Sunday, February 9, 2014

We're back to the cold, windy and very wet weather.

Hello lovely visitors, thank you for popping in despite being so busy. Continuing on from the Grow Your Blog party I've met so many lovely new blogging crafting friends. I'm really enjoying the party and a big thank you to Vicki for hosting it. Don't forget to leave a comment if you'd like to take part in my give away, there's no pressure to become a follower to take part.

It's been a bit of a busy week both on the health and crafting front, I am having tension problems again with Betsy I checked my invoice from the repair shop and according to them the machine was serviced and repaired with :
clean out hook and race
remove damage from driver
reset all timings and tension units
reassemble and lubricate

new parts:
shuttle driver/stitch cushioner

She was having a hissy fit after one seam was sewn, Heather very kindly had a look at her, but she went curly underneath threads again. Mr B suggested the obvious, why not contact the shop who carried out the repairs it was only a month ago and I haven't been sewing on her. I did and all credit to them they replied straight away and asked me to take it into the shop and they'll have a look at it for me.
These machines were the rolls royce of machines and I don't want to not use her so I need to get it sorted.

My freezer is nicely stocked with cooked chicken and chicken stock, the first lot nicely cooked now to strip and use the bones to make stock.
All the chickens yeilded 6 1/2 pts of stock, I also cooked some apricots I'd bought tinned, Co-op's own brand, they weren't very nice very sour and hard so I poached them and later add some crumble mix we had in the freezer baked it and topped with home made custard delicious.
Mr B made the first course Aubergine stack with ham, green salad and new potatoes that he had grown in tubs which we froze when harvested. Well Mr B had spuds I didn't not with having a dessert afterwards.

I managed to cut some of these and am in the process of making 4 patches using Lori's method at
 Sorry for the dark photo I took them on my iphone.

 After sewing 2 sq's together down both sides cut down the middle.
I still have more to do of these.
I have a few quilt tops to back but am suffering some unpleasant side effects from the Letrozole so am doing things when I have the energy and when the joint pain is at it's lowest. I didn't think the latter would affect me much already having arthritis, joints replaced but it has and it's not pleasant. I'm not complaining there are a lot worse off than me.

Well that's all for today, I've been popping into some of the blogs on the list for GYB still many to go but I'm enjoying meeting new people and seeing what they're about.

Thanks for popping in

Peg x


Solstitches said...

It looks as though you've been very busy in the kitchen Peg.
I'm looking forward to seeing how your quilt looks when you have it put together. I hope you get your machine in good working order soon.

hazel said...

Sorry you are still suffering Peg and hope things improve soon.

Look forward to seeing the progress of your quilt.

Trust Betsy will be okay once she has seen the doctor.


Julie said...

A lovely collection of patchwork squares. I hope your machine is soon fixed and you are able to have fun with it.

Suze said...

I'm sorry to hear you having been feeling feel. I woke up last Sunday with a headache to the core of my head. I was surprised. I haven't had one of those in ages. Finally, Tuesday I drug myself to the doctor and now I'm on steroids. So, I may be a bit nasty with them. I only have two more days.

I'm glad your machine is back to humming. I just read a post about cleaning them. I don't do that often enough and I don't cover mind enough either. I also don't change my needle as often as I should either. Well, I guess I take care of my machine about as well as I take care of myself - lol.

Your cooking looks delicious. I find it difficult to cook for just one person. My son came over this week. I fixed a pork roast, dried pinto beans, and fried potatoes. When he left, he told me the meal was really good. So, I guess I can still cook. I enjoy cooking when I have someone else to help eat and clean up the mess.

Peg, praying for relieve from the meds.

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