Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Almost over

Warning photo heavy post.

Well we're in the last few hours of 2013, looking back in some ways it's been the year from hell but with a few blessings. I've learned quite a lot about people I trusted and loved, sometimes I've felt so many knives in my back it's been darned uncomfortable, but to cancel those things out I've had amazing support from people I didn't think even cared. I share day to day things in my life on here but not the very personal things but those personal things have been tested this year.

 I have 2 older sisters and one younger the latter gradually alienated my Mother from the rest of her family by feeding awful lies to her. My Mum passed away in June of this year after an illness of several months that we knew nothing about. Due to the sister from hell none of us knew about it and if she had her way none of us would have been at the funeral. Thankfully her own son managed to get my number from my son and let me know what was happening. We were away at the time and by the time I knew there was no way I could get to the hospital before she passed away. My uncle went but was about 4 minutes to late. I contacted the ward staff explaining who I was, they were surprised because they'd been informed there was no other relatives than my sister. We weren't allowed to see Mum at the funeral home due to same sister being the client and putting a condition on the account that no one else was permitted to see her, the funeral directors were under the impression Mum had no other relatives.They were very shocked when my uncle turned up asking to see Mum, sadly they couldn't let him. We also found out same sister had emptied ALL Mums house contents and belongings into skips without any other family member knowing. No one has anything other than memories to remember her by. The house was rented, Mum was not flush with money so no one would expect to inherit financially. The word evil springs to mind.

When I'd found out Mum was in hospital I'd rung my uncle and we let others know between us. The funeral directors were surprised when almost 20 relatives incuding 2 other daughters turned up.  Nice sister eh, I once told her if she didn't change her ways and attitude she would become a bitter, twisted, lonely old woman and sadly she has.

The good that came out of sadness and unforgivable behaviour was I met up with one of my older sisters again and it's a relationship that will last. That in itself brought both sorrow and joy, our eldest sister is very ill with several health problems the worse being Lupus she has the severe kind which is causing her organs to shut down. The other sister who came to the funeral shared with me that she had breast cancer, had gone through the treatment and would learn in October if they had managed to get it all and she'd be clear. It was 2 months later, August, when I was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. I'm so pleased to say when my sister saw her oncologist in October they pronounced her free from cancer. She still has to stay under their care with regular mammograms and must report any changes straight away but the outcome was a huge relief.
That's the unpleasant part of this year over and done with.

Here's updated photos of some of our grandchildren

Two of my beautiful granddaughters, Molly left & Ellice Christmas morning, they grow up to fast nowadays. Both girls are way above me in height now lol
Christmas morning at the Russ house, from left to right, James,GS, Lesley, D, Andrew SIL and Sam GS all showing off their new onesies and dressing gowns. :)

Here's the dressed Lesley in serious mode driving me for treatment, just after this photo she almost jumped out of her skin when a tram appeared at the side of her coming up out of the under pass LOL.
Mum and son
My turn for an after lunch snuggle

Missing from the photos are Mark our eldest grandson and our youngest son and family who we didn't get to photograph.

We changed colour this year, I usually have my gold and red decorations but  we needed a new tree so I opted for a white one and my daughter dressed it in deep purple tinsel and lilac and silver baubles for me. The glow at the bottom is silver tinsel entwined with a set of battery powered lights from Ikea.
My sideboard had it's usual visitors arrayed upon it.

My little munchkins have all been clipped down, I can't brush them as often as I was doing so it was necessary to clip them off. Nunu at the top of the photo Poppy at the bottom both are waiting for Livvy to finish eating but it's a futile wait Livvy bless her leaves nothing LOL
Little Megan who's wearing her Diva jumper because she was cold and she has turned into a little Diva!
Our lovely Livvy who along with Megan is showing signs of dementia
Dooglebug who has suffered awful stress problems manifesting in skin problems since just after I was diagnosed, he's on steroids again at the moment.

Momma Mia and Nemo who isn't impressed with his new haircut! Sitting with their most favourite person in the world their Dad. Either that or it's because he's near the radiator LOL
And finally little Georgi girl the most mischievous little tomboy I've ever met! Dont let that cute little face fool you :) That's Dooglebug she's snuggling up to her partner in crime and Nunu the other side.
I much prefer them long coated but it' not fair on them if I can't brush them, they need brushing daily to keep their coats from tangling and matting.

I tried some crochet the other day, my arm and hand of the same side as the cancer are both still swollen so it was a slow process in short bursts. I found a great tutorial for a Ripple blanket very kindly given by Lucy on her blog. Her tutorials are so easy to follow especially for me and this is my progress so far. I'm enjoying it in fits and starts LOL.

I would like to wish you all a very happy, peaceful and healthy New Year. Take care if your out and about tonight.


Peg xx

Monday, December 23, 2013

Catch up time

Hello lovely ladies out there, thank you for dropping by. I'm sorry I've not kept up to date it's been a pretty awful few weeks with infections, my skin cracking and infected, feeling totally exhausted and sick. Mr B bless his big heart has been absolutely amazing in all that he's done. We haven't gone without a meal, he's kept up with the cleaning and washing, the only thing he doesn't like doing is bed making, he'll change the covers for me but not make it lol. He's shattered now and ready for his climbing break with his friends where all he needs to do is keep himself safe.
I've finished all radiotherapy now but as I mentioned above there's still problems I'm now coating myself in Flamazine antibiotic cream 4 times pr day and I'm so pleased to say it's helping. I've still got to have the fluid drained off again. We'll get there eventually I think I've tried to rush things a little but have had my telling off at the hospital and Mr B so have promised to obey order from now on. My next appointment is with the oncologist in January.

Now onto something happier, I am now the proud owner of a vintage Singer 201K complete with her table. Her name is Betsy and she works! The only problem I am having with her is the underneath thread is ruffling up pretty bad. Mr B has tried to strip down the bobbin for me to clean it but there is one screw who has decided it want's to remain where it is so until he can spare the time I can't use her. She is cleaning up extremely well, I took the advise of  some expert stripper downers of vintage machines that they had shared on their blogs. When I tried her out she was so quiet when running which really surprised me. He'll have more time to have a look at her after Christmas.
I'm really looking forward to sewing on her flat bed it'll be easier when quilting. This was the photo that I fell in love with on Ebay, the contents of the draw included the original booklet plus a few vintage pin tins, Table and machine all for £44.

We went out of Saturday evening for the first time in months, it was my eldest son's wife's 50th birthday party. I couldn't say I was definately going until the day but had plenty of rest during the day so we set off just after 6pm with my daughter, her 3 sons, hubby wasn't well. My youngest son, wife and their youngest followed later. We arrived at the venue to very low lighting, because of the weather there was a major power cut throughout the valley. It didn't spoil anything though they managed to keep the food hot on the gas cookers. it was a really pleasant evening I managed a couple of hours before hitting the brick wall of tiredness but I did so enjoy the change and the evening. Sunday was a complete rest day but it was worth it.

We don't have the worry of cooking Christmas lunch this year we'll be going to my daughters again, brilliant cook, delicious food and good company  and it doesn't matter if I fall asleep :o). I'll be so pleased when I can get back to sewing again, I have so much to catch up on. Plus I miss it major time.

I hope you all have a great Christmas with your families and friends.

Take care

Peg xx

Things to be grateful for
1) still being here with my family who are as valuable as gold to me

2) a husband who's a best friend, a supporter, who keeps me grounded but in a good way

3) I'm thankful to those who have gone before and been the pioneers in searching for cures for the many diseases that attack we humans

4) for those who gave their lives so we could be free and speak our minds and for those who are still giving their lives for us to remain free

5) For those who will give up their time to make sure those who are down on their luck at least have a warm meal. 
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