Thursday, November 1, 2007

A new month

This picture reminds me so much of our youngest grandson Jacob. I was asked to pick him up from school and sit with him until a friends Mummy picked him up to go trick or treating last night (Wed). On Tuesday night his Daddy and Jacob came to bring me a door key and a booster seat for my car when I picked him up. Jacob saw the pumpkin's arrayed in from of my fire place and mentioned casually Daddy had forgotten to get him a pumpkin to light up the window and could he take one of mine. I happily said to choose one and just like a boy he took the biggest, roundest one LOL. Yesterday I had to light it for him whilst waiting for his friends.

My younger sister and I are having a little swap of ideas back and forth, she lives about 15 miles away from me. I am so thrilled for her,her partner has bought her a computer for Christmas but has given it to her now. She has wanted one for a long time so we can email each other and send pictures which are to big to send on our m/phones.

When she stayed at our home to look after Deeber whilst we were away she really enjoyed spending time in my craft room and has decided to turn her spare bedroom into the same. We have had some fun asking each other exactly what we've achieved in the past week, her in getting her room ready and me in tidying the total chaos which is currently in my room and no there will be no before pictures as I'm totally ashamed of it. I come upstairs with good intentions and start however after a short time I need to sit or lay and rest to recuperate energy to do more. I want it sorted as it is driving me crazy I like everything to be in it's place, but the sister side of me is holding back a little, I want to wait and let my sisters room to be finished first. She says she feels so excited and is like a child picturing herself sat at her desk or sat at her machine, she asked me if she was being silly I told her a firm NO. Why shouldn't she have some pleasure she does such a lot for other people and doesn't usually take time to do for herself and I want her to revel in the glory a little. She rang me last night to ask if I'd done any, I hadn't apart from look at it wishing my tidying fairy wasn't on holiday when I needed her the most. She made great progress yesterday and even managed to get one wall painted.

I didn't go bargain hunting at the weekend, we went to Paul's on Saturday and Sunday I was just burnt out.I really missed my little trips to the markets and shops but was appeased by the delivery of 2 Jean Greenhowes booklets I won on ebay along with a wonderful book by Valerie Janitch.

I was in doll heaven when I looked through it it's wonderful. I'm looking forward to making the dolls included.

I've spent a lovely time again reading some new blogs, there are so many wonderful lady bloggers out there and I just love spending time visiting with them.
I need to get busy I have so many projects inside my head floating about and they're not coming to fruition which is due to my lack of getting this room tidied so I'm off now to get a start on moving and putting things away.

Have a wonderful day/evening depending on where you are and thank you for stopping by please come again I enjoy your visits.

take care
Peg :o)


Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hello Peg!!
Thank you so much for comming by my blog, I loved going through yours too.

Esther Sunday said...

It is so fun to come to your blog! I get my British fix! I am first generation over here in America. My mother is from Dundee and my dad is from Newport, Wales. In fact, he is spending sometime over there now. So I grew up in a very British household - Upstairs/Downstairs, Poldark, Monty Python, tea until it was coming out my ears, etc. I love my Bristish heritage!!!! Love, Esther

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg, so great you can now communicate with your sister so easily and quickly, the wonders of email and the internet never cease to amaze! We have your problem, too many projects and not enough time to make a start!! We see the pile of ironing staring at us, it's not going anywhere soon whilst we are visitng such fabulous blogs! Have a great day! Jenn and Jacqui

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