Saturday, February 1, 2014

Catch Up Saturday

We've had sunshine today yeahhhhhh, after 4 solid days of torrential rain, it tried to rain earlier but the sunshine came back. Thankfully we haven't been subjected to the awful flooding some people have.

Why not pop on over to Lily's Quilts here  and showcase what you've been working on and visit others to see their creations.

Still on enforced rest I've not got a lot of quilting done  but have managed some. I've been able to finish off some socks I had on my needles,

I  made a new bed for the munchkins who are now not happy there isn't room on it for all of them so need to make a couple more. Nemo won first dibs lol
I managed to get another row added to this quilt which is now ready for the border and backing.

I love the autumnal colours in this

I treated myself this week to this little treasure,

 I need to bite the bullet and get some FMQ under my belt. I've started reading it and I'm enjoying it no complicated destructions as my grandson used to say :) Now it's time to dive in.

I've met some lovely new friends through Vicki's Grow Your Blog party and hope to do the same with this sharing. I love reading about the amazing talent out there.

Enjoy your weekend

Peg x

I'm linking with lily quilts

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts


Solstitches said...

Love the socks Peg and nice quilts too.
Interested to hear what you think of the FMQ book and if you'd recommend it?
Lovely pic of you and your daughter.

Blue Moth said...

Wow you are very busy and talented! I love those Autumn colours too, and Nemo is so cute. Good luck with the FMQ!

carolegoldquilts said...

I'm hopping around from Lily's Quilts today, too. I keep seeing your name in the comments everywhere I go, so took a shortcut here (by clicking on your name) to say hello. So. Hello! Good luck with your free motion quilting. It's a bit scary at first, but with lots of practice it becomes soo much easier. Jump right in! If you haven't heard of Leah Day, you need to check out her blog. She has hundreds of video tutorials featuring different fmq designs. Great resource!
Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

Sarah Lou said...

I love the autumnal quilt, especially the little pinwheels. Good luck with the FMQ, hope the book is useful!

M.K. said...

Beautiful work! I also love the deep reds of that autumn quilt. Your puppy looks content on his new pillow :)

Heather Bradley said...

Hi my friend! Sorry I havent visited sooner....i know it was weekssss ago when you gave me the blog link...i fforgot where i put it and just found it in my medicine drawer lol.
Loving the socks Peg what yarn did you use?
We can fmq together when you come visit....i love it :) heather x

Julie said...

Nice cosy looking socks to warm the tootsies.

Rachel said...

I too need to tackle FMQ this year! Glad to hear you like this book, I'll have to check it out. I also like Angela Walter's Free Motion Quilting book

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

You're still very busy! Love the socks to pieces. Must learn to knit... :-) Totally second Carole's advice about Leah Day's tutorials. She's awesome! Happy quilting!

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