Sunday, December 21, 2008

So near Christmas and so not ready!

Christmas as we all know is just a few days away and I am lagging behind worse than any other year yet. I was set to put the decorations in our home this past week but instead have been spending most of it either on a chair or sofa coping with an unpleasant chest infection. The time hasn't been wasted altogether though as I started and have almost finished a Remembrance sampler by Janlyn, I have just posted on a stitch group I belong to and asked if the ladies think it would look better antiqued. It is stitched on Ivory 28ct Evenweave with DMC threads, I'm wondering about antiquing it by soaking in tea or coffee but am undecided so have asked the group their opinion. I'll post a pic when I've put the last stitches in.
DH has also got the dreaded infection thankfully he has the next 2 wks off work so will have time to recover.

We were going to be spending Christmas in our own home anyway, there are not many people who would wish to have us with 7 dogs in tow. I can't leave them on their own so it's better to stay at home with them. Our daughter in law is recovering from another back surgery so they too will be staying at home.

We have another foster girl with us, her name is Trickywoo, she is a gorgeous Pekingese, I have not seen this breed since we lost ours when I was around 16yrs old. She is a really sweet little girl with lots of character, she was rather poorly when she came but is now over the infection. Because of the inconsiderate breeding her nostrils are closed permanently so she has difficulty breathing, also her nose is flat, the breeding down hasn't shortened the palette so this little girl now needs an operation to open her nostrils and shorten her palette. Unfortunately this will be in the region of £700 so the rescue has to try and raise the money. There are several dogs who need ops, people who believe rescues run at a profit should come along and spend some time with one and see what the costs of getting a dog fit enough to go into a new home is. Try gently holding your nostrils together then you will feel what Tricky feels each time she tries to breed. I picked her up from the pound on her last day, she is approximately 8yrs old. Other than that we have no history of her past life. She is a dog who is very easy to fall in love with and has fit in with the others very well. She could be homed either as an only dog or with another. She won't leave here until she's had her op though.

We were hoping for a white Christmas but it looks more likely to be a wet one, I've not known it rain so much in one year. I think I will have to get busy in the next couple of days to put some cheer into our home, the pic above is of our hallway last year. I love the effect of the white tree and baubles against the white of the cladding.

If I don't get the chance to 'pop' on before Christmas may I take this opportunity to wish all my blogging friends a very happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and New Year. Thank you all for making blogging such a pleasant experience I love reading your blogs and feel blessed to have you as online friends.

hugs Peg x

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Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Peg

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - glad I make you laugh!! I do tend to write rather 'tongue in cheek', so I'm pleased someone notices!!

Trickywoo - presumably named after the Pekingese in 'All Creatures Great and Small'.

Have a wonderful Christmas - you're further ahead than I am!


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