Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An enjoyable week

A bad hair day and what happens if you leave your bed to use the lose your place!!!

I have had the most enjoyable week whenever I have had time to spend on the internet this week. I've been reading blogs I had in my bookmark but also visiting new ones, these ladies have shared their homes and it has been truely amazing visiting each one. I have felt so warmly welcomed, some decorated in past era's, some with the relaxing neutral tones but all so inspiring.

Thank you ladies for sharing the talented gifts you have. We in the UK don't have the large spacious homes our cousins over the pond enjoy, the delight of having an ensuite bathroom or a basement for those washing/drying machines or storage areas to me would be wonderful. Some of our older victorian houses do have cellars but they don't usually have windows in them, the attic space in most of our modern homes barely has standing room never mind the space to add a further room. However in saying that I have read blogs whose owner has a small cottage which has been decorated in Shabby chic style and is a joy to behold. I'm not speaking for everyone else but to me that says it doesn't matter what you have it's what you do with it.

I've read Cindy's blog tonight, her home is beautiful, so warm and welcoming and decorated with taste and her talent shines through in each picture. If you need a delightful experience then visit her blog and let her take you through her home. What is most surprising is how she has achieved beauty without spending a lot of money, she has dedicated time and love, she still has more to do and I look forward to seeing her next project which if I remember right will be her kitchen.

I bought some wonderful bargains this week which I will share in my next post it's to late to start taking pictures tonight. I have been trying to purchase 2 vintage feather eiderdowns but each avenue I've tried has been a dead end. I asked at charity shops but sadly they throw them away when they come in, they are not allowed to sell them because of fire regulations, I did say to one that they could throw them at me then and I'd pick them up but she didn't bite. I haven't given up trying, I could make my own but then it wouldn't be vintage, mind you it very well could be by the time it would be stuffed! I can just imagine the fun the munchkins would have chasing the feathers all over. We're fighting now for floor space under my desk, I think my feet belong there they think they should have first shout and lay there despite the over large bed I have in here for them!
It seems strange that something we cuddled up and felt safe under when we were children is now such an expensive item. I've watched 7 of them sold on ebay today none of which went for under £40. One which I thought very pretty and was going to bid on but thought it would be snapped up by a big spender at the last minute only went for £15.55. I could have kicked my desk if I thought it wouldn't hurt, I didn't go with my hearts leading, I hope the winner has many happy years with her quilt. I have put a few feelers out in other directions so am hoping to be successful.

Have a lovely day and may you be blessed in all you do
hugs Peg

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