Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Very Cold Start To 2015

Gosh it's so cold here and I know we are having mild temps compared to others but when I put the heating on it must be cold I normally have windows open!

2015 hasn't got off to a good start for the B household, Mr B was still having tests done and then had a severe chest infection which has kept him off work for 3 wks. He was due to start back on Monday 26th unfortunately he took ill over the weekend with stomach pains, Monday night he got no sleep due to the pain I called the dr's first thing and to cut it short the dr sent him straight to the hospital. I was ill so couldn't go with him but my daughter went with him. It resulted in him having emergency surgery after a CT scan which showed he had a problem with his appendix and a hernia. They were going to do keyhole surgery but unfortunately when they went in the appendix had burst and he had a lot of bacteria they said bluntly it was a mess so they had to do open surgery. He was on drips and morphine and not very well yesterday and asked if we could let him sleep. I've kept in touch with the hospital but today he isn't up to visitors at all, the surgeon came out to him late last night and they have put a tube down his throat to try and drain his stomach. They're very concerned he doesn't start vomiting or gets more infections.
It's very hard knowing how ill he is and not being able to help him it's killing me. I rang about 30 minutes ago and there's still no improvement. Bless him he was supposed to be going to Glen Coe in Scotland on a climbing/walking holiday with the usual misfits  climbing buddies on the 7th February but that is out now for him. He'll be off work for probably another 3-6wks when he comes home.

Life this year really sucks, I had my first post op mammogram 3 wks ago, I haven't felt well so it came at no surprise when they wrote and told me something has been found on the mammogram and they need to investigate further. I don't know right now whether its the same breast or the other one. I couldn't tell Mr B or my daughter and kept it to myself for a week but in the end I had to so they can come with me to the appointment I have next Thursday 29th. Again I have been told to expect to be there a couple of hours or more to undergo biopsies and other tests. Of course Mr B won't be feeling up to coming but my daughter will accompany me, apart from needing someone there for support I need someone who can hear fully what they're saying simply because I'm partially deaf. The last few days have taken my mind off it but it was awful to see their faces when I showed them the letter. I will fight whatever happens and hopefully kick cancers ***. I have a good family who will rally round and support me, I did think well at least this time we'll be travelling in better weather when I go for treatment and then the snow came. But if they operate the other treatment wont start for about 6wks so the weather will be better then, It's just over an hrs drive there and again back but it's a busy place so there are traffic jams and you need to set off early.

I have finished the quilt I mentioned last post, I stitched in the ditch and did serpent stitch enlarged on the borders which looks effective. I backed it with a lovely country cottage type print and the binding is brown with small daisies on it.It's just over lap size. I've still got plenty of tops to quilt yet so shouldn't really make anymore until they're done.

I've just been reading a blog I visit she's a lovely lady called Pam who's blog is here I so enjoy visiting her, She makes beautiful quilts, crochet and other sewing items, she has written that she's purchased a Little Gracie quilting frame for her quilting naturally. Well I purchased said frame in 2013 but cancer got in the way of me using it and mine is still in it's packaging. I'm really looking forward to seeing Pam's post on it knowing her it will be up and have a quilt on it half finished before the end of the week lol.

Well I think that's all for now, take care lovely people, enjoy whatever crafts make you happy

hugs Peg xxxx


Gillian Salmons said...

Sending you some comforting hugs and hope you all have the strength to help each other through these difficult times - hang on in there

KC'sCourt! said...

Poor you, this year has not started well at all has it. I send you hugs.
Julie xxxxxx

Pam said...

It never rains but it pours, an old saying and a true one. My fingers are crossed that Mr B is soon on the mend and that you sail through clear on your visit. Pam xx

hazel said...

Oh Peg I am so sorry that the year has started so bad for you and your husband. I do hope your tests prove negative. I can imagine you must be feeling quite low for I know how I was after having tests on my spine which thankfully were okay. Had to have injections today so hope the pain goes away soon. It's good that you can turn your mind to your crafts at least it takes your mind of things for awhile.
Take care Peg you and your husband are in my thoughts.

Tender hugs
Hazel c uk

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, what a start to the year for you and your family. I hope your visit next week is not as bad as you fear and that hubby will soon be home and getting stronger with each passing day.
Much love x

Gill - That British Woman said...

how did February go for you? I hope you are all doing a bit better. Love your quilt,

Gill in Canada

amelia said...

I really hope you are all getting through this bad patch with no lasting ill effects. Hope hubby is recovering or recovered and that there's only good news all round!

hazel said...

Hi Peg,

I do hope everything is okay in your world and it is just that you are busy stitching away.

Keep smiling.
Hazel c uk

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