Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another New Year

Another new year makes her appearance, once you've
turned 60 the days seem to go faster than I can walk :0)
2009 was a year all about dogs, the rescue I 'work' with was busy from day 1 and as of our 1st birthday on January 7th we have rehomed 250 dogs. I have met some wonderful dogs, some so afraid they knew nothing better than to bite. Anxious ones leaving their beloved owners who were having to give them up due to health reasons or a death in the family. Not all dogs come into rescue because they've been abused or abandoned. I've met some very special people who've made a big mark on my life and I know will remain lifetime friends.
The photo is of my little munchkins when we were at a country show at Tatton Hall, Cheshire. The little beige Shiddie on the left of the pic is Caeser a foster boy I had who was adopted not long after. The golden boy on the right with the black lead is Milo a Lhasa boy belonging to Dionne another of our staff members all the others are mine. I wouldn't have been able to take them all if my two granddaughters Ellice & Molly hadn't come with me, we had a great day.
I haven't accomplished a lot of finishes stitch wise the dogs have been a priority this year but I have missed it so much. I've been collecting fabric for my quilting, so much so that I am now going to have to store some containers in the garage! I have enough I think to last me 2 lifetimes. I'm busy at the moment trying to catch up on ironing, I'm behind with it lately. Even if you're not out collecting or transporting dogs a lot of time is spent on the phone arranging for other dogs to come in or finding foster homes.
I've been busy clipping the long coats off my girls, I haven't had the chance to keep up with the grooming and don't want them suffering being matted. I'm also going into hospital on Wednesday for a full knee replacement and won't be able to do it for some time. The only one I've left long is my little Nulie Noos, tomorrow is not going to be an easy day. Nulie Noos and Poppy are travelling down to the south coast for a holiday with their Aunt Dionne, Mia & Georgi girl are going to Wakefield to stay with their Aunt Angela. Both these lovely ladies are having my girls whilst I'm in hospital to take the pressure off Neil a bit. I'm used to them but he's still at work and would need to get up 2 hours earlier each day to take them all out before work. Megan, Livvy, Nemo & Paddington will stay with Neil it'll be easier looking after 4 instead of 8. I'll miss them so much, I love them all to bits. It'll be strange having a bed all to myself I've usually got Poppy, Georgi & Nulie laid on me.
I'm nervous about going into hospital but at least I don't go in the night before this time, I go in to the ward for an injection on Tuesday evening then have to be on the ward for 10am Wednesday and the op will be in the afternoon. I'm praying the GA won't affect me as badly this time. My family were really concerned when I was a long time in recovery. The consultant told me I'd be in between 7-10 days but most people I've spoken to have only been in for 4 days so am keeping my fingers crossed I'm home this time next week. Then I'm hoping to catch up on my stitching.
Well I wish you all a wonderful healthy, peaceful and happy 2010. I've already started catching up on your blogs and have really enjoyed everything I've read. Thank you.
Hugs Peg xx


amelia said...

Oh I do hope you'll be OK and have a quick recovery!! I'll be so interested to follow your progress and hope you will post about it. I have only heard good things about knee replacement so lets hope yours goes well!!!
I'm sure you'll miss your babies but at least you know where they are and that they are being well taken care of.
Good luck to you!!

Peg said...

Thank you for your kind wishes, I'm just off to the hospital for 6pm to have an injection then have to go in for 10am tomorrow morning. At least I'm not spending the night before in there. :o)

Peg xx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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