones to arrive get a bed the others bunk down on the floor. Now they're all over 55 and going for the comfort factor :) this particular cottage has enough rooms, utility/drying room, 2 sitting rooms, large kitchen, it's not cheap at almost £700 but shared between all of them it isn't much.

The problem is my poor Mr B has a chest infection that is making him feel pretty rough, they sent him home from work yesterday morning. It's pretty much expected he'll be on antibiotics before the end of the week. I'm keeping everything crossed for him he really deserves this break, it's been a tough few months for him too.

I really enjoyed our main meal today, I don't eat fish much at all but decided to give it a go for once. I used cod fillets from Farm foods, not expecting them to have much taste. In all fairness it was delicious, I poached it in a small amount of milk, this is what I made for Mr B to accompany his. I really wanted to use tinned chopped toms but they're in the store cupboard and I can't reach them, Mr B was having a sleep.
I chopped up
3 medium fresh tomatoes
2 cloves Garlic
1/2 Courgette
1/2 Onion
8 Black olives
2tsps Capers
Tsp Parsley
Olive oil for cooking
Salt, pepper
Tomato purée
Boiled spuds
Home made parsley sauce

Mine was minus the tomato concoction I don't like capers of black olives, I had the spuds, a small piece of fish and spinach and really enjoyed it. Everything was from the fridge, freezer and cupboard and it cost very little.

There was a good sized piece of fish left over so I put that in the bottom of this dish, put the remainder of the tomato mix on top, a layer of grated cheese and topped with the remaining mashed potatoes. That's in the freezer for another day, he'll perhaps enjoy it with a green salad and roasted peppers the long red ones I can't remember their name.

There was also 2 loaves made in the bread maker today, 1 white & 1 wholemeal mmm delicious.

We got up to it snowing this morning, it was very cold and wet so it didn't settle and the promised sunshine came through at lunch time for a couple of hrs.

I managed to do a little sewing today, I have a lot of blocks made up and left over from making this top.

The blocks are 9"sq so I used 5 across and 6 down I'll add a border, it will make a nice sized lap quilt, I'm hoping to get the border on tomorrow. I really love these autumnal colours and may just make a few patchwork cushion covers. I had my first dabble at FMQ yesterday on a small amount of fabric I thought I may just have a go on a cushion cover. I'll let you know whether its success or disaster lol. The quilting will be simple 'doodling, I'm not being modest honestly when my family were in the artistic queue I didn't quite get my full quota like Dad and sisters! I make matchstick men un identifiable :).

Take care

Peg x

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

We're back to the cold, windy and very wet weather.

Hello lovely visitors, thank you for popping in despite being so busy. Continuing on from the Grow Your Blog party I've met so many lovely new blogging crafting friends. I'm really enjoying the party and a big thank you to Vicki for hosting it. Don't forget to leave a comment if you'd like to take part in my give away, there's no pressure to become a follower to take part.

It's been a bit of a busy week both on the health and crafting front, I am having tension problems again with Betsy I checked my invoice from the repair shop and according to them the machine was serviced and repaired with :
clean out hook and race
remove damage from driver
reset all timings and tension units
reassemble and lubricate

new parts:
shuttle driver/stitch cushioner

She was having a hissy fit after one seam was sewn, Heather very kindly had a look at her, but she went curly underneath threads again. Mr B suggested the obvious, why not contact the shop who carried out the repairs it was only a month ago and I haven't been sewing on her. I did and all credit to them they replied straight away and asked me to take it into the shop and they'll have a look at it for me.
These machines were the rolls royce of machines and I don't want to not use her so I need to get it sorted.

My freezer is nicely stocked with cooked chicken and chicken stock, the first lot nicely cooked now to strip and use the bones to make stock.
All the chickens yeilded 6 1/2 pts of stock, I also cooked some apricots I'd bought tinned, Co-op's own brand, they weren't very nice very sour and hard so I poached them and later add some crumble mix we had in the freezer baked it and topped with home made custard delicious.
Mr B made the first course Aubergine stack with ham, green salad and new potatoes that he had grown in tubs which we froze when harvested. Well Mr B had spuds I didn't not with having a dessert afterwards.

I managed to cut some of these and am in the process of making 4 patches using Lori's method at
 Sorry for the dark photo I took them on my iphone.

 After sewing 2 sq's together down both sides cut down the middle.
I still have more to do of these.
I have a few quilt tops to back but am suffering some unpleasant side effects from the Letrozole so am doing things when I have the energy and when the joint pain is at it's lowest. I didn't think the latter would affect me much already having arthritis, joints replaced but it has and it's not pleasant. I'm not complaining there are a lot worse off than me.

Well that's all for today, I've been popping into some of the blogs on the list for GYB still many to go but I'm enjoying meeting new people and seeing what they're about.

Thanks for popping in

Peg x

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