Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sorry for my absence!

Firstly a big thank you to the faithful who have still visited my blog whilst I’ve been absent I very much appreciate your visits. Since my last post a lot has happened, I had another cancer scare this year, however after tests, ultrasounds and MRI’s the large lump was found to be benign thank the Good Lord. Also if my yearly mammogram in December comes back clear I can consider myself cancer free and don’t need to see my oncologist again.
 Mr B has had several health problems which they’re currently investigating, with all the appointments and illnesses we’ve had this year we haven’t been to our holiday home very much. We have thought long and hard and have decided that this will be the last year we’ll have there.

 Although we keep a lot there we still have to pack things we need for the time we are there then unpack the other end and do it all again then repeat when we come home, it’s tiring. We only have 3 fur babies now, Nemo who bless him has problems with his back and legs, Livvy who is blind, deaf and is senile. In October 2yrs ago she was only given a couple of weeks to live but she defied all the vets and is still with us. At home she spends all day in the sunroom which she loves, her health has deteriorated but thankfully not enough to make the awful decision. I’m hoping she will slip away in her sleep as Megan did.
No 3 is our little Tilly Trotter who my daughter adopted along with Cassie her other Lhasa girl in 2011. Sadly Cassie passed away earlier this year at the grand age of 17 and Tilly got stressed being on her own when they were at work so she came to us. She’s a very loving and comical sweetheart, the only downside is she doesn’t like travelling in the car. Our get away is only 2.1/2hrs from home but I’m the only driver and have to stop halfway for a rest and to give Tilly a break.  It will be upsetting to sell up but we have so many wonderful memories to think back on. I think the funniest one will be Mr B on my mobility scooter having a race around the lake with our 3yr old great grandson Kian on
his scooter. Kian won soooo very funny.

When I was involved with the rescue I sadly lost my crossstitch mojo, life was very busy with my own 8 dogs plus 2-3 fosters usually. When I finished through I’ll health I went back to my knitting, crochet and took up Quilting, I enjoy all three.
When Mr B was still working I bought a lot of xstitch fabric, threads etc, yarn and fabric for sewing and quilting. My thoughts were that I may not have the funds later so stocked up, unfortunately I stocked up that well I need to destash big time 😊. Whilst going through my xstitch goodies I found several wips, I’m sure you know what’s coming next lol. I decided to stitch again on my Celtic Noel and Celtic Spring to finish them and have kitted up Summer and winter.
I’ve had to go up a couple of needle sizes I can’t hold my preferred small 28 size now, I don’t mind I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I will still sell some things off because there’s more than enough to last my lifetime and no one else in the family crafts and I want to make sure they will go to someone who appreciates them.
I sold one of my Lowery stands to a lovely lady who will enjoy using it.

Although I’ve made several quilts, crochet blankets and project bags it’s only made a tiny dent in my fabric/yarn stash! Well that’s it for now, I’ll post pictures next time and hopefully keep up with regular updates. Enjoy your day, evening wherever you are.

Peg xx


Suze said...

I'm sorry that this is the last summer for your other place. When I was married to my first husband, we had a ski boat and our two children loved it. We helped many Boy Scouts to get their merit badges in motor boating and another besides our son in water skiing. We taught a plethora of children to water ski. I was heartbroken when he walked out of my life. It turns out it was a blessing in disguise. I'd still be taking care of all his needs. I am a breast cancer survivor of 14 years, so I pray that you get a good report. I am going back to the breast specialist in September for a checkup on some fluid and pain in the cancerous brest. I've had my sonagram and all looks good. I'm with you on giving the crabs a run for their money on the sunburn. I burn so easily. I just started a new med for depression and sleep and there is a warning about staying out of the sun, so I really have to be careful. Thinking of you and the trials you have in front of you. Take care. Susan

hazel c UK said...

Hello Peg,

It was lovely to hear from you and do hope your are now how are doing well.
A lot has happened since I spoke to you it's seems ages since you brought me the lovely box of handicraft. I have had to have an Aortic valve very in 2017. Just a few days before Christmas I sold my house and brought a lovely little bungalow and was on to of the world and then after 6 weeks I had a Stroke and had 3 weeks in hospital, fortunately I can walk and use my hands. My speech is not perfect but I get by. Fortunately I can do my crocheting and look after my self. I am in a little village and love it. My daughter and her husband had move about 6 months before me and she js about 5 miles away from me. I have a son that lives about 1 hour and 1/2 half and comes most week. I have a grandson 32 who lives in London but visits a lot, I have a granddaughter of 25 who lives at home so I get to see her. I had lived right near Heathrow Airport for nearly 55 years but really love were I am now. I have a garden which is easy to look after. I have a very good neighbour that cuts the grass out the front. We have a little shop that is only about a 5 minute walk and the village hall is next door that has a few things that go but I am lucky with my own company.
I do hope to hear from you and that you are feeling so much better, it's been a nice summer and I have sunshine at the moment.
Love from Hazel c uk

Peg said...

Oh Hazel how lovely to hear from you, I’m sorry to hear your news, it must be frustrating with you being so active before. I may have been absent from my blog but yourself, Margaret and Angela stayed in my mind. I wondered if you’d ever move from there, I know the talks of building more there must have helped you make the decision to move. I imagine it’s a big relief to get away from the noise. I hope also you are feeling better in yourself, sometimes when one of us is going through the mill Neil will say it’s no fun getting old is it :). I must have your email address somewhere so will have a look and drop you a note. Take care lovely lady, much love Peg xx

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