Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why did God create.............

..........mice & rats??? I haven't a clue and will ask when I meet Him. I don't see any redeeming features for them. I am absolutely petrified of them both and it's not just their tails it's everything about them. I know some people have them as pets and love them but I haven't a clue why and have never come up with a feasable answer.
I get into a very bad state if I think there's one near, I can't help it. I can't say I'd rather face a large tiger than a rat or mouse because I wouldn't but they may as well be that big. I even had nightmares the next night about them. I'm worried now about leaving my back door open for the dogs to go in and out because although I have 5 I know not one of them would attack one. We thought we had a problem last winter and put poison down from the enviromental health, unfortunately one of my dogs got into the garage and started eating it! We had to rinse his mouth out straight away zoom off to the vets for injections and medication and keep watch on him for a few days, happily he had no long lasting ill effects.

They are at this present time keeping me from using my tumble dryer and getting food out of the big freezer both of which are in the garage. My electric scooter is also in there so I have to ask dh to go for anything we need out of there. My family spent ages telling me I was paranoid about them and was imagining it well at the beginning of last week I went in the garage to put clothes in the tumble dryer, the day before I had taken some fluff from the dryer door and foolishly not thrown it away. It was still at the side of the dryer and there in plain sight was all the evidence I needed. The droppings on the fluff looked like both mice and rat droppings, sis and dh say they're all left by mice but believe me folks if that's true the are some pretty large mice in the garage!!!!!!!!! and until they are evicted I'm not going in there.

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