Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to normal

The Christmas and new year holidays are now well and truely over. Neil went back to work last Friday, the children and staff will be starting tomorrow so he will be back to normal time. It's been lovely having him at home for a fortnight, for the past 2 weeks, he's saved several days so he can use them over these holidays. He's always tired out leading up to Christmas so it give him time to recharge his batteries, I will be happy though when he retires, we both have several interests so can keep ourselves occupied and not get bored.

I've had the chance to read through a few blogs today and was sad to read of how many lovely ladies there are amongst us who have or are recovering from cancer. My heart and prayers go out to you all, when I was in my early 30's they discovered a small growth in my womb so at 32 I had a full hysterectomy and am relieved to say it was all removed and although I've had a few scares in my body since they have proved not to be cancerous. Please take time during your day to remember these ladies in your prayers, I have a bow for Amy and another for Melissa who is a young teacher at Neils school, she is going through her chemo at this time, she isn't well and like most just gets over one session when it's time for the next. She has the most wicked sense of humour and is loved by her class.

Amy I'm thrilled to say is now considered a survivor, the best words anyone could read.

Changing subject completely it never ceases to amaze me the great volume of talent there is in blogging land. I love reading though blogs and seeing the wonderful creations you're involved with. I love too the tutorials many of which I have put into practice, Friday night being such a time, I found a new to me blog by Rilana click on her name to go to her blog. I knit up the Edith Winter Hat pattern, it was so quick and easy to do, I'll post a pic as soon as I can hopefully tomorrow.

I've also been able to pick up my stitching again, I'm working on a sampler for a friends birthday in February, I started it well before Christmas but of course had to leave it be when my hands flared up. I am so looking forward to seeing her face when it's finished, I know she'll love it because she adores swans, I can talk about it on her as she doesn't have a computer :o).
Our stitch club starts back up next Wednesday so am looking forward to going and catching up with the ladies.

We had to take Paddington to the vets on Monday he had a throat infection which is now responding to the antibiotics I hope the others don't catch it. I ordered a new grooming comb from ebay which came yesterday I'm hoping it'll help keep Megan & Georgias coats from matting so much. Megan & Paddington go to the groomers on the 17th, if I can keep the matting down their coats wont have to be cut so short.

I'm hoping to post pictures tomorrow, it's a little boring just reading isn't it :o)

Take care
hugs Peg x


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Peg, It is good to get back into our normal routine once christmas/new year holidays are over.
It is sad to hear of so many girls going through cancer.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Peg,

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my monkees made of knit, and shared the story of your son's prized possession - we all have a favoured childhood toy don't we?

It would be lovely to think that one day one of my monkees could become that special toy to somebody .... if the arms or legs don't fall off!

Happy New(ish) Year to you and yours


Esther Sunday said...

Hi Peg! Nice to see you! All the best to you and your family this year! What a cute little puppers you have there below! Love, Esther

Joyce said...

Hi Peg,
I left you a comment on my blog! HA! So I thought I better write you back on yours as well....."PBS" is a "Public Broadcasting Station" that isn't privatly owned or held like alot of other U.S. Broadcasting stations or say the BBC. These stations are a bit more "educational" and "artsy" and are funded by people just like you or me. I'm not sure if you all will have this Jane Austen series in the U.K. but you very well may because they are usally FILMED by a British film company on site in England. Soooo.....maybe you can find it on somewhere. I am very excited to see this series. I know that most everything that "Masterpiece Theatre" does is EXCELLENT. They show a TON of British Mysteries and such. Anyway....hope that helps you. I took a peak at your blog and really liked it. I will read it a bit more indepth in the next few days too!
Thanks for vising my site....come back again anytime.
Be blessed!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy New Year to you, thanks for visiting my blog! Hope Paddington is on the mend!

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