Saturday, May 28, 2005


I'm beginning to wonder if old father time is winding that clock up a little quicker these days, he's probably been at the Sanategen wine Is it just when you get older the days seem to fly by, no sooner do I crawl out of bed than it's lunch time, tea time then back to bed. We're almost 1/2 way through the year!

Neil set off this morning at 3am for Holyhead where the intrepid climbers caught the ferry over to Southern Ireland for thier climbing holiday. I have heard so many people say how beautiful it is over there so envy him a little but not the walking and climbing he'll be doing. Unfortunately the other car traveling with them had a mishap on the ferry, it was a rather rough crossing and another car came free and crashed into Alwyns car doing an awful lot of damage. I haven't heard an update yet so will find out later what's happening with that and if it's drivable.

All my family are doing well at the moment thank goodness. This week has been the trial of the man who was responsible for the death of my eldest son's best friend by dangerous driving. He has had his freedom taken away for him and has been sentenced to prison but it doesn't bring Ade back. I think in this world of fast cars and in this case fast m/bikes we need to just slow down and hey what does it matter if there's someone in front of're still going to get to your destination whether you're in front or behind and does it really matter if his car/bike is faster than yours? Proofing it can be fatal.

On a happier note my Celtic Noel is almost finished I'm on the bottom of her dress, the top and side borders are done. I need to take another update pic of her but haven't got the camera at the moment and my scanner isn't big enough!

I saw the release of the new LL Celtic Winter and am not impressed, I don't find her inspiring at all and at the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered she looks like she's holding a snowball! I would personally have preferred something with more glitter representing the frost and snow. Perhaps a cape flowing behind......I do like the darker skin and hair but not the dress. This is just my personal opinion if you think it's great then that's fine.

I have stitched some more on my Blackbird designs SAL for a group I belong to, I'm really enjoying this. I'll post a pic on completion. I've just bought a beautiful sampler from Papillon designs it is called Mary Queen of Scots. You can pay for the chart by paypal and receive it in your email box within minutes.
I am so wanting to start this but have to be strong as I need to finish my Pot sampler first... ;o)

Well I think that's the update done for now, will upload a pic of the progress of Celtic Noel as of Wednesday evening, I did stitch some more on her after this.

Take care and have a great holiday weekend


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