Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things are improving at last

My dogs are all now well and Neil is also over his man flu, in all fairness it did turn out he had a severe chest infection and was off work for 2 wks. They sent him for chest xrays to make sure there was nothing nasty there, thankfully apart from the infection all was well. It has left him rather drained so he's finding being at work tiring especially in this term leading up to Christmas. I am hoping he either takes partial retirement or full retirement at the end of term. He's worked full time since 1964 and he works hard so I think he deserves a break.

I'm still waiting for the MRI results it's 5 wks tomorrow since I went so hopefully it won't be long until I hear now. I am still in a lot of pain but I don't like taking the specific meds they've given me all the time, I know they can become addictive and I don't need that to happen.

I have a new 'toy', it's a halogen oven and I love it!

We have tried several things in it and we're really impressed, the roast was cooked in it last week and was cooked in less time and was lovely and tender. Neil has been busy today, he's made a delicious cheese & bacon flan which was absolutely delicious
He also made a very scrumptious blackberry & apple pie for desert tomorrow, mmmm.

I've just realised my waistline could increase if he does take retirement!!

Hugs Peg x

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