Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Bit Late With My Tusal......

I'm a little late adding a photo of my TUSAL but here she is, I've been really good, I went to my stitch club yesterday and even saved my orts to bring home and put in the jar :) It's only since I have been TUSALING that I've realised just how many orts we have, I used to pop them in the bin.
I've stitched some more on my Celtic Noel and have also started Celtic Spring on Sugar Maples Gilded Summers' End. It's a beautiful glittery fabric with motled colouring my dh chose it from several I'd laid out in a floss toss, a brilliant choice. I've set myself the task of stitching all 6 C ladies but all are with different conversions to the originals. I have to add here I am NOT talented enough to do the conversions they are from another source, legal I have to add. I thought I would stitch on each one until I get to the same stage as CN then move to the next one. I know this way it will take a while to complete them all but it'll be worth it. I've already earmarked the wall leading up the stairs for their home when completed.
I'm off to the local town soon, a friend at stitch club has found a brilliant framer who's rates are reasonable so am going to take a couple of samplers to price the framing on them. My other framer does a wonderful job but it's costing me over £100 per framing and as I'm now legally a pensioner I can't really afford to have all the others framed at this price. Some I can frame myself but if the piece is not standard frame size I need a framer.
I've just watched the news and heard of the impending volcano cloud which is due to hit us soon hopefully it won't affect to many people's health. Most airports have cancelled flights for the day as it's in our airspace, unfortunately this affects some peoples holidays they've been looking forward to.
Take care
hugs Peg xx


Nancy said...

I think all the different colors of thread look so pretty in the glass jars!

Peg, your stitching on your previous post is just beautiful!

hazel said...

I like your glass with the threads they will be lovely especially with the metallic threads you will be using for the celtic ladies.

I live very, very close to Heathrow Airport and that has been in chaos today because of the volanco dust.

Hope your knee is improving.
Hazel (UK)

amelia said...

I might have missed something! What is the purpose of the orts in the jar or is there one? Maybe they are just there to look pretty?

Julia said...

Hi Peg,

It's nice to make a new friend! And thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes, the wicker baskets do have a lining - I first saw them a few months ago and instantly liked them, but they were a surprise yesterday when unwrapped them! I've just had a little look at some of your work and it's lovely. All this crafting and blogging is rather addictive isn't it!!


amelia said...

I do hope you're alright, it's been a long time....
I keep on checking back.

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