Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Bit Late With My Tusal......

I'm a little late adding a photo of my TUSAL but here she is, I've been really good, I went to my stitch club yesterday and even saved my orts to bring home and put in the jar :) It's only since I have been TUSALING that I've realised just how many orts we have, I used to pop them in the bin.
I've stitched some more on my Celtic Noel and have also started Celtic Spring on Sugar Maples Gilded Summers' End. It's a beautiful glittery fabric with motled colouring my dh chose it from several I'd laid out in a floss toss, a brilliant choice. I've set myself the task of stitching all 6 C ladies but all are with different conversions to the originals. I have to add here I am NOT talented enough to do the conversions they are from another source, legal I have to add. I thought I would stitch on each one until I get to the same stage as CN then move to the next one. I know this way it will take a while to complete them all but it'll be worth it. I've already earmarked the wall leading up the stairs for their home when completed.
I'm off to the local town soon, a friend at stitch club has found a brilliant framer who's rates are reasonable so am going to take a couple of samplers to price the framing on them. My other framer does a wonderful job but it's costing me over £100 per framing and as I'm now legally a pensioner I can't really afford to have all the others framed at this price. Some I can frame myself but if the piece is not standard frame size I need a framer.
I've just watched the news and heard of the impending volcano cloud which is due to hit us soon hopefully it won't affect to many people's health. Most airports have cancelled flights for the day as it's in our airspace, unfortunately this affects some peoples holidays they've been looking forward to.
Take care
hugs Peg xx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Couple More Finishes & A New Start

Gosh been awhile again I see, life has been busy and my health took a nose dive but things are slowing down a little now. Health wise I'm still having problems with my knee and back causing major mobility problems but enabling me to stitch more.

On the stitching front I decided I wanted to stitch the Celtic Noel again. I stitched her & Celtic Autumn in 2005 but my friend fell in love with them so I'm doing them for myself this time. I'm using a different conversion to the originals for both of them. I finished Hester's Needle's Heavens Gate sampler & Prairie Schoolers Winter sampler, I need to frame them now, when that will be is anyones guess! I have stitched more on CN she now has the wreath in her hands. I was so excited yesterday I received Celtic Summer & Celtic Spring conversion packs so will be stitching them all.

I've enjoyed catching up a little on other peoples blogs, don't you just love visiting, I have so many people who's homes I can pop into and sit, it doesn't matter they're half way around the world they're only a click away on here and there's always a warm welcome. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful talents that abound in these blogs we have some extremely talented ladies amongst us.

I'm off to make a cup of tea, visit a few online friends then get back to my celtic lady. Enjoy your day.

Take care
hugs Peg xx

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