Saturday, October 25, 2014


I think my brain has not been working properly, I've been working on my ripple blanket on and off throughout today. I'd got this far, 5 colours, 10 rows. Then I realised my decreases and increases weren't lining up correctly, arrrrgghh.
Yes it waves but not as it should, I read through Lucy's pattern again and checked her step by step instructions on her blog. I realised I had neglected to do 2 trebles into the last chain of each row!!! Totally my fault I read quickly and started, pride comes before a fall the saying goes and it certainly did here lol. The daft thing is I started another ripple blanket months ago in different colours and that's fine so I must have had my brain in gear when working on that one.
I'm going to start it again, the piece above will become a scarf, I'm not wasting it. 

It's been a good day to stitch, crochet or knit, the weather has been appalling, the rain has been horrendous. Being in the van it sounded worse and talking to each other was a no go, this was after one heavy down pour!

These two had no intensions of going anywhere in this weather, they'd been out earlier, had been fed and were chilling oblivious to all around them. Don't they match the rug well lol. 
Well I'm now going to restart my blanket, oh by the way I didn't put the right colour on the first colour change either, I used light blue and it should have been lavender! I didn't read the last page where Lucy has written the sequence of colours, yes I know I can see you all shaking your heads sadly thinking what a complete wally I am. An early new year resolution could be to read instruction properly;) 

Tomorrow's another day, probably as well. Enjoy your weekend doing whatever craft you enjoy.


Peg xx


Pensive Pensioner said...

What a lovely place your van is in. I love being indoors listening to the rain and reading or crafting. Your waves look fine to me! Enjoy the break x

Peg said...

It is on a nice site Angie, it's quiet, clean and well kept. There's just a small wine bar, no pubs or amusements and thank goodness no rowdy revellers to keep you awake at night. It's in your site lease that should you be a nuisance to or aggressive with anyone on the site your van will be moved. The children who are here sometimes are grandchildren of the van owners, most are retired people, all are really friendly. There's a fishing lake for those who like to fish, the lake is just behind the cul de sac where our van is situated. We love it here, we like this part of Lincolnshire and it's not to far from home.

Peg xx

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