Sunday, January 2, 2005


Hi and welcome to my first attempt at blogging, I've never done this before so please excuse the mistakes and fumbling whilst I find my feet.

I wanted a place to share my stitching diaries , works in progress and finished projects.

My passion in life is cross stitching, not really any great surprise seeing as this blog is entitled 'stitching room' ! Being disabled means I have a mainly sedentary lifestyle, I'm afraid the nightclubs & dancing the night away are no longer within my capabilities. However the body may feel 90 some days the mind and spirit is still in her 20's - 30's............ Oh boy that seems a lifetime away.......LOL.

I was a keen knitter for many years and used to enjoy the occasional tapestry but they were getting heavier and were not good for my hands so I looked around for something else to do as I couldn't just be a couch potato!

I had never heard of cross stitch until I saw the wedding sampler my daughter's MIL stitched for their wedding, I found it fascinating, so my daughter took me to see her and now almost 6yrs later I have many projects under my belt.

I am a member of a 'few' online stitching clubs where I have learned so many helpful tips and the best places to buy 'stash'. Treasured friendships have been formed and I've had the privilege to meet 4 of those lovely ladies for real.

I also attend a local stitching club when I'm up to going, this club consists of between 15-20 members who despite their ages, over 70 in some cases, create the most beautiful projects and are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to be with.

When I started going to the club 2 yrs ago one of the members took me under her wing, which was difficult as I'm head and shoulders taller than she is......... she has become a very close friend who I have grown to love as a sister, we've laughed together and we've cried together and we've got into trouble together but don't worry nothing serious, funny but not serious..........

I'd also like to include incidents which affect my daily life and hope in some incidences these will bring a smile to your face. If I hear any good tips or recipe's I'll share those with you also.

Well, now we're starting a brand new year, what will it bring?

Already the world is in shock over the devastation of the disaster in Asia, an horrific event which has been like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripples have reached out far and wide throughout the world. Our hearts break for those lost and their families, it will be a long time before life becomes 'normal' again for these people.

In my own life

I hope for a better year for my family as there have been many sad happenings throughout 2003/4. We've had illness, lost loved ones, had accidents, had operations but despite all this there have been times of laughter along with the tears and I feel all these things have brought us closer as a family.

My wish for you also is that 2005 will be a special year and the memories will be mostly good ones. Am I to late to wish you a Happy New Year..........well I'm doing so anyway...........

take care


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