Sunday, November 22, 2009

We have a new little foster boy with us.

Meet Gizmo the Pekingese our new foster,

this is the photograph I first saw of him. He's gorgeous isn't he. however when I collected him he looked a lot different. It's difficult to believe he's the same dog, his owners have 2 small children so find it hard to find time for him and said he wasn't getting on with their other dog.

Since being here he has shown no aggression towards any of my dogs, he fits in really well and loves attention, he isn't greedy as I was told and isn't food aggressive either.

He was neutered on Tuesday so has felt quite sorry for himself since then. He looks like a little fuzzball because his coat is severely matted, his back end looks like a matted rug. I'm not really sure what has happened to the hair on his ears it seems to have been chopped at.

I thought we were going to have to shave his hair off but last night he lay on my knee quite happily whilst I gradually teased out the matts on one side of his haunchers, he's had enough after that so I'll do it gradually. This is what I removed from his right hip area, it measures 8" high and 12" across.

The Quality street tin is there to show the actual size of
the mound in comparison.

He is a delightful little man who is mixing well and playing with my dogs. We've fallen under his spell but we are looking for a loving home for him, 8 is enough for us to cope with and look after giving us room for a foster.

I don't think he'll be with us to long before he finds a new home, it will be a sad day when he goes though.

I collected this little girl from the pound last Sunday, her name is Flower, seeing dogs in this state makes me despair at the inhumanity of man to animals. She is a sweet little Westie, very pretty and is already coming on in her new foster home. She will need medical treatment for quite sometime yet so will be longer before she goes to a new home.

Most of the rescues are very busy, Christmas time seems not to be a time of good cheer to domestic animals, they seem to become dispensible.

Hugs Peg x


Susimac said...

Gizmo is so gorgeous, and poor little Flower people are so incredibly cruel, I hope that you find good new homes for them soon.

Anonymous said...
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amelia said...

Poor poor baby!

We have four large rescued dogs and a fifth died last year and my heart just broke again looking at the little Westie.

Where do you live? Are you in Canada?

amelia said...

OK I just see on your profile that you live in England so there's not much hope of me taking the little thing. If you'd have let me anyway!!! lol
We have 44 acres in the northern Ontario bush and four acres fenced in for the dogs and they all sleep with us. It would have been a perfect home for her..

Peg said...

Aww bless you Amelia, yes we're in good old, cold UK where we've had rain for the past month!

Peg x

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