Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Photos

Here's the photo of my Victorian Sampler after coffee dyeing it, I'm pleased with the results which is even more lovely in the 'flesh' so to speak. I'm hoping to get it framed in the next few weeks.

Photo no 2 is of the Style Quaker designed by Jardin Prive this stitched up pretty quickly and was a delight to stitch.

The 3rd photo is of my current stitch, Winter sampler by The Prairie Schooler. I stitched Autumn leaves in 2006 photo 4, maybe I'll stitch the summer & spring one too to make the set. I like stitching PS designs the colours are always so bold but warm.
On the knee front things aren't going so well,
I've been experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty walking. Not like last time at all, I saw the consultant surgeon on Monday he showed me the xrays and told me he wasn't pleased with the results because the joint wasn't straight! Not straight, it's at a blooming angle.
Also he'd had to shave away a lot from underneath the kneecap and insert a prosthesis under it which will cause pain for quite some time and may never go away. He seemed very blazai about it what worries me is will it affect my walking in the future. I'm going to see my own dr next week and ask to go to someone for a second opinion.

The rescue is going to be busy this weekend we have 6 cavelier dogs coming in from a breeder who is to ill to look after them plus a little Pom girl. This is on top of the dogs that have already come in this week. I can't foster any at the moment I've been finding it a bit hard coping with my own. I love them to bits and wouldn't be without them but sometimes they need a long walk, I can't and dh is not able to with work commitments.
I'm off to read a few lovely blogs and then stitch on my PS for a while, dh has just left to meet his climbing friends for a drink, glad I'm not going out it's really cold out there!
take care
hugs Peg xx


amelia said...

I hope you can cope with all you have to do with all the pain you are having! The more I read and see the less I want to have my knee done!! I wonder why there still seems to be so much trouble with them?
It must be so tough for you trying to take care of your pups with no help for walking them. Can you maybe hire a dog walker? I know know if they do that there but it's big business here.
I still envy your needlework ability but have to face it that I'll never be able to do it. Beautiful work!!!

Peg said...

Sweetie don't let it put you off I had my left knee replaced almost 6yrs ago and it has been a complete success. I don't regret having that one replaced at all. We do have dog walkers here in the UK but to walk all my 8 would cost a fortune. When I can get out on my electric scooter I'll be able to take them 2 at a time then.

Thank you for your comments on my stitching, I didn't think I could do it 10 yrs ago but I love it now :o)
Peg x

Kifus said...

Hi Peg, I love your stitching! I've never heard about coffee dyeing but I see it gives it a vintage look which is awesome.

Hope you had a great weekend!

hazel said...

Sorry to read your knee is troubling you Peg and hope when the warmer weather comes you will feel better. Love the new samplers especially PS I love those designs and have done the one you are currently stitching. Spring is on the way.
Hazel (UK)

Sally said...

Sorry to hear you're in pain Peg.

Love your gorgeous finishes and your PS Winter Sampler is looking so pretty.

Yoyo said...

Oh my, what beautiful stitching!!! I love to dye my own fabric. Remind me when I'm not in such a hurry to give you a link to the Dyed & Baked fabric tutorial....that is really fun and easy to do. Sorry to see you are having trouble with a knee, hope it sorts itself out soon.

Also, I just got your comment so actually popped in to WELCOME you to the Totally Useless SAL. and the real reason I came by so quickly is that I'd like to ask you to go back and leave a comment on the 2010 Sign Up Page. My computer crashed last year and the only place I had the entire list of people all in one place was the sign up page, so I'm making double sure to have everybody sign up all on one page again this year. Sorry to make you do that, but it's pretty confusing when everybody is on a different page. Thanks for joining us, I'll definitely be back here soon to what other beautiful goodies you've been working.

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