Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think we're finally turning the corner!

Well I think things are finally improving, I didn't sleep at all on Tuesday night because of the pain despite the medication. I was shattered yesterday. It wasn't until around 11pm I realised my knee hadn't been to painful and I could cope with it. In bed I managed to get comfy and suffered no pain all night and today walking has been a lot easier. I really feel I'm turning the corner and it can only be good from here on. I'm glad it has because Neil is reluctant to go on his climbing trip if I can't cope. And it means only 2 more injections..yeahhhhhh.

On the stitching front I'm on cloud 9 I have almost finished my Victorian sampler I just have the bottom band and the bottom border to complete. I've been reading through a few blogs and WOW there is some seriously gorgeous stitching out there ladies, I love looking at peoples finishes you inspire me so thank you for sharing.
I hit on a new blog, new to me anyway, this evening, this is Tanya's blog, why not pop in and say hello it's a really lovely chatty blog, down to earth, a very enjoyable read.

On the quilting front I can't do any until my sewing room is cleared, there is waaaay to much stuff in there. I have a lot of new recycled fabric to choose from and I won 3 unfinished quilt tops on ebay, this is one of them, gorgeous isn't it? I'm really looking forward to finishing it.

Well I want to get back to my stitching to finish this sampler, I'll post a pic of it when finished.

Take care

hugs Peg xx


Always smiling said...

Hello Peg,
Thank you for your email and comments about my blog and here I am popping in to yours! I read back a bit to see that you too have had a knee replacement op, I had mine July 14th 2008 and yes the post op pain hung around a few weeks, but honestly it does get better. But now I walk without pain I don’t garden as much, as bending isn’t what it was and of course kneeling down is a no no but I have no pain.. so it does get better.
Loved your stitching and hope to pop back and see more.
Hugs and Every Blessing
Chris x

Brigitte said...

Good to hear that you are slowly getting rid of that pain. Finally. I hope that the recovery will speed up and your knee will be like new in a short while.
Looking forward to seeing your sampler finished.

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