Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another week gone by

Another week has slipped by me, the days seem to go so quickly I no sooner rise from bed than it's evening and I'm tired again.
We are still having problems with our boiler, it started leaking in early August so we have 3 tubs underneath catching the water. The leak is going into the electrics so it blew leaving us with no hot water or central heating. The repair man came out but the ordering of a new boiler has to go through so many stages I could manufactur my own quicker. We had the boiler, tank and 2 new radiators installed in September 2005, our old boiler had lasted us 30+yrs with no problem just a service each yr. This one has done this 5 times now but this is the longest we have gone without the essentials.

We either have to travel a 40 mile round trip to my sisters for a shower or boil water in large pans to have a wash with. I can't carry water up the stairs so I have morning washes in cold water and don't believe all they tell you about cold water being good for the skin because it's made no difference to mine at all!! I'm thinking of going to a car boot sale and seeing if I can buy an old tin bath to put in front of the fire to bath in as in the olden days. I used to do that when I lived with my Grandmother many moons ago.

We have been very patient with the contractors but it's now becoming beyond a joke, the weather is getting very cold. For the past 3 yrs since my dr took me off hormone replacement therapy I have suffered the dreaded 'hot flushes' constantly, now I need those hot flushes to keep me warm they've diminished so I'm perishing cold.
I'm so grateful for the lap quilts I have, whenever I sit I promptly wrap my legs in one and put a lighter one around my shoulders. It's like a signal to the little doglets, as soon as I pick the first quilt up three of them quickly get up and run to come on my knee so I have my own inexpensive hotties. Not so sure DH will agree with the inexpensive bit though LOL.

I spent an hour on the phone on thursday to various agencies trying to get the work done quicker but still need to wait another 6 days then ring to see if they have passed the work. At this rate we will be like a chapter from Dickins at Christmas. The doglets are happy though they can't have baths either. Even poor old Georgi is feeling the cold and pinched one of my quilts....

I will have to remove the icicles from my face before morning or I could become an ice sculpture. Dh has gone into the wilds of Welsh Wales on a climbing trip for the weekend and he's welcome to it.

On a much lighter note I was supposed to be having a little Cavvie girl called Gemma staying with me for 10 days whilst her Mum went on holiday but she's not coming now. Carole's Mum has met her and begged to have her stay with her so I miss out on the kisses and cuddles she loves to give, this is the delightful Gemma ahe's a real sweetheart

I am having a little Shiddie come and stay with me on foster for FOTA I think she/he will be coming on Tuesday, an expuppy farm dog who will need some extra TLC before going to their new home. I splurged out on a new mop as this and an endless supply of kitchen roll is essential LOL. It's been pretty quiet since our last foster little Poppy went, we really miss her.
We did entertain these two little ones though who with ours became a wrecking crew flying around the garden and house playing chase for what seemed like all night. Meet the wrecking crew also known as Thierry & Henri our foster Bichons LOL

Well my bed calls and my fingers are getting stiff so I'll say goodnight for now and hope to post more often than I have been doing so far this year.

Keep safe and take care
hugs Peg x

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A long time in coming

My posting that is, I apologise to those who have looked for updates on my blog. Life has not been very kind to me in the past few months, illness has struck once again, in the times I've felt better I've been helping out fostering, homechecking and transporting dogs for 2 rescues. My days have not been long enough and bedtime comes around so quickly even though I'm a late bird not usually going to bed until the early hours of the morning.

During my absence many four legged friends have entered and left my life leaving a lasting impression of love with each one. There have been many tears when a special one has gone on to their new home and also when thinking about what they have suffered at the hands of so called human beings.

Our fur family members have changed since I last posted, Tilly our beautiful Shiddie girl sadly had to be returned to rescue in March, with humans she couldn't have been better but decided she didn't want to share us with our other dogs, making their lives miserable by attacking and actually biting them. They all lost weight and a sadness reigned over them. We had behavourists who couldn't change her way of thinking and the heartbreaking decision had to be made to move her. I am so pleased to say it didn't end in sadness for her, she is now living as an only dog with a lovely retired couple who adore her and she them. Good luck little one.

Our Grumpy little man Zebedee who had been ill since just after Christmas sadly reached the end in April, the day the vets gave him his first injection to calm him was the first time I had a real cuddle with him in my arms without being bitten. His face was so relaxed when he slipped quietly into his permanent sleep, we miss his funny little ways but know he's now running free with no pain or need to grumble or bite.

In May of this year our youngest Shiddie joined us, his name is Nemo, he's almost 3yrs old and he's large both in stature and character. He is the funniest dog I know, can seem a bit thick at times but we love him to bits. He wasn't abused in his former home his Mum just got a bit overwhelmed with a little one and a new baby on the way. He loves everyone he meets and makes sure they know who he is LOL. This is our 'little' man Nemo

Almost a month ago I went to collect a 5yrs old Lhasa girl who was being handed in to rescue, her owners also had not abused or neglected her they had 6 children 4 of them under 5yrs and the youngest being a set of twins at 6mths so the dogs were getting less time.
She was evidently well socialised, kept in great health, her coat was in beautiful condition. I knew on first meeting her I didn't want her to leave us, I brought her home to foster, Neil came in from work saw her and the magic happened yet again. Within 2 days we knew she wasn't leaving, her name was Megan but of course we have a Megan so we decided to call her Mia. She answers to it happily, she's a sweet little girl who greets everyone with pleasure and a smile. She adores Neil and forgets I'm here if he's at home LOL. It's difficult getting a facial photo of Mia, she hates the camera and will turn her head just as the shutter goes. This is the nearest I've got to a front view, she had been spayed the day before needing to have a buster collar on.

My stitching has been on the back burner for a while but I picked up my Blue sampler a few weeks ago and stitch on it as often as I can, it's 3/4 stitched so am not doing to badly. I'll be glad to finish it as I have so many other projects I want to start and am being really strict with myself and not starting them. Here's a pic of the progress on my blue sampler so far.

Well my dogs need feeding and are making sure I know they're all starving so had better leave this and feed them before they all keel over LOL
I'm hoping to start a new blog about the dogs and the ones who've come through here on foster so you can share in the excitement, laughter and tears.
Take care all I hope to catch up on your blogs soon

Peg xx
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