Monday, August 1, 2016

Another beautiful day

.It's gorgeous here, I'm home, the washing needed doing and I needed to see the dr. Most of the washing was dried outside yesterday, the first of today's is on the line I don't think it will take long to dry, it can then be put back in the cases ready to take back to the van.

Mr B wasn't feeling to well on Friday, he slept for just over 3 hrs in the chair woke up, and went to bed about 8pmish he slept again until about 6am so I think he was over tired. He's been working quite a bit in the garden, in the sun, he can normally take it being dark haired, well he's grey now. Perhaps he spent to long in it.

My Cupcake stripe blanket is coming along nicely it's about 3' long now, I can't show a photo it's back at the van but I'll be getting back to it when I'm there. I've made a large wool basket that I've also forgot to take a photo of but its not quite finished yet. Whilst at home I've pushed my crocheting boundaries a little further, I searched YouTube for tutorials and found this
As you can see this version  is made by Tasha at Of Crochet & Life blog, I love her colours, pop over to her blog you won't be disappointed.

This is my effort, this is as far as the video takes you, as its my first go I'm using an odd ball of wool find in my stash with a size 4 hook. When I master it I'm going to try a finer wool.

I followed the YouTube tutorial by Bellacoco, she is brilliant, unfortunately I couldn't go any further.....this was where her video and others end but I couldn't figure out how to carry on. My brain which is foggy most days went on a real pea souper and I couldn't carry on. After a frantic message to my lovely friend Heather of Sewthis'n'that she's coming tomorrow to lead me through the darkness of a crochet pattern lol. She's amazingly talented and I'm really looking forward to having a catch up with her.

It looks like Missy will have to have a visit to her least favourite place, the vets, she's driving herself and me crazy with scratching, I keep them up to date with flea treatment and know she doesn't have visitors. Last time they gave her a steroid shot and medication and it soon calmed down, bless her I'm trying to see if it's a food she's allergic to, I can see we're going to end up with tests to see what it is that's irritating her. 

Well the Drs appointment has drawn near so I'll be back when Heather has been to share more progress.

Enjoy the sunshine

Peg x

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