Tuesday, May 31, 2005

MISSING HIM...........

Well it's 3 days since the love of my life left for Southern Ireland but it already seems like weeks. I know the younger generation think that they invented romance and relationships as all younger generations have done over the years.

The wonderful man I'd proud to have for my husband..........

is talented, has a big heart and will happily go the extra mile when needed. To me he will always be handsome, each new wrinkle, each grey hair that life brings only adds distinction to his looks. He has beautiful eyes, is it possible to say that about a man? There are laughter lines around and a wickedly mischievous twinkle in those beautiful eyes.

He has a wonderful sense of humour and will play practical jokes frequently, but never at the expense of someone's dignity. He is loyal to his friends and is very protective of his family and friends.

Literature is a great love in his life and he can often be found with book in hand. His study and love of Gods word is supreme and he can quote you an encouraging verse when life isn't treating you as kindly as you would like.

He works very hard and much to the amazement and amusement of many can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so to speak! He isn't a lot of company when on a long journey in the car as within 5 mins of traveling he's gone into the land of nod! I have learnt never to ask him to navigate a route as his frequent nodding leads to crucial turn offs being missed......... :o) Needless to say he doesn't and has no inclination to drive.
I cannot say 'patience is a virtue' applies to him as he is sometimes lacking in this department especially when putting something together! He doesn't suffer fools glady either.

I really miss him when he's not here I feel a part of me is missing. Just like thousands of other couples we have our moments of misunderstandings and frustrations. Being perfect is not a requisite of marriage but being understanding and making allowances for being human is.

Even after 34 yrs together my heart still skips a beat when I think of him or when he's across a room and winks when he catches me watching him. He is my best friend as well as the man I love dearly. His picture is the screen saver on my mobile phone and each time I receive a text message or a phonecall I can see him and he's near.

I received a phone call for him earlier, they have had a really good day's climbing today and will have a chill day tomorrow. The cottage is very nice, the country is beautiful, the people extremely friendly and to top that off the weather has been perfect for climbing. He sounded content but tired.
I would love to ask him to bring me home some Irish linen for my stash but I'd probably end up with a tablecloth....... ;o)

Only 5 more days until he comes home for a day and is then off to Seahouses in Northumberland with school for 5 days.

Well it now 2.09am and I think I should shut down and go to bed before I fall asleep here! I hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant Bank Holiday weekend.

Take care

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Progress as of 26th May 05

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I'm beginning to wonder if old father time is winding that clock up a little quicker these days, he's probably been at the Sanategen wine Is it just when you get older the days seem to fly by, no sooner do I crawl out of bed than it's lunch time, tea time then back to bed. We're almost 1/2 way through the year!

Neil set off this morning at 3am for Holyhead where the intrepid climbers caught the ferry over to Southern Ireland for thier climbing holiday. I have heard so many people say how beautiful it is over there so envy him a little but not the walking and climbing he'll be doing. Unfortunately the other car traveling with them had a mishap on the ferry, it was a rather rough crossing and another car came free and crashed into Alwyns car doing an awful lot of damage. I haven't heard an update yet so will find out later what's happening with that and if it's drivable.

All my family are doing well at the moment thank goodness. This week has been the trial of the man who was responsible for the death of my eldest son's best friend by dangerous driving. He has had his freedom taken away for him and has been sentenced to prison but it doesn't bring Ade back. I think in this world of fast cars and in this case fast m/bikes we need to just slow down and hey what does it matter if there's someone in front of're still going to get to your destination whether you're in front or behind and does it really matter if his car/bike is faster than yours? Proofing it can be fatal.

On a happier note my Celtic Noel is almost finished I'm on the bottom of her dress, the top and side borders are done. I need to take another update pic of her but haven't got the camera at the moment and my scanner isn't big enough!

I saw the release of the new LL Celtic Winter and am not impressed, I don't find her inspiring at all and at the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered she looks like she's holding a snowball! I would personally have preferred something with more glitter representing the frost and snow. Perhaps a cape flowing behind......I do like the darker skin and hair but not the dress. This is just my personal opinion if you think it's great then that's fine.

I have stitched some more on my Blackbird designs SAL for a group I belong to, I'm really enjoying this. I'll post a pic on completion. I've just bought a beautiful sampler from Papillon designs it is called Mary Queen of Scots. You can pay for the chart by paypal and receive it in your email box within minutes.
I am so wanting to start this but have to be strong as I need to finish my Pot sampler first... ;o)

Well I think that's the update done for now, will upload a pic of the progress of Celtic Noel as of Wednesday evening, I did stitch some more on her after this.

Take care and have a great holiday weekend


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Progress as of May 13th 05

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A lot has happened this past month, it seemed like we were never going to get on our feet health wise.

Thankfully Neil's health is improving and the Dr's were extremely pleased with his BP reading which was down to 122/70. They said whatever he's doing to carry on as it's working and if it's still around this level they will take him off one of his BP medication in September when they next see him. He's also lost almost a stone in weight due to his change of diet, I will take a little credit here though ;o) as I have told him for quite some time about the food he was eating, he's at last listening and the results are great.

I'm so proud of his progress, he doesn't cheat but he's not starving himself either just eating more healthily. I still can't get him to eat what he calls 'rabbit' food but he's doing well as he is. He's also drinking the yoghurt drinks in the mornings, which I thought he'd never do but he feels they're helping too. I think if he loses a little more it will be enough, he's not that large, his legs have never changed it's just around the middle as with most men! One or two people have mentioned it at work so that made his day and gave him some encouragement.

He's off to Ireland in two weeks on a climbing holiday so I'm hoping he'll keep up the good food diet when he's with the chaps.............

I've been suffering from severe back problems and have had to go onto 'wappy' tablets as Neil calls them. With those and strong painkillers it is starting to ease off I'm pleased to say.
I did have a very humourous incident this week, I'd dropped something on the floor, can't bend down to get it and as it was cutlery Deeber wouldn't pick it up so I had to slide down the kitchen cupboard to the floor to get it.............then the problem do I get up???? I regularly 'kiss carpet' as I call it and have to wait for Neil to come home. This time I was totally stuck, tried to shuffle to the doorway to use the door jamb to hold on to but I can't pull myself up as my hands just aren't strong enough! Ten minutes later I'm shuffling into the lounge to get the phone to ring Neil and ask him to come and help me up. He only works around the corner so came, got me up and then went into the kitchen to pick the knife up. Then he gave me a lecture about not keeping my grabber with me! Now imagine this, I am thinking of buying a trademens belt, you know the ones with lots of pockets for tools. I'll put this on each morning, carry my phone, pen & paper, keys, the grabber doesn't fold up so will have to carry this in my teeth. Also I'll pop in a sandwich and drink so that I'll have sustinance whilst I wait for him to come and pick me up then I'll not starve to death whilst I wait......................oooohh a pretty site to behold I'll be...........LOL

The one good thing about this is I've had more time to stitch on my Celtic Noel, she is a dream to stitch on. I didn't stitch on her yesterday (Sat) as that's my Blackbird Design SAL day. I can't publish a picture of progress as it has to stay a mystery from the other ladies until finished.

Well I'm off to have some lunch which my lovely DH has cooked so until next time, take care and keep well.

hugs Blondie

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

This is my completed but unframed Chatelaine Mystery VII

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My progress on LL Celtic Noel, I started it on Sat 30th April. The colour conversion is by Victoria's Needle here in the UK. If you'd like the link to their site it's:

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