Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Half way through November!

This year has gone by so fast, it doesn't seem that long since we were getting Vera Van ready for the summer but all to soon Sunday, just past, saw us saying goodbye to our bolt hole until March 13th next year. She's been our bolt hole, a recluse from all the hospital visits, treatments and a sanctuary from some of the heartache that's hit me this year. If we think of it in weeks it's only 17 weeks so not to long really before we go back.

We were hit by another curve ball earlier this month, Mr B hasn't felt well for a while, I thought it was probably everything catching up on him. He's been an absolute rock for me and I thought he was exhausted. He had a routine call to go to the cardiology clinic for his annual check up, one of his blood test and his urine sample caused some concern, His PSA level in his blood test was 5.3 which is very high and there was blood in his urine. An appointment with an oncologist who specialises in prostrate cancer was made for the next day.
They did a biopsy where they take 10 random biopsies and have booked him in to see another consultant regarding further tests for his bladder. Along with several other men that day we came home with him feeling rather unwell and uncomfortable. He had painkillers and strong antibiotics to take for 4 days to stave off any infections that sometimes occur after this type of biopsy. If he felt ill with flu like symptoms he was to go back immediately and they would treat him, thankfully it didn't come to that.
We had to wait just over a week for the results, we were relieved to hear his biopsies had come back clear but before we could rejoice she told him they can't rule cancer out because of his other symptoms and the biopsies aren't from every part of the prostrate. They are keeping an eye on him and he has to go back in February for a MRI which will tell them if it is cancer. Why he can't have one now and has to wait I don't for the life of me know, he's to have another blood test to see if his PSA is still high or higher.

The following week he had to go and have a blood pressure monitor fitted for 24hrs because his bp is very high, we get the results for that this Thursday. So Mr B is having a pretty rough time of it at the moment which upsets me because he's such a strong character usually, I can't do a lot physically but morally and loving wise I can give him the support he gave to me and keep praying all is well.

On the crochet front my progress on my Cottage Ripple blanket is coming on nicely. Once Heather at  (lovely friend) and I realised I had the wrong amount of chains we knew that was why it wasn't working out right! I started again, counted carefully and everything is coming out rosy. I'm a third of the way completed, I'm really enjoying myself with it. I thought at first that the colours weren't what I wanted but I stepped out of my pastel comfort zone and got on with it. The design makes the colours 'pop' and I'm glad I went with Lucy's colour scheme. I want to crochet her Cosy blanket too but will start that soon.

On the quilting front I've completed another 8 blocks for my quiltalong with Jera and others, I know they've caught up and passed me now. Jera is at the stage of binding I think, I haven't been able to work on more blocks until the other day with hospital, dr's and dental appointments. There is no pressure to finish at a particular date but I would have liked to be a little further on than I am. If you'd like to see what colours others have chosen please pop over to Jera's blog 

Today I have been so grateful for modern technology, there was a lot of washing to do from Vera Van, bedding, pillows, duvets, cushion covers and cushions, curtains and clothes were keep down there that I wanted to refresh ready for next year. The weather hasn't been good it's been dark, wet, foggy days so far this week I am so appreciative for my washing machine and tumble dryer. I can remember having a twin tub when my children were small and washing took all day! It all needs ironing now and storing, where I'm going to put it I'm not sure but I think cases and large holdalls will come in very handy.

Take care and enjoy whatever crafts make you happy.

Hugs Peg xx


Pensive Pensioner said...

Oh Peg, your poor husband is really going through the mill. One of our neighbours has prostate cancer and has had to pay privately to get his op booked in before Christmas. He is booked in for Christmas Eve but just couldn't wait for months on the NHS list. It is appalling to have to wait until Feb. Let's hope your hubby gets a cancellation for a scan.
Hugs to you both x

Sew This N That said...

Blah doctors! I am sure they take delight in seeing people suffer....waiting until feb is risky business, I would try and get a scan privately if funds allow. Tell Neil we are thinking of him :)
Blah ironing! Whats that? I only iron seams when sewing...didnt know you were supposed to use it on laundry *whistles innocently*

Peg said...

Thanks for your input ladies, another friend wrote today saying we need another opinion. He's at the Drs tomorrow for his bp monitor results so I think it's worth mentioning the situation to the one he's seeing.

Peg x

Julie said...

{{big hug}} to you Peg, I hope he gets the scan sooner, Feb is ages to wait...NHS has a lot to answer for these days!!

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