Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our little man is leaving home :o(

The time has come for our little foster boy Gizmo to branch out into a home of his own, he is leaving the nest and we're not looking forward to saying goodbye to him. This is his usual place when his foster Daddy is at home, it has been an absolute pleasure to have him here.
He's worked his way into our hearts and worked his way into the pack not trying once to flex his muscles and try to be top dog. We'll miss his lovely 'smile' and his laughable antics.
His new family are coming to collect him on Saturday, he'll share his new Mum & Dad with a little Shih Tzu girl called Minnie and a cat called George. They're really excited they've been chosen and passed their homecheck and can't wait to meet him.
If we had the room he wouldn't be going anywhere but there are so many dogs coming into all the rescues now leading up to Christmas that I need to keep a space open for the next foster dog. We already have 5 in this area waiting to come in to us. Our little tinker will be taking a massive piece of our hearts with him and I know there will be tears when he leaves and not only in my eyes. The dogs will miss him too they all include him in their play, apart from Mia she's getting grumpy as she gets older and doesn't want her space invaded even by a cute little Peke boy.
Our weather here is rain, rain, and more rain, I've just been out with the dogs and we've all come home like drowned rats!! We are better than some though we still have a dry home and aren't threatened with floods.
Have a good day
hugs Peg xx


amelia said...

How do you do it??

You are a much better man than I am as the saying goes! I would love to do what you do but letting them go would be more than my heart could bear. I have friends who foster from humane societies and I have so much admiration for them and you because you are strong enough to do what has to be done and you are needed so badly.

Solstitches said...

Bless you for all that you do Peg.
It can't be an easy job when you allow yourself to get so fond of your fur baby family knowing that they will be moving on eventually.
I know that just after Christmas is traditionally a time when you will be busier than ever with unwanted dogs.
You are a shining star!

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