Sunday, November 22, 2009

We have a new little foster boy with us.

Meet Gizmo the Pekingese our new foster,

this is the photograph I first saw of him. He's gorgeous isn't he. however when I collected him he looked a lot different. It's difficult to believe he's the same dog, his owners have 2 small children so find it hard to find time for him and said he wasn't getting on with their other dog.

Since being here he has shown no aggression towards any of my dogs, he fits in really well and loves attention, he isn't greedy as I was told and isn't food aggressive either.

He was neutered on Tuesday so has felt quite sorry for himself since then. He looks like a little fuzzball because his coat is severely matted, his back end looks like a matted rug. I'm not really sure what has happened to the hair on his ears it seems to have been chopped at.

I thought we were going to have to shave his hair off but last night he lay on my knee quite happily whilst I gradually teased out the matts on one side of his haunchers, he's had enough after that so I'll do it gradually. This is what I removed from his right hip area, it measures 8" high and 12" across.

The Quality street tin is there to show the actual size of
the mound in comparison.

He is a delightful little man who is mixing well and playing with my dogs. We've fallen under his spell but we are looking for a loving home for him, 8 is enough for us to cope with and look after giving us room for a foster.

I don't think he'll be with us to long before he finds a new home, it will be a sad day when he goes though.

I collected this little girl from the pound last Sunday, her name is Flower, seeing dogs in this state makes me despair at the inhumanity of man to animals. She is a sweet little Westie, very pretty and is already coming on in her new foster home. She will need medical treatment for quite sometime yet so will be longer before she goes to a new home.

Most of the rescues are very busy, Christmas time seems not to be a time of good cheer to domestic animals, they seem to become dispensible.

Hugs Peg x

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things are improving at last

My dogs are all now well and Neil is also over his man flu, in all fairness it did turn out he had a severe chest infection and was off work for 2 wks. They sent him for chest xrays to make sure there was nothing nasty there, thankfully apart from the infection all was well. It has left him rather drained so he's finding being at work tiring especially in this term leading up to Christmas. I am hoping he either takes partial retirement or full retirement at the end of term. He's worked full time since 1964 and he works hard so I think he deserves a break.

I'm still waiting for the MRI results it's 5 wks tomorrow since I went so hopefully it won't be long until I hear now. I am still in a lot of pain but I don't like taking the specific meds they've given me all the time, I know they can become addictive and I don't need that to happen.

I have a new 'toy', it's a halogen oven and I love it!

We have tried several things in it and we're really impressed, the roast was cooked in it last week and was cooked in less time and was lovely and tender. Neil has been busy today, he's made a delicious cheese & bacon flan which was absolutely delicious
He also made a very scrumptious blackberry & apple pie for desert tomorrow, mmmm.

I've just realised my waistline could increase if he does take retirement!!

Hugs Peg x

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Busy Week

Well it's been over a week since I last posted and I was determined to keep up but life is just as determined to keep me busy. I recently joined Becky C's blog Let's Stitch I've chosen this project to work on during Friday evenings. It's lovely knowing there are other stitchers throughout the world stitching along on their own projects. This is my progress so far, I love the colours.

It's been hectic here I've had 4 of my dogs poorly with upset tummy's, another 2 with throat infections and hubby with man flu, bet you can't guess who the worse patient is :o)

I won this gorgeous handmade quilt from an ebay seller in the US, it's from the home of an elderly quilter who has sadly passed away and in her life time stitched many quilts, I'm just sorry I can't afford more of them. I love these it's old and has history. I have a few wip quilts and hope to finish at least one of them before long so I can display my own work :o).

Photo curtsey of the seller.

I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs so much lately and it's been wonderful sharing their adventures and achievements. I have a button on my side bar which is a link to Cindy's beautiful blog, I always enjoy visiting to see what new project she has on the go. Her home is like the blogs name Romantic. It's warm and welcoming and as I would love my own to be if the other half would give me free reign. Not much chance of that though :o) so I get my fix on Cindy's site, I've made time to do it I find it relaxing.

This week has been a week of deliveries, in my kitchen I have a large fridge freezer and in the garage are another 2 small chest freezers. All my freezers are full and there is a lot I want to do before I have any more surgery so I bought a tall larder fridge for the kitchen and a large chest freezer for the garage, we're not lucky enough to have the space inside the house for one. Both were delivered yesterday so having stood 24hrs to settle and having been turned on I can transfer food into the large freezer tomorrow. I won't have a freezer inside but that's not a problem. Also my microwave will fit on top of the new fridge in the space where my other one was so it will free up some counter space.
On our local free cycle someone requested a fridge/freezer for her son and partner who are setting up home together so they will be collecting it on Friday evening. My eldest son is having one of the chest freezers so have to find a home for the other one. They're all in good clean condition and should give their new owners a few yrs service.

Well I'm off to get my blog fix so will say bye for now. Stay safe and enjoy what you're doing.

Hugs Peg
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