Monday, August 1, 2016

Another beautiful day

.It's gorgeous here, I'm home, the washing needed doing and I needed to see the dr. Most of the washing was dried outside yesterday, the first of today's is on the line I don't think it will take long to dry, it can then be put back in the cases ready to take back to the van.

Mr B wasn't feeling to well on Friday, he slept for just over 3 hrs in the chair woke up, and went to bed about 8pmish he slept again until about 6am so I think he was over tired. He's been working quite a bit in the garden, in the sun, he can normally take it being dark haired, well he's grey now. Perhaps he spent to long in it.

My Cupcake stripe blanket is coming along nicely it's about 3' long now, I can't show a photo it's back at the van but I'll be getting back to it when I'm there. I've made a large wool basket that I've also forgot to take a photo of but its not quite finished yet. Whilst at home I've pushed my crocheting boundaries a little further, I searched YouTube for tutorials and found this
As you can see this version  is made by Tasha at Of Crochet & Life blog, I love her colours, pop over to her blog you won't be disappointed.

This is my effort, this is as far as the video takes you, as its my first go I'm using an odd ball of wool find in my stash with a size 4 hook. When I master it I'm going to try a finer wool.

I followed the YouTube tutorial by Bellacoco, she is brilliant, unfortunately I couldn't go any further.....this was where her video and others end but I couldn't figure out how to carry on. My brain which is foggy most days went on a real pea souper and I couldn't carry on. After a frantic message to my lovely friend Heather of Sewthis'n'that she's coming tomorrow to lead me through the darkness of a crochet pattern lol. She's amazingly talented and I'm really looking forward to having a catch up with her.

It looks like Missy will have to have a visit to her least favourite place, the vets, she's driving herself and me crazy with scratching, I keep them up to date with flea treatment and know she doesn't have visitors. Last time they gave her a steroid shot and medication and it soon calmed down, bless her I'm trying to see if it's a food she's allergic to, I can see we're going to end up with tests to see what it is that's irritating her. 

Well the Drs appointment has drawn near so I'll be back when Heather has been to share more progress.

Enjoy the sunshine

Peg x

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Monday

Hello Ladies, well haven't we been blessed with beautiful weather? Being fair skinned I have to be careful, I don't go the lovely brown Mr. B does I can give lobsters a run for their money in the bright red stakes. If I'm daft enough to ignore common sense I then suffer sore, painful burning which progresses to peeling. So although I like to see the good weather it's done from under the umbrella which is over the outside table. We've been really lucky in that there has been a refreshing breeze accompanying the sunshine. Apart from coming in for a scrumptious roast beef lunch cooked by Mr B I've sat outside under the umbrella crocheting my latest blanket. I did make another Granny blanket that was finished on Friday. The border does lay flat when it's put on a flat surface.
This is was made with Stylecraft Special DK in various colours with a 4 row border plus a scalloped  stitch finishing edge. The cream borders makes the other colours 'pop'.

Yesterday, Saturday, I started another blanket, I decided to use the Cupcake blanket pattern by Lucy at Attic24 blog but using pale cream on the treble rows and various colours on the treble cluster rows  instead of her variation of colours.

This is the blanket earlier today with 16 rows completed, the basket is one I made quite some time ago.

The colours I'm using for the stripes, the repeating alternative stripe is of course cream. I have completed more stripes as you can see. I've put it away for now my hands are hurting and need a rest.

The doglets have needed cooling off several times today bless them, they've had several spritzing with cool water, which they don't mind, I also kept their bandanas wet with cold water. 

We've come inside now, I thought it was going to rain but the wind appears to have blown the rain clouds over. It has cooled down nicely now though. 

Right, now I'm going to have a cuppa and a dish of refreshing mixed salad.

Enjoy your day


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More like September!

Well I think the weather has decided we've had enough summer, it's not exactly cold but it is very windy and overcast.

All's well here, we went to my cousins evening wedding reception on Saturday and had a great time catching up with cousins, Aunts and Uncles, a great night was had by all, we came home pleasantly tired, Sunday we came back here to our hideaway, I get very tired driving nowadays so today will be a chill day and a hooky day. I have another granny square blanket on the go that I'm hoping to finish and have some granny squares I want to join up into a blanket. I also have some quilt as you go blocks that need putting together I've brought the backing fabric from home and hope to get that done this week.

Here's what I was doing last week before we went home, this is  small blanket, I made the squares a long time ago so decided to put them together and made the border with a variegated blue and cream wool. 
This is a large granny square blanket I made using wool that was given free with a crochet magazine, I ran out but found a seller on eBay who was selling the wool at a reasonable price.
Lastly, I enjoyed making my ripple blanket designed by Lucy at Attic24 blog but decided I wanted to use more pastel colours. This was worked in Stylecrafts special DK, I love working with this wool, the best thing is I've found a local supplier here who sells Stylecraft so will replace what I've used on this. It will save on postage. Last week I bought some 500gm balls in cream and muted pink for another blanket I have planned

A few years ago I didn't have a clue how to crochet but watching YouTube and reading blog tutorials I have been able to grasp how it should be done. A huge thank you to those ladies who share their skills freely. The soldier you see in the background is a biscuit pot but Mr B uses it for his chocolate stash lol, I'm not a big fan of chocolate except I like drinking chocolate, so he gets to eat it all himself. I prefer sweets, it's nice and peaceful here, Mr B is quietly snoring away, my 4 legged babies snoring away too so I have it in Dolby surround sound lol.

We will be going into town later or tomorrow, last year Mr B bought me a ladies 3 wheel bike so I could get around without the car, I did enjoy it but sadly as my hips have worsened I can no longer use it so I sold it to one of the fishermen on here who uses it to take his fishing tackle to the lake for a days fishing. It has a basket on the front and a large basket for shopping etc on the back. He's near the fields so it saves him having to make several journeys to carry his fishing tackle. When his daughter visits she uses it to do the big shop in town for them.

I have a Mercury Prism small scooter down here but I can't use it to ride along the sea front with Mr B, it will get me to town and back but any shopping adds weight and I'm always concerned it will run out before I get home so I'm going to buy the next mobility scooter up which is the shop rider scooter. It has a range of approximately 15-20 miles on a full charge. I still have my large one at home which will do 35 miles on a full charge but it's to big to bring in the car and it won't fit into the storage shed so I keep that for home. Nipping up to town etc can be quite expensive so leaving the car and using the scooter will save some money and they are so popular over here because it's so flat. There's not only disabled people use them able bodied do also because it saves looking for parking especially in the holiday season and it saves on fuel. There are some great sights, one chap has one of the newer ones which has 3 wheels and handle bars, he has a box on the back where his two Border terriers sit their little heads just above his lol. My dogs will happily ride on the foot plate between my feet and when I had a little Pug girl on foster she used to ride in the front basket. 

Well it's back to my hooking, have a great day


Peg xx

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Year Gone By......

Oh my goodness I didn't realise it was so long since I wrote on my blog, to anyone whose continued to check on my page thank you and I apologise for being absent so long.

Briefly on the health front I continued to have problems then in December last year I had a mammogram which caused concern. It showed a mass again and an isolated lump so I was recalled to have scans and biopsies, however I'm really grateful to say they proved to be scar tissue and a blood clot. I take aspirin daily so they said this will break the clot up and it has, the first time I was pleased to hear I'd got a blood clot :) I didn't need to see them again until May this year unless there were problems.

The only problem I've had is a lot of pain under my arm and on my side due to them cutting the nerves when they removed the affected lymphnodes, it could go on for years but as long as it's not the cancer back I'll put up with it. When I went in May they were pleased with my progress and I don't need to go again until my mammogram in December and if alls well I'll not see them until  May 2017 for the annual check up. Big sigh of relief, 

Mr B had to take full retirement last year due to his health, he was hoping to carry on until July this year which would have given him 40 yrs at the school, from when it was first built and he was the last original member of staff. His health is improving well now, I think retiring suits him well, he really disliked being off work. He's more chilled now, the new headmaster (only there 3yrs) had upset a lot of staff who felt they couldn't work with him anymore. This year is the first time in all the years it's been open that they didn't get a good Ofsted result which I honestly think I'd down to the moral of the teachers it isn't good working in that atmosphere.

We've been able to spend more time here at our hideaway, the site opened second week of March and we came down. I've been home several times to check on the house, had Drs appointments and to check on the post, I spend a few days there then come back. Mr. B stays here to look after his garden, he's has a small greenhouse here with his toms and cucumbers in and has other veg in the garden and pots so they need looking after. We've been sat on the veranda in the sunshine, well I sit under the umbrella I burn otherwise. It's now absolutely throwing it down with rain, mind you it will save him having to water his plants :).

On the craft front I've made some lap quilts, I have about 8 that need backing and finishing, I've also made several crochet blankets and have brought a large amount of my wool stash here instead of buying more. I enjoy working with Stylecraft wool and a local warehouse has started selling it so I have to admit I have bought some.

Well I think that's all for now, I'll put photos on of my latest makes in my next post.

Thank you for visiting 

Peg X

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Very Cold Start To 2015

Gosh it's so cold here and I know we are having mild temps compared to others but when I put the heating on it must be cold I normally have windows open!

2015 hasn't got off to a good start for the B household, Mr B was still having tests done and then had a severe chest infection which has kept him off work for 3 wks. He was due to start back on Monday 26th unfortunately he took ill over the weekend with stomach pains, Monday night he got no sleep due to the pain I called the dr's first thing and to cut it short the dr sent him straight to the hospital. I was ill so couldn't go with him but my daughter went with him. It resulted in him having emergency surgery after a CT scan which showed he had a problem with his appendix and a hernia. They were going to do keyhole surgery but unfortunately when they went in the appendix had burst and he had a lot of bacteria they said bluntly it was a mess so they had to do open surgery. He was on drips and morphine and not very well yesterday and asked if we could let him sleep. I've kept in touch with the hospital but today he isn't up to visitors at all, the surgeon came out to him late last night and they have put a tube down his throat to try and drain his stomach. They're very concerned he doesn't start vomiting or gets more infections.
It's very hard knowing how ill he is and not being able to help him it's killing me. I rang about 30 minutes ago and there's still no improvement. Bless him he was supposed to be going to Glen Coe in Scotland on a climbing/walking holiday with the usual misfits  climbing buddies on the 7th February but that is out now for him. He'll be off work for probably another 3-6wks when he comes home.

Life this year really sucks, I had my first post op mammogram 3 wks ago, I haven't felt well so it came at no surprise when they wrote and told me something has been found on the mammogram and they need to investigate further. I don't know right now whether its the same breast or the other one. I couldn't tell Mr B or my daughter and kept it to myself for a week but in the end I had to so they can come with me to the appointment I have next Thursday 29th. Again I have been told to expect to be there a couple of hours or more to undergo biopsies and other tests. Of course Mr B won't be feeling up to coming but my daughter will accompany me, apart from needing someone there for support I need someone who can hear fully what they're saying simply because I'm partially deaf. The last few days have taken my mind off it but it was awful to see their faces when I showed them the letter. I will fight whatever happens and hopefully kick cancers ***. I have a good family who will rally round and support me, I did think well at least this time we'll be travelling in better weather when I go for treatment and then the snow came. But if they operate the other treatment wont start for about 6wks so the weather will be better then, It's just over an hrs drive there and again back but it's a busy place so there are traffic jams and you need to set off early.

I have finished the quilt I mentioned last post, I stitched in the ditch and did serpent stitch enlarged on the borders which looks effective. I backed it with a lovely country cottage type print and the binding is brown with small daisies on it.It's just over lap size. I've still got plenty of tops to quilt yet so shouldn't really make anymore until they're done.

I've just been reading a blog I visit she's a lovely lady called Pam who's blog is here I so enjoy visiting her, She makes beautiful quilts, crochet and other sewing items, she has written that she's purchased a Little Gracie quilting frame for her quilting naturally. Well I purchased said frame in 2013 but cancer got in the way of me using it and mine is still in it's packaging. I'm really looking forward to seeing Pam's post on it knowing her it will be up and have a quilt on it half finished before the end of the week lol.

Well I think that's all for now, take care lovely people, enjoy whatever crafts make you happy

hugs Peg xxxx

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where does the time go?

I thought I had written a post for early December but alas no I must have been dreaming again! How is everyone, thank you for visiting and I hope all is well with you and your families.

As I wrote in my last post Mr B has had a lot of hospital and dr's visits he's shattered now and a bit fed up of sitting in waiting rooms. The results of all the test carried out on his bladder have shown it is fine so we're celebrating that outcome but the downside is now they've ruled out bladder problems it's more likely to be cancer. We are both mystified as to why they can't do an MRI until February but have been told that they need more blood tests at intervals between now and then, One of his climbing buddies rang him the other night to offer his support, he has been through the same it took them almost 5yrs before they did a biopsy under a GA so it could be more thorough, This showed without any doubt his was cancer and he's had the necessary treatment, he is slowly coming out the other side. It helped Mr B to talk to someone who knows what he's feeling and what his fears are, it's not all that long since Mr B's middle brother passed away very quickly after being diagnosed with a different cancer. We haven't given up, we're both keeping each other as positive as we can. Better news on the blood pressure front, they've tried him on a Beta Blocker which took a few days to get used to but we think it's helping. He's back at the drs tomorrow for a check up with that.

On a happier note I've finished my quilt as you go quiltalong quilt I was doing with other ladies from around the world. I used fabric from Tilda, cotton batting and the backing a light blue floral on a dark blue background. I'm really pleased with it and will certainly use this method again. The photo isn't brilliant we've had rather nasty weather here I took the pic in the sun room but no sun this day :)
It was my youngest Granddaughters 18th birthday this month both she and my youngest Grandson have birthdays a couple of days before mine. I wanted her to have something she could snuggle into and think of her old Nan when she does. I loved making this quilt knowing who it was for.
I had to quilt this on my dining table so I could fit the quilt on whilst sewing, even my nails co-ordinated that day. Totally unintentional.
She loved it, which made it all worthwhile.

I used a Jelly Roll from a seller on ebay who puts the most lovely co-ordinating prints together. cotton batting and the backing is a pretty ditsy  little rose on a white background.
I've also just quilted an autumnal quilt which is made up of 4" patches and bordered in a pale gold fabric. I will post a pic of that one next post.

Well I have a lot to catch up on and if I don't do it all in this post I'll just have to write another tomorrow won't I ;)

Enjoy whatever craft makes you happy

Peg xx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half way through November!

This year has gone by so fast, it doesn't seem that long since we were getting Vera Van ready for the summer but all to soon Sunday, just past, saw us saying goodbye to our bolt hole until March 13th next year. She's been our bolt hole, a recluse from all the hospital visits, treatments and a sanctuary from some of the heartache that's hit me this year. If we think of it in weeks it's only 17 weeks so not to long really before we go back.

We were hit by another curve ball earlier this month, Mr B hasn't felt well for a while, I thought it was probably everything catching up on him. He's been an absolute rock for me and I thought he was exhausted. He had a routine call to go to the cardiology clinic for his annual check up, one of his blood test and his urine sample caused some concern, His PSA level in his blood test was 5.3 which is very high and there was blood in his urine. An appointment with an oncologist who specialises in prostrate cancer was made for the next day.
They did a biopsy where they take 10 random biopsies and have booked him in to see another consultant regarding further tests for his bladder. Along with several other men that day we came home with him feeling rather unwell and uncomfortable. He had painkillers and strong antibiotics to take for 4 days to stave off any infections that sometimes occur after this type of biopsy. If he felt ill with flu like symptoms he was to go back immediately and they would treat him, thankfully it didn't come to that.
We had to wait just over a week for the results, we were relieved to hear his biopsies had come back clear but before we could rejoice she told him they can't rule cancer out because of his other symptoms and the biopsies aren't from every part of the prostrate. They are keeping an eye on him and he has to go back in February for a MRI which will tell them if it is cancer. Why he can't have one now and has to wait I don't for the life of me know, he's to have another blood test to see if his PSA is still high or higher.

The following week he had to go and have a blood pressure monitor fitted for 24hrs because his bp is very high, we get the results for that this Thursday. So Mr B is having a pretty rough time of it at the moment which upsets me because he's such a strong character usually, I can't do a lot physically but morally and loving wise I can give him the support he gave to me and keep praying all is well.

On the crochet front my progress on my Cottage Ripple blanket is coming on nicely. Once Heather at  (lovely friend) and I realised I had the wrong amount of chains we knew that was why it wasn't working out right! I started again, counted carefully and everything is coming out rosy. I'm a third of the way completed, I'm really enjoying myself with it. I thought at first that the colours weren't what I wanted but I stepped out of my pastel comfort zone and got on with it. The design makes the colours 'pop' and I'm glad I went with Lucy's colour scheme. I want to crochet her Cosy blanket too but will start that soon.

On the quilting front I've completed another 8 blocks for my quiltalong with Jera and others, I know they've caught up and passed me now. Jera is at the stage of binding I think, I haven't been able to work on more blocks until the other day with hospital, dr's and dental appointments. There is no pressure to finish at a particular date but I would have liked to be a little further on than I am. If you'd like to see what colours others have chosen please pop over to Jera's blog 

Today I have been so grateful for modern technology, there was a lot of washing to do from Vera Van, bedding, pillows, duvets, cushion covers and cushions, curtains and clothes were keep down there that I wanted to refresh ready for next year. The weather hasn't been good it's been dark, wet, foggy days so far this week I am so appreciative for my washing machine and tumble dryer. I can remember having a twin tub when my children were small and washing took all day! It all needs ironing now and storing, where I'm going to put it I'm not sure but I think cases and large holdalls will come in very handy.

Take care and enjoy whatever crafts make you happy.

Hugs Peg xx

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