Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A busy but good day.

Our little foster girl Trickywoo, here's her pic taken on Christmas day, had the all clear from the vets today regarding her eye. She had an accident at the beginning of December and punctured her left eye ball. It wasn't very pleasant, she underwent an emergency operation which was successful resulting in them being able to save her eye. She doesn't have a lot of sight in it but it's there.
She was in a lot of pain enduring eye drops and medication, she bore it all like the little trooper she is. Today the vet discharged her, he was very pleased with the outcome and unless there are any future problems she doesn't need to go back to see him.

Our other little foster girl, Livvy, also attended the vets today, he's pleased with her progress but she still needs steroids for her left eye. Otherwise she is fine, he's pleased with her weight gain and her general condition. She is now ready for re homing and I'm certain she'll get a great home. The first pic below is Olivia her first night in rescue, the second is Olivia this evening.

Can you see the difference apart from the eyes, she's quite a poser but wasn't going to stand up for me LOL. She's a delightful girl, her story will be featured in January's issue of Dogs Today magazine which is on sale from the 2nd January. Her diary so far is also featured on the home page of Friends of the Animals It will be sad when she goes but she's such a sweet dog and deserves a loving lifetime home. Her new family will not be disappointed, she is full of fun, mischief and love.


Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Year Almost Upon Us

Christmas is now officially over and we're waiting for the emergence of a new year. 2008 has been one of learning for me. I have learnt patience because things happen in their own time not when I wish them to. I have learnt we are not a nation of dog lovers as we are projected throughout the world. I have had rescue dogs for years but this year I've learnt how they come in, the state some of them come in and the process from them coming in to being rehomed.

There has been the two extremes of dogs who's owners couldn't wait to get them out of the door and who needed to know someone was there for them and loved them and that not all humans were monsters who would hurt them. Then there's the other side, owners who through no fault of their own have had to give up much loved companians, who I've sat and held whilst they cried because it hurt so much to give them up, assuring them I'd let them know when he was in his new loving home. Not all rescue dogs are here because owners didn't care.

The year has not been a healthy one for me but I'm here, I'm still alive and for that I thank the Good Lord. I have met so many new people over this past year and some of them have become firm friends. I've laughed and cried at situations I've found myself in wondering what was around the next corner.

Until I started transporting dogs I didn't know it was possible to get lost as much as my sister and I have on such a small island. I'm sure the poor woman in the satelite who guides us on my satnav must be bald by now after pulling all her hair out with frustration of my getting lost. (I do know there isn't really someone sat up there...........there isn't is there?;o)

I love the closeness my sister and I have shared, we've laughed together so much we've cried and we cried together, all in the name of life. I'm sad for the barrier which seems to have grown between my daughter and I. I don't know what the reason is, I've asked several times but have not had an answer. We were so very close for many years but now I see and feel the barriers have come up and she doesn't want to be in my company. She was my daughter, my friend but isn't any longer and for that my heart weeps.

The above sentence has caused an even bigger problem with my daughter, the words written were not meant to offend. I did not mean I didn't consider her to be my daughter anymore, I meant she has distanced herself from us for what reason we don't know and she wont say. She will always be my daughter and as such I will always love her but it is sad when a mother/daughter relationship falls apart. That is what makes my heart weep.

I am happy to have been stitching again, I've finished my Blue sampler and a Remembrance sampler by Janlyn. I have started stitching Butternut Roads Rose sampler, I thought at first the colours were a bit dowdy but since putting the middle row in I can see how they compliment each other. I find it a great joy to see a work come into being on a blank canvas so to speak and wonder at the talent of the person who has designed it. I paint with my needle and love it, I also love to see the works others have stitched, quilted or knit.

Well time is running away with us and I need to rest so will say bye for now and I hope to keep my blog upto date better in 2009.

hugs Peg x

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So near Christmas and so not ready!

Christmas as we all know is just a few days away and I am lagging behind worse than any other year yet. I was set to put the decorations in our home this past week but instead have been spending most of it either on a chair or sofa coping with an unpleasant chest infection. The time hasn't been wasted altogether though as I started and have almost finished a Remembrance sampler by Janlyn, I have just posted on a stitch group I belong to and asked if the ladies think it would look better antiqued. It is stitched on Ivory 28ct Evenweave with DMC threads, I'm wondering about antiquing it by soaking in tea or coffee but am undecided so have asked the group their opinion. I'll post a pic when I've put the last stitches in.
DH has also got the dreaded infection thankfully he has the next 2 wks off work so will have time to recover.

We were going to be spending Christmas in our own home anyway, there are not many people who would wish to have us with 7 dogs in tow. I can't leave them on their own so it's better to stay at home with them. Our daughter in law is recovering from another back surgery so they too will be staying at home.

We have another foster girl with us, her name is Trickywoo, she is a gorgeous Pekingese, I have not seen this breed since we lost ours when I was around 16yrs old. She is a really sweet little girl with lots of character, she was rather poorly when she came but is now over the infection. Because of the inconsiderate breeding her nostrils are closed permanently so she has difficulty breathing, also her nose is flat, the breeding down hasn't shortened the palette so this little girl now needs an operation to open her nostrils and shorten her palette. Unfortunately this will be in the region of £700 so the rescue has to try and raise the money. There are several dogs who need ops, people who believe rescues run at a profit should come along and spend some time with one and see what the costs of getting a dog fit enough to go into a new home is. Try gently holding your nostrils together then you will feel what Tricky feels each time she tries to breed. I picked her up from the pound on her last day, she is approximately 8yrs old. Other than that we have no history of her past life. She is a dog who is very easy to fall in love with and has fit in with the others very well. She could be homed either as an only dog or with another. She won't leave here until she's had her op though.

We were hoping for a white Christmas but it looks more likely to be a wet one, I've not known it rain so much in one year. I think I will have to get busy in the next couple of days to put some cheer into our home, the pic above is of our hallway last year. I love the effect of the white tree and baubles against the white of the cladding.

If I don't get the chance to 'pop' on before Christmas may I take this opportunity to wish all my blogging friends a very happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and New Year. Thank you all for making blogging such a pleasant experience I love reading your blogs and feel blessed to have you as online friends.

hugs Peg x

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In the past few months many foster dogs have come and gone through my life and home. I have enjoyed every minute of it, I've enjoyed the travelling all over to collect, deliver or just to transport dogs for other rescues. I've enjoyed home checking to make sure a dog will have a good life with a prospective adopter, I've loved meeting the many people involved with rescue in various forms and also meeting those who have had to hand in their dog.
At times the reason is not because the dog is unwanted and they can't wait to get rid of him/her, sometimes it's because of the change in circumstances and many times I've sat holding and comforting someone when they feel their world has turned upside down because they have to give their dog up to a new home.

In other cases I've been in a hurry to leave the home of a hand in simply because the dog is of no consequence and they can't wait to get rid of the same dog who has been loyal and loved them with no love in return. To watch these dogs develop trust again in humans and to see them blossom has made all the work and tears well worth it.

Ex puppy farm girls have come through my home too, these have come in afraid of their own shadow and not used to not being confined in a small place. The big wide world makes them fearful, as does the noise of the washing machine, hoover, television and everyday normal things.

Seeing these same girls, gradually get used to being on a lead, no longer afraid the lead is just another rope to tie them up with but is something which means they're going into a big space and will be able to run around without restriction. The look on their faces when the wind blows their hair all over and especially now when it blows leaves around and they can jump into them, roll in them and not be hurt or go back into confinement it's a joy to see and just melts my heart.

Recently I had a little Lhasa boy, Macky, who had been in 5 homes within 2 months, they all said he was grumpy, growled all the time and was getting ready to bite them. He is a Lhasa, they and Shih Tzu talk to you like that. They let you know what they want, we had him here a week, he found it very hard when the other 7 dogs were in his face so he would snap and sometimes keep going which would develop into a doggy scrap until I stopped it. If the dogs approached him one at a time he was fine, he just didn't like them in his face, he couldn't be punished for this, if 7 people were in my face all at once I'd back off and tell them to go away just the same as he did. He was overweight so he was lazy, he would play with my hands, soft mouthing them, he loved to have his back and tummy scratched gently. To me he was a big cuddly teddy bear who needed cuddling and understanding.

He's now gone to a couple who only have visiting grandchildren, he's settling down and is enjoying his life with them. His character is coming out and he's showing his cheeky side which is great to hear.

Before him I was asked to foster a beautiful little Shiddie girl calle Bella who had come into the pound as a cruelty case, when you meet her you fall in love with her. We knew she had been badly abused and would squeal with fear at the sight of a lead, if you tried to put it on her she would totally freak out and think she was being tied up. Because of her initial fear of women we believe it was possibly a woman who abused her, seeing how fearful this little girl was defies all imagination as to what kind of person could do this to her and what kind of hell she had been through.

When she first came she would sit on the bottom of my stairs trembling, Neil was able to touch her but she wasn't happy me touching her. So I spent many hours sitting alongside her talking to her but not touching her. We put the world to rights many times over, she now knows my full life history :o)but eventually it paid off. She started to lean against me, I had my hands in my lap, she went on to touching them with the side of her head. I gradually one finger at a time stroked her ears eventually moving on to her head and back. I put the lead on my knee so she could see it and after a week she stopped squealing and realised the lead going on meant she was going outside. She became the first in the queue when the leads came out. She loved being outside, I put her on an extention lead so she would run in front, stop, look back at me and come running back jumping and skipping about to be fussed. I never went on a walk with Bella without laughing and smiling, it was sheer joy being out with her to see her enjoying herself. Neil took her with Nemo one morning letting her off lead, she loved running about free, jumping and rolling in the leaves, running back to him before dashing off again.

She started to want the cuddles we offered and spent many an hour curled up on either mine or Neil's knee. She chose his bed to sleep on and would disappear upstairs with him have her nightly cuddle then go to the bottom of the bed and not move until morning. She very quickly stole our hearts and it would have been so easy to keep her but if we did then there wouldn't be room for any others.

A couple enquired about her and came to visit last Saturday, from the moment they walked in I knew she had chosen them, she didn't take to visitors well at all but Jane and Paul were different. It was a joy to see her settle on Janes knee, loving the stroking and making the mewing sound she made when she was happy. Then she went to sit on Pauls knee and lolled across him as if she'd known him forever. I knew then we'd lost our little girl to her new Mum & Dad. Along with a new Mum & Dad she has a new brother a gorgeous Lhasa boy called George who's very handsome and who she gets along with. It broke my heart to see her being driven away and she'll always have a big piece of my heart but I know she is happy and loved and Jane and Paul will look after her and will continue with helping her to face things she is still unsure of. She is settling well, enjoying her walks, she loves her new home and will blossom into the dog she was always meant to be.

I only have one foster at the moment a beautiful Shiddie girl called Olivia who is an ex puppy farm girl. I can't disclose much about her at the moment but will in time tell you all about her, she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.

These dogs have come into my home and life so I can get them ready to go to new homes, to be able to accept strangers and trust people, sometimes it's been very hard work and there have been many tears when I've sat up all night with a dog who's fearful and needing reassurance but it has all been worth every minute. I've loved having them here even if I do have to have a new mop more often than usual and I can get through a pack of kitchen rolls like no ones business, I have loved each and everyone of them and hope I will meet many more before I have to stop.

It isn't all give though, it's also receiving, it's receiving the love and trust these dogs have in you and show you. They give back 100 fold, each one has been special in their own sweet way. One couple of Yorkie boys came in because their Mum couldn't cope with the vet bills anymore, she was heartbroken and called everyday to see how they were. The great ending was that when her friends realised how she was struggling they got together and promised to support her and help her out. I had the great pleasure of taking them back to their Mum who was absolutely over joyed when she had them back. They were a pleasure to look after and I know we would have had no trouble rehoming them but to see how they greeted their Mum and she them it was worth the travelling to see it. This is just one of the thing which makes rescue worth while.

A big hug to all my little foster dogs who've been with me and given me love, laughter and a few tears, I love you all.

Peg x

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another week gone by

Another week has slipped by me, the days seem to go so quickly I no sooner rise from bed than it's evening and I'm tired again.
We are still having problems with our boiler, it started leaking in early August so we have 3 tubs underneath catching the water. The leak is going into the electrics so it blew leaving us with no hot water or central heating. The repair man came out but the ordering of a new boiler has to go through so many stages I could manufactur my own quicker. We had the boiler, tank and 2 new radiators installed in September 2005, our old boiler had lasted us 30+yrs with no problem just a service each yr. This one has done this 5 times now but this is the longest we have gone without the essentials.

We either have to travel a 40 mile round trip to my sisters for a shower or boil water in large pans to have a wash with. I can't carry water up the stairs so I have morning washes in cold water and don't believe all they tell you about cold water being good for the skin because it's made no difference to mine at all!! I'm thinking of going to a car boot sale and seeing if I can buy an old tin bath to put in front of the fire to bath in as in the olden days. I used to do that when I lived with my Grandmother many moons ago.

We have been very patient with the contractors but it's now becoming beyond a joke, the weather is getting very cold. For the past 3 yrs since my dr took me off hormone replacement therapy I have suffered the dreaded 'hot flushes' constantly, now I need those hot flushes to keep me warm they've diminished so I'm perishing cold.
I'm so grateful for the lap quilts I have, whenever I sit I promptly wrap my legs in one and put a lighter one around my shoulders. It's like a signal to the little doglets, as soon as I pick the first quilt up three of them quickly get up and run to come on my knee so I have my own inexpensive hotties. Not so sure DH will agree with the inexpensive bit though LOL.

I spent an hour on the phone on thursday to various agencies trying to get the work done quicker but still need to wait another 6 days then ring to see if they have passed the work. At this rate we will be like a chapter from Dickins at Christmas. The doglets are happy though they can't have baths either. Even poor old Georgi is feeling the cold and pinched one of my quilts....

I will have to remove the icicles from my face before morning or I could become an ice sculpture. Dh has gone into the wilds of Welsh Wales on a climbing trip for the weekend and he's welcome to it.

On a much lighter note I was supposed to be having a little Cavvie girl called Gemma staying with me for 10 days whilst her Mum went on holiday but she's not coming now. Carole's Mum has met her and begged to have her stay with her so I miss out on the kisses and cuddles she loves to give, this is the delightful Gemma ahe's a real sweetheart

I am having a little Shiddie come and stay with me on foster for FOTA I think she/he will be coming on Tuesday, an expuppy farm dog who will need some extra TLC before going to their new home. I splurged out on a new mop as this and an endless supply of kitchen roll is essential LOL. It's been pretty quiet since our last foster little Poppy went, we really miss her.
We did entertain these two little ones though who with ours became a wrecking crew flying around the garden and house playing chase for what seemed like all night. Meet the wrecking crew also known as Thierry & Henri our foster Bichons LOL

Well my bed calls and my fingers are getting stiff so I'll say goodnight for now and hope to post more often than I have been doing so far this year.

Keep safe and take care
hugs Peg x

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A long time in coming

My posting that is, I apologise to those who have looked for updates on my blog. Life has not been very kind to me in the past few months, illness has struck once again, in the times I've felt better I've been helping out fostering, homechecking and transporting dogs for 2 rescues. My days have not been long enough and bedtime comes around so quickly even though I'm a late bird not usually going to bed until the early hours of the morning.

During my absence many four legged friends have entered and left my life leaving a lasting impression of love with each one. There have been many tears when a special one has gone on to their new home and also when thinking about what they have suffered at the hands of so called human beings.

Our fur family members have changed since I last posted, Tilly our beautiful Shiddie girl sadly had to be returned to rescue in March, with humans she couldn't have been better but decided she didn't want to share us with our other dogs, making their lives miserable by attacking and actually biting them. They all lost weight and a sadness reigned over them. We had behavourists who couldn't change her way of thinking and the heartbreaking decision had to be made to move her. I am so pleased to say it didn't end in sadness for her, she is now living as an only dog with a lovely retired couple who adore her and she them. Good luck little one.

Our Grumpy little man Zebedee who had been ill since just after Christmas sadly reached the end in April, the day the vets gave him his first injection to calm him was the first time I had a real cuddle with him in my arms without being bitten. His face was so relaxed when he slipped quietly into his permanent sleep, we miss his funny little ways but know he's now running free with no pain or need to grumble or bite.

In May of this year our youngest Shiddie joined us, his name is Nemo, he's almost 3yrs old and he's large both in stature and character. He is the funniest dog I know, can seem a bit thick at times but we love him to bits. He wasn't abused in his former home his Mum just got a bit overwhelmed with a little one and a new baby on the way. He loves everyone he meets and makes sure they know who he is LOL. This is our 'little' man Nemo

Almost a month ago I went to collect a 5yrs old Lhasa girl who was being handed in to rescue, her owners also had not abused or neglected her they had 6 children 4 of them under 5yrs and the youngest being a set of twins at 6mths so the dogs were getting less time.
She was evidently well socialised, kept in great health, her coat was in beautiful condition. I knew on first meeting her I didn't want her to leave us, I brought her home to foster, Neil came in from work saw her and the magic happened yet again. Within 2 days we knew she wasn't leaving, her name was Megan but of course we have a Megan so we decided to call her Mia. She answers to it happily, she's a sweet little girl who greets everyone with pleasure and a smile. She adores Neil and forgets I'm here if he's at home LOL. It's difficult getting a facial photo of Mia, she hates the camera and will turn her head just as the shutter goes. This is the nearest I've got to a front view, she had been spayed the day before needing to have a buster collar on.

My stitching has been on the back burner for a while but I picked up my Blue sampler a few weeks ago and stitch on it as often as I can, it's 3/4 stitched so am not doing to badly. I'll be glad to finish it as I have so many other projects I want to start and am being really strict with myself and not starting them. Here's a pic of the progress on my blue sampler so far.

Well my dogs need feeding and are making sure I know they're all starving so had better leave this and feed them before they all keel over LOL
I'm hoping to start a new blog about the dogs and the ones who've come through here on foster so you can share in the excitement, laughter and tears.
Take care all I hope to catch up on your blogs soon

Peg xx

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to normal

The Christmas and new year holidays are now well and truely over. Neil went back to work last Friday, the children and staff will be starting tomorrow so he will be back to normal time. It's been lovely having him at home for a fortnight, for the past 2 weeks, he's saved several days so he can use them over these holidays. He's always tired out leading up to Christmas so it give him time to recharge his batteries, I will be happy though when he retires, we both have several interests so can keep ourselves occupied and not get bored.

I've had the chance to read through a few blogs today and was sad to read of how many lovely ladies there are amongst us who have or are recovering from cancer. My heart and prayers go out to you all, when I was in my early 30's they discovered a small growth in my womb so at 32 I had a full hysterectomy and am relieved to say it was all removed and although I've had a few scares in my body since they have proved not to be cancerous. Please take time during your day to remember these ladies in your prayers, I have a bow for Amy and another for Melissa who is a young teacher at Neils school, she is going through her chemo at this time, she isn't well and like most just gets over one session when it's time for the next. She has the most wicked sense of humour and is loved by her class.

Amy I'm thrilled to say is now considered a survivor, the best words anyone could read.

Changing subject completely it never ceases to amaze me the great volume of talent there is in blogging land. I love reading though blogs and seeing the wonderful creations you're involved with. I love too the tutorials many of which I have put into practice, Friday night being such a time, I found a new to me blog by Rilana click on her name to go to her blog. I knit up the Edith Winter Hat pattern, it was so quick and easy to do, I'll post a pic as soon as I can hopefully tomorrow.

I've also been able to pick up my stitching again, I'm working on a sampler for a friends birthday in February, I started it well before Christmas but of course had to leave it be when my hands flared up. I am so looking forward to seeing her face when it's finished, I know she'll love it because she adores swans, I can talk about it on her as she doesn't have a computer :o).
Our stitch club starts back up next Wednesday so am looking forward to going and catching up with the ladies.

We had to take Paddington to the vets on Monday he had a throat infection which is now responding to the antibiotics I hope the others don't catch it. I ordered a new grooming comb from ebay which came yesterday I'm hoping it'll help keep Megan & Georgias coats from matting so much. Megan & Paddington go to the groomers on the 17th, if I can keep the matting down their coats wont have to be cut so short.

I'm hoping to post pictures tomorrow, it's a little boring just reading isn't it :o)

Take care
hugs Peg x

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a sad world we live in!

2008 slipped in before we knew what was happening, new years was a pleasant one for us Neil and I spent it quietly at home together with the munchkins. Neil went outside with his new camera at midnight to take photos of the fireworks going off around us. They look amazing suspended in time.

I have a strong faith and believe God has everything in His control, I do sometimes wonder why some things happen. Many blame God when things go wrong or tragedies happen but what they forget is that God has not taken away our freewill. This has proved to be the case in the past month here in the UK alone. Many parents are grieving at the loss of their young and teenage children some of whom have been stolen from them due to the increasing need of some to inflict violence on another.

A beautiful baby's life was snatched away tragically last week by a family dog. Please do not think I'm casting blame around I'm not, just reflecting on the sadness already blighting this new year. Archie was a much loved and wanted child who was being cared for by a responsible and capable baby sitter. The dog, a Rottweiller, was in the yard behind a gate/fence, who knows why the dog attacked, he maybe thought Archie was a toy which moved we'll never know.
Many will blame the breed, they've already been branded 'devil' dogs in the newspapers. Rottweillers are not a breed I would want to have although I do know 2 who are well behaved and gentle. My own 5 dogs are small and love people but I would not trust them on their own with children. Zebedee isn't to be trusted with anyone really because of his past so I make sure once he's greeted visitors he stays beside me. The tragedy is more potent because the dog belonged to a relative, my heart and prayers go out to them all for their unimaginable loss.

When I opened the newspaper yesterday there were 2 pages full of the details of several teenagers who had lost their lives in the horrendous craze which seems to be sweeping across Britain. No longer are arguments settled by a fist fight but by leathal weapons, young lives are being taken away senslessly. The early days of this year are becoming nightmare days for the parents of those so tragically killed. Many were stabbed or shot, some were taken away though car accidents killing several young people in the same car. A young girl sadly run into by a family friend whilst riding her quad bike given as a present. This happens frequently now and not just from youngsters joyriding.

As many of you know we thought we had lost our eldest son last year, I know the pain we went through thinking we would lose him and even to this day I have to ring him to reassure myself he is still here with us. How do those other parents cope, their child will never walk through the door again. There will be many funerals this coming week of young people, such a very tragic loss. Who knows what contributions these children would have made to society, now we'll never know.

I'm sorry if this is a sobering post but the happenings are real. May I ask you to join with me and pray for those parents who are grieving. It's important to remember to tell our children every day how much we love them. It doesn't matter how old they are, mine was 40 last yr but he is and always will be my eldest baby.

Please take care

hugs Peg x
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