Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A busy but good day.

Our little foster girl Trickywoo, here's her pic taken on Christmas day, had the all clear from the vets today regarding her eye. She had an accident at the beginning of December and punctured her left eye ball. It wasn't very pleasant, she underwent an emergency operation which was successful resulting in them being able to save her eye. She doesn't have a lot of sight in it but it's there.
She was in a lot of pain enduring eye drops and medication, she bore it all like the little trooper she is. Today the vet discharged her, he was very pleased with the outcome and unless there are any future problems she doesn't need to go back to see him.

Our other little foster girl, Livvy, also attended the vets today, he's pleased with her progress but she still needs steroids for her left eye. Otherwise she is fine, he's pleased with her weight gain and her general condition. She is now ready for re homing and I'm certain she'll get a great home. The first pic below is Olivia her first night in rescue, the second is Olivia this evening.

Can you see the difference apart from the eyes, she's quite a poser but wasn't going to stand up for me LOL. She's a delightful girl, her story will be featured in January's issue of Dogs Today magazine which is on sale from the 2nd January. Her diary so far is also featured on the home page of Friends of the Animals It will be sad when she goes but she's such a sweet dog and deserves a loving lifetime home. Her new family will not be disappointed, she is full of fun, mischief and love.


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Miss 376 said...

So pleased both dogs are progressing well. Must be lovely to see them come back to health and be ready for their new families

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