Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a sad world we live in!

2008 slipped in before we knew what was happening, new years was a pleasant one for us Neil and I spent it quietly at home together with the munchkins. Neil went outside with his new camera at midnight to take photos of the fireworks going off around us. They look amazing suspended in time.

I have a strong faith and believe God has everything in His control, I do sometimes wonder why some things happen. Many blame God when things go wrong or tragedies happen but what they forget is that God has not taken away our freewill. This has proved to be the case in the past month here in the UK alone. Many parents are grieving at the loss of their young and teenage children some of whom have been stolen from them due to the increasing need of some to inflict violence on another.

A beautiful baby's life was snatched away tragically last week by a family dog. Please do not think I'm casting blame around I'm not, just reflecting on the sadness already blighting this new year. Archie was a much loved and wanted child who was being cared for by a responsible and capable baby sitter. The dog, a Rottweiller, was in the yard behind a gate/fence, who knows why the dog attacked, he maybe thought Archie was a toy which moved we'll never know.
Many will blame the breed, they've already been branded 'devil' dogs in the newspapers. Rottweillers are not a breed I would want to have although I do know 2 who are well behaved and gentle. My own 5 dogs are small and love people but I would not trust them on their own with children. Zebedee isn't to be trusted with anyone really because of his past so I make sure once he's greeted visitors he stays beside me. The tragedy is more potent because the dog belonged to a relative, my heart and prayers go out to them all for their unimaginable loss.

When I opened the newspaper yesterday there were 2 pages full of the details of several teenagers who had lost their lives in the horrendous craze which seems to be sweeping across Britain. No longer are arguments settled by a fist fight but by leathal weapons, young lives are being taken away senslessly. The early days of this year are becoming nightmare days for the parents of those so tragically killed. Many were stabbed or shot, some were taken away though car accidents killing several young people in the same car. A young girl sadly run into by a family friend whilst riding her quad bike given as a present. This happens frequently now and not just from youngsters joyriding.

As many of you know we thought we had lost our eldest son last year, I know the pain we went through thinking we would lose him and even to this day I have to ring him to reassure myself he is still here with us. How do those other parents cope, their child will never walk through the door again. There will be many funerals this coming week of young people, such a very tragic loss. Who knows what contributions these children would have made to society, now we'll never know.

I'm sorry if this is a sobering post but the happenings are real. May I ask you to join with me and pray for those parents who are grieving. It's important to remember to tell our children every day how much we love them. It doesn't matter how old they are, mine was 40 last yr but he is and always will be my eldest baby.

Please take care

hugs Peg x

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