Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How stupid can I get?

Well as you know I've been using my post op immobility time to catch up on my stitching which I'm enjoying immensely. Unfortunately I have made a huge boo boo and I'm going to drive people mad and go against all my usual principles because I've decided I am NOT going to correct it!
My op was a success so I'm told but I am having some problems with it at the moment so they have put me back on the strong painkillers so I am going to blame them for the fog in my brain!
It wasn't until I got to the band under the alphabet and the stitching didn't finish right that I realised I'd make a mistake. I sat back looking at it trying to see what I'd done wrong then it hit me I had started the alphabet in the wrong place. It should be 5 rows down I started it 11 rows down from the border. Please don't ask why as I say I'm blaming the meds :o) In times gone by I would have removed the border restitching it but it would mean moving the top border down and undoing the two side borders and re stitching them. I am not going to do it, I know there is sufficient fabric to complete the sampler. If this winds anyone up I am truly sorry and will happily share my meds with you so you can chill out LOL.
I am at a loss as to why I'm still having so many problems with my knee, both Neil & I think there is at least one stitch left in which won't be helping and the pain is sometimes unbearable with the swelling not going down yet which makes it feel like a large band of steal around my knee. Please don't let me put anyone off having this done I do feel some of the problems may be due to my other health problems. I know I wasn't getting as much pain as this last time. When all this is over though I know I will benefit from having it done and it is worth all I go through.
I'm hoping things improve soon though because Neil is due to go on a climbing holiday on the 13th Feb so I need to be able to look after myself because I don't want him not to go he needs the break. So fingers crossed all will be well soon.
I'm still missing my other 2 girls Mia & Georgi girl who are having a whale of a time with Dionne and her family. We need to get them back up country but no one can make the whole journey so it means doing it in legs. I can't wait to see them again, I think Neil is worried they will forget us but I don't think so.
Well I'm off to read a few more blogs and then do some more stitching on my sampler, I hope I haven't damaged you to much with my mistakes ;o)
Take care
hugs Peg xx


Nancy said...

I think your sampler is beautiful Peg! Little mistakes are easy to rip out, but if it too much just consider it uniquely yours. After all, some repros are charted with the mistakes left in.

Hope you feel better soon!

amelia said...

I do know just how you feel having made some HUGE boo boos myself at times!! Some can be fixed easily and others, well, they just stay there and as Nancy says, it makes it uniquely yours!!!
I'm sorry your knee isn't doing so well. I hope you can get better soon and get your other girls back. It must be awful not having them.
I will eagerly await updates on the knee!!!

Brigitte said...

Your sampler looks very nice and I wouldn't have thought that the space between the top border and the alphabet was made by mistake. Never would I rip out the border. Never.
I hope your pain lessens with the time and you will feel better with your knee.

Tanyastitches said...

Its now an original, I'm always making small errors as long as it isn't hugely obvious or going to mess up the rest of the design then why waste time frogging.

Tanyastitches said...

I should have said, the pain will ease in time, it is a slow process which can be very frustrating, don't try to be brave and not take your painkillers, if you need them take them. The less pain you are in the more you will be able to move it and the quicker you will heal. Have you got physio appointments? down here in wiltshire the waiting list for physio is so long.

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