Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What was I thinking !!

After finishing the Victorian sampler I came upstairs to kit up Nathalie's Style Quaker sampler, this is a small one so should be a quick finish. I had to move things to get to the cupboards for the supplies so was not most impressed with myself. Because of this I decided it's time I had a sort out, oh my gosh what was I thinking. I honestly didn't think I had so much, I think I have stitching stash to last a few lifetimes. The quilting supplies aren't less either, I think I have enough fabric to make at least 40 quilts if not more. Apart from the cupboards there is fabric in about 10 large plastic tub containers. I have to do a bit then have a rest do a bit etc etc.

Another thing in looking for supplies for the sampler I have found loads of samplers I've stitched, some I have forgotten about, all needing framing. I realised I have not posted pics of these so it may be pic overload in my next post. I also found samplers framed already which I had forgotten about. I'm going carefully now as I'm wondering if I may find a lost bank manager in here somewhere ;o) I love my hand-dyed fabric, evenweave & linen so will be keeping them but I have found loads of aida and I just don't use it. Also I have some threads, Madeira and some which came with kits I am not going to use. Does anyone know of a charity that sends stitching goods abroad who could benefit from this stash? A few years ago I sent some out to Romania to a village where people had requested stash for the ladies who had nothing but I've lost the address. Either that or a charity here in the UK who could benefit from it. My email is please feel free to email me if you know of anyone.

Changing the subject completely, I don't think Paddington is going to make his 11th birthday, he kept me up last night with his barking. My neighbours aren't here in the daytime but they all work so I don't like the dogs being noisy so I spent most of the night up and downstairs. Today because I'm busy doing something he's constantly barking. He isn't indicating what he wants just barking in one room after another. I'm letting him bark he can't disturb anyone in the daytime, I know he's not ill just annoying me............................................I love him to bits but am thinking of sending him on a road trip with his little pole and red scarf with his dinner in it ;o)

I must get on sorting my room out I can't see my cutting table at the moment it's covered with stash from the cupboards and now I've got to put it all back. I'm going to have my blog fix first though and drop in on a couple or so blogs and catch up.

Have a good day, I hope your weather is better than ours, we have thick fog and it's very cold. Neil rang this morning to say they have blizzards where they are so no climbing today! I will post a pic of the sampler coffee'd in my next post.

hugs Peg xx


Tanyastitches said...

WOW thats alot of stash, I have loads of cross stitch stash I'm just beginning quilting and I musn't let myself build up as big a stash of that as we wouldn't have the space to store it LOL Can't wait to see all these forgotten samplers :-)

amelia said...

Re: the barker!!! Have you tried the 'Dog Whisperers' methods?? Maybe he has a website, I don't know but I do know that he blows me away with what he can achieve in a very short time!!

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, going through all my stash is always an adventure. Like you I always find things I had completely forgotten about, charts, threads, finished pieces, half-finished pieces, kitted projects and more. It's like going through a treasure trove, lol.

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