Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello lovely ladies

Thank you for popping in, it's been almost a month since my last post although I have been reading others blogs. My gosh you've been really busy creating beautiful crochet, knitting, quilting and sewing. I've had good days and bad days which have enforced resting, but on the good days I managed to piece another quilt top. I have made a promise to myself not to piece another one until at least 2 of the 14 tops I have made have been sandwiched, FMQ'd and the binding put on.

I've crocheted more sq's for 3 blankets and whilst sorting out my books I found my Jean Greenhowe pattern books so am knitting a few 'little people' again, I can only do it in short bursts because of my hands hurting. Mr B has re sealed and insulated my ex grooming room and painted the inside and a large shelving unit. My eldest son made me 4 table risers for my cutting table, now it's at the perfect height for me. Fabric has been moved on to the shelves and into drawers, it isn't large but is fine for my purpose. I still have a lot of fabric in my cupboards upstairs and it will have to stay there but I have cleared up some space.
I also answered a request on our local freecycle for fabric required for a community project, the 4 bin liner bags created quite a bit of space lol. I'll post some pictures when it's up and running.

The other summer house which is to become a sewing room will be started probably next week, we're back here at the van the last week in October so hopefully it will be finished before then. Last year I bought a Little Gracie quilting frame from a lovely lady who had only used it twice. Unfortunately due to a death in the family she had to turn her sewing room back into a bedroom. It was collection only but as it was in Wales and I was undergoing treatment she kindly agreed to package it all up for me and a courier collected it for me. I was really looking forward to learning to use it, I could purchase extention bars for larger quilts. Also one of my machines would fit perfectly so I wouldn't need to buy another especially to use on it.
Now unfortunately I don't have the space to set it up and use it, the only option now would be in our garage, we don't use it for our car. However it would mean more work and money would need to be spent to line the walls and new flooring put in. We need a new bathroom and that's more important right now. So this is how the frame looks right now, still in all its packaging and with great reluctance I've made the decision to sell her, I was hoping one of the summerhouses would be big enough but it won't give me room to work.
I saw my oncologist on Tuesday, things have settled down a little so I am not due anymore treatment. I have to carry on with the Lymphoedema daily massages to divert the fluid to the lymphnodes on the other side of my body for drainage to stop the breast filling with fluid again, I can do this myself. I will be called for a mammogram probably in December, I need to keep a supply of antibiotics with me in case of any risk of infection from cuts, scratches etc. one good thing was a short time ago I had a tooth abscess but thankfully my body didn't react with a serious kick off, their words. Maintenance is common sense, wear gloves when washing pots, gardening etc and being careful around animals for bites and scratches, getting medical treatment asap if I am and keeping the area from sun exposure. Eating sensibly, getting proper rest, etc, etc. 
Unless there's a problem I don't have to see her again for 6 mths, like every other cancer patient I asked when I could be pronounced cancer free and what risk is there of it coming back again. It will take a few yrs yet for them to be able to say I'm clear and my chances of a reaccurance are above moderate which hit a bit hard.  I'm trying to not dwell on it and am keeping my mind occupied. I need to take the Letrazol for the foreseeable to help, one of the side effects is making life uncomfortable. It worsens the pain and stiffness I already have in my joints, some days it's hard to get going and it causes hot flushing! It could be a lot worse though.

Have a great weekend with whatever craft makes you happy.


Peg xx


Solstitches said...

Hello Peg,
It's lovely to see a blog post from you as that, to my mind, means you are doing well and feeling a bit better.
What a shame you are having to part with the quilting frame but a lady at our group had one and it was really huge taking up an entire room. She used hers twice also. I think that it went to a quilt group that make for charity in the end.
Anyway, it souns as though you have palms for a lovely sewing space.
Enjoy your time at the caravan and stay well.

lynn cockrell said...

Peg, that quilting frame is really nice. I can identify with the "space" problem with regard to sewing and crafting. I am sorry that you are having to deal with the health issues. Our son-in-law is on oral chemo for the remainder of his life. This particular chemo is one that is able to pass into his brain, one of the areas his kidney cancer has metastasized to and recent scans show continuing improvement in that area. I will keep you in my prayers, Peg!

hazel said...

Hi Peg,

Good to see you blogging again and life is treating you kindly. Such a pity the quilting frame is to big and hope you find a good home for it. Hope you get some nice weather while you are in your little home it seems as thou it has changed here today. I am a summer person and get very low in the winter months, still we have to go thru it.

Take care Peg and stay well.

Tender hugs,
Hazel c uk

Julie said...

I'm sure someone out there will be looking for a frame just like that, hope it finds a new home soon.
How lovely to be able to help he local community with some of your extra fabric.
Rest lots and take care xxxx

Peg said...

Thank you all Ladies for your kind comments, Lynn I'm so sorry your SIL is having to endure such harsh treatment. Cancer really is an awful disease and no respecter of persons.I had 3 older sisters, the youngest died a few yrs ago at the age of 66 with heart disease. My middle sister has had to battle with the same type of cancer as myself, thankfully she was pronounced free last October after 3yrs from her operation. Sadly she lost her beautiful 12yr old granddaughter to Lukemia the yr before her own diagnosis.
I am disappointed to sell the frame but hope someone else can get some pleasure from it.
Peg xx

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