Friday, September 21, 2007

What a week of bargains

I won this beautiful embroidery on ebay, I won't be changing the frame I like the weathered antique look it has. I'd love to find out the history behind it, the stitchers name and address is on the reverse, I think she must have entered it in a show or competition with the message on the back requesting the string and rings for hanging are not removed, I love it.

I've also won 2 other embroideries, one is a gorgeous Peacock design and the other is either chinese or Japanese. They are both stitched in embroidery I don't personally do but I just loved the look of them. I did bid for several really old samplers but of course they went wayyyy over the limit I had set myself. I would dearly love to have one which was stitched in the 1800's knowing that what was probably stitched out of duty is now dearly loved for it's own beauty.

I managed to get a frame for my own historical sampler last week, I stitched this in 2005 and it has sat patiently with the others waiting for a frame. I found an old one in our RSPCA charity shop. It is a frame within a frame but the inner frame will have to be left out to accommadate the size of the sampler. I have so many needing framing I'm ashamed at my lack of effort.

I have been buying fabric again this week, I won a lovely crisp, fresh looking pr of curtains in blue and yellow which I'm still undecided to use as curtains or as fabric for quilting. I was pleased to win auctions for vintage linen sheets and pillowcases which I have already washed, ironed, aired and put away. I've bought some new lavender satchets to put amongst the linen to keep it smelling fresh.
I don't want to use them until I have sorted out a white bedspread for each of the single beds. I was winning a bit on 25mtres of White Damask fabric which would make wonderful bedspreads but I have a sneaky feeling some clever, better off sniper will probably out bid me in the last few mins of the auction. I do it myself so I can't grumble, I just think the Damask will look great with a quilted throw folded over it.
I would love to win two of the many feather Eiderdowns on ebay at the moment but two reasons prevent me doing so. Dh has asthma & I'm not sure it would be good for him and also each one I've liked has gone to way over £70-80 so out of my league. I have been wondering if I just pop the Eiderdowns on in the daytime and take them off at night if it would still affect him?

I was able to get quite a bit of fabric from our flea market yesterday, here it is with the linen sheets/pillowcases pre washed. The fabric cost me 50p each item, there was 2 king size duvet covers, a single duvet cover, a king size sheet, brand new still in pkt, a dusk pink floral curtain. The blue stripe fabric next to the top is 4mtrs of Danish fabric I won on ebay. A great week for bargains as I said. The quilted floor runner is another bargain from ebay. The partial little black and white head belongs to my little Megan, she was admiring the rug too :o)

I also had a fantastic trade with a seller on ebay which I will share when my extra special item arrives, I'm hoping that's tomorrow but who knows, I will share a pic and the story of my special item later
A bounty of fabric

My lovely quilted floor runner

I have been enjoying some wonderful blogs these past 2 nights, they are ones with a vintage theme and oh what joy there is to behold looking through them. I have a massive list of blogs I like to look at I bookmark them because I can never remember where I've seen something :o)Thank you ladies for providing a wonderful nostalgic visit.

I had a go at shabby chic today, my daughter gave me a lovely basket which would happily grace any shabby chic store so I thought it would be nice to pop my current crochet project in to be displaid therein. It was just to the side of my chair and I must admit looked nice, I had to answer the door to the postie and when I returned my shabby chic effort was strewn across the floor with both wool and granny squares seeing who could win the race around the coffee table! I did ask the munchkins which one had decided to decorate the floor with my wool but no-one owned up they all just looked around counting the flecks of micro dust which flutters through the air in a shaft of sunlight. So much for that idea, I won't be beaten I will think of something else :o)

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Little Stitcher said...

What a lovely picture! I am looking forward to reading through your lovely blog! xxxx

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