Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another month gone by.

Gosh the year is going by so quickly, I don't know if its the pace of the world today or if it's me getting older :). Now is my favourite time of year, Autumn, I love the colours of the trees, I love sitting crocheting with a crochet blanket or lap quilt across my knees. In fact I just love Autumn, the nights are drawing in so quickly.

It still seems very strange only having only two dogs, I miss each and every one of them, they brought a lot of love and happiness into our lives. It is easier with two and it's very quiet, Livvy bless her has very little sight now but is fine otherwise, it's amazing how they adjust. Just as with a blind person in the family we don't move furniture around so she knows where everything is. When we're out walking on causeways (sidewalks) we have to make sure she's on the inside because she will fall off the edge. 

She's still a happy, smiley Shiddie girl, she reminds me of a teddy bear, she sleeps like one too, she certainly loves her bed. Nemo is more active but is sending himself dotty trying to catch flies! He loves to be outside chasing them and he doesn't like the birds landing either lol. He has taken over Megan's mantle of telling me when it's time for their dinner!

I still have my little girls ashes, they're in a box with her lead, collar, discs and her Diva t shirts she wore in the winter. I'm not in any hurry to scatter them, I still miss her so much, I know time will heal eventually.

We went away for three weeks during August, I took a lot of fabric with me and my Accuquilt Go and over that period cut out 8 quilts, I managed to piece 2 of them the photos are below. They are both designed by Pam & Nikki Lintott, they're from one of their books, There wasn't a border on the hidden stars one so I add one. I love both designs and am looking forward to piecing the others together.

Now I only have my two fur babies I sold all my grooming equipment, I can keep them brushed but I have to take them to the groomer for cutting etc, I can't do it now. All my equipment went to a friend who has her own grooming salon so I know it will be used.
No grooming means there is a summerhouse with nothing in so I came up with the idea of redecorating and storing my fabric in there. Mr B has been brilliant, giving it a good clean, sealing all joints again on the outside and insulating the inside for me. He's covered the insulation with hardboard and spent today painting it and my large shelf unit. He's done a really good job, we're leaving it to dry completely and will move my fabric in this weekend. It isn't a massive place but I can also get my cutting table in there this will give us more room upstairs. The other summerhouse further down the garden is rarely used with us being away so much so he's going to refresh that one too and move my seeing desk in that Paul my eldest made for me, that SH isn't big either but will make a cosy little sewing room. We have to route an electric supply to them both, I'll post pics when they're finished. I have a fabric in my stash which will make the perfect curtains, the cost was very little, the hospice charity shop have really good, clean bargains in and if I remember right it cost me about £3 for almost 6mtrs of fabric. I called in two wks ago and came home with over 20mtrs of 3 different fabrics for less that £8.

It's going to be quite enlightening when we move my fabric, it isn't all in the cupboards, its in, lidded tubs, my wardrobe, boxes and storage drawers. It will give me a chance to sort out and perhaps pass on some I'll not be using.

Well its time for eating again, Mr B is hinting he's hungry so I'll say bye for now.

Take care and enjoy whatever craft you're working on.


Peg xx


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your furbabies. We lost our beautiful Bruce (Chihahua) last year, the pain was horrible and he'll always have a special place in our hearts. xx

Lynne said...

It is such a wrench when you lose a much loved pet, our Sam was 14 when he passed away and ooooh - more than 25 years later we still miss him.

I would LOVE to see some photographs of your summer houses when you have them all cleared out and done up - I never did get mine, but I did get the conservatory!

KC'sCourt! said...

The quilts look very pretty
Julie xxxxxxxx

Caz said...

It is surprising as to how much fabric we collect,,, I don't need to buy any for quite a while.

hazel said...

Good to hear from you Peg and know you have been away. Your summerhouse sounds as thou it will be really nice, enjoy putting all your fabric in there. Are you still keeping the cute little summerhouse that you sit in sometimes.

Best wishes
Hazel c uk

Julie said...

Hello Peg, two beautiful quilts you've created.
Sounds like lots of lovely times will be had in your new summerhouses with fabric and thread, how wonderful.

Peg said...

Hi Ladies, thank you for visiting and leaving such lovely comments.
It is taking a long time to get over losing my little girl, she'd been here the longest and was in an awful condition before she was rescued. There's still things I do everyday that remind me of her and I still look for her. As Lynne and Cheryl say it takes time.
Regarding the summer houses, the one nearest the house will be for my fabric and cutting table and the bottom one for my sewing table and machines. My son, who made me my new sewing cabinet is making me some raisers so my cutting table will be raised by about 6". When I post the photos you'll see neither of the SH's are big but will be big enough for what I want, we're not blessed with a large garden but both doors open on both of them so I'm looking forward to sewing in there and enjoying the indian summer we're supposed to be having.
It will also free up the spare bedroom, Mr B has wanted a carpet in there for quite some time but I've always said no the flooring was better because I do tend to drop pins etc, now he gets his wish and a carpet will be fitted lol.
As for fabric Caz and cross stitch goodies I honestly don't think I could use it all up in my life time. I went on the idea of buying it over the past 14yrs so when I became a pensioner and not flush with money I'd still have the goodies. The problem is there's way to much so will be sorting through and putting some on Ebay.

Peg x

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