Friday, June 24, 2016

A Year Gone By......

Oh my goodness I didn't realise it was so long since I wrote on my blog, to anyone whose continued to check on my page thank you and I apologise for being absent so long.

Briefly on the health front I continued to have problems then in December last year I had a mammogram which caused concern. It showed a mass again and an isolated lump so I was recalled to have scans and biopsies, however I'm really grateful to say they proved to be scar tissue and a blood clot. I take aspirin daily so they said this will break the clot up and it has, the first time I was pleased to hear I'd got a blood clot :) I didn't need to see them again until May this year unless there were problems.

The only problem I've had is a lot of pain under my arm and on my side due to them cutting the nerves when they removed the affected lymphnodes, it could go on for years but as long as it's not the cancer back I'll put up with it. When I went in May they were pleased with my progress and I don't need to go again until my mammogram in December and if alls well I'll not see them until  May 2017 for the annual check up. Big sigh of relief, 

Mr B had to take full retirement last year due to his health, he was hoping to carry on until July this year which would have given him 40 yrs at the school, from when it was first built and he was the last original member of staff. His health is improving well now, I think retiring suits him well, he really disliked being off work. He's more chilled now, the new headmaster (only there 3yrs) had upset a lot of staff who felt they couldn't work with him anymore. This year is the first time in all the years it's been open that they didn't get a good Ofsted result which I honestly think I'd down to the moral of the teachers it isn't good working in that atmosphere.

We've been able to spend more time here at our hideaway, the site opened second week of March and we came down. I've been home several times to check on the house, had Drs appointments and to check on the post, I spend a few days there then come back. Mr. B stays here to look after his garden, he's has a small greenhouse here with his toms and cucumbers in and has other veg in the garden and pots so they need looking after. We've been sat on the veranda in the sunshine, well I sit under the umbrella I burn otherwise. It's now absolutely throwing it down with rain, mind you it will save him having to water his plants :).

On the craft front I've made some lap quilts, I have about 8 that need backing and finishing, I've also made several crochet blankets and have brought a large amount of my wool stash here instead of buying more. I enjoy working with Stylecraft wool and a local warehouse has started selling it so I have to admit I have bought some.

Well I think that's all for now, I'll put photos on of my latest makes in my next post.

Thank you for visiting 

Peg X


Pensive Pensioner said...

Oh Peg, it's lovely to have you back! I wondered how you were both doing health wise so it's good to hear that you are both doing well :-D

KC'sCourt! said...

Welcome back
Julie xxx

hazel c UK said...

Hi Peg,

So pleased to see your post I really was worried where you well or just did not want to block g anymore, anyway work one back and glad everything is going well for you. I like Stylecraft wool and have just fished a big blanket using the cupcake selection it do pretty, with the left overs I am doing a small baby quikt. I have been doing lots if patchwork to and am going to cut out some sun bonnet Sue's today to make a few bags.
So pleased you can still get to your caravan. I brought some fabric yesterday with tiny caravans on to make a couple of cushions for my son and my daughter who both have vintage touring vans.

Hope you get to have lots of days at the caravan this Summer especially now your husband has retired. The same has happened at our local primary school - new head teacher and staff if long standing leaving such a shame for the children.

Take care Peg I think if you often and do glad you are pay.

Hazel c uk

hazel c UK said...

So sorry about all the funny words in my post I don't know how it happens forI check my post before sending.
Hazel c uk

Julie said...

Lovely to see a post here... enjoy your new wool stash.

amelia said...

WOW!! I couldn't believe it when I checked and found a post!! I have checked off and on the whole time you haven't blogged!
I'm happy for you all that your health is getting better. Good news indeed!

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