Thursday, August 8, 2013

A bloggy blanket

Hello to all you lovely bloggers out there, for the Brits amongst us, wow aren't we lucky with the weather just now. I'm not a sit outside and tan girl, my skins to fair but Mr B is and is looking as if he's been on holiday abroad. I have so many freckles I've often wondered about joining them up lol. I either sit in the shade or stay indoors sewing. Homes here don't have air conditioning unless of course you're building your own house and have it installed. We bought two air coolers last year, one at home and one in the caravan, needless to say which ever one we're near gets full use plus if its the van we have a large fan going too. The fan in the bedroom is on all night and the door leading from bedroom to shower room is open all night. Despite being on the side that gets all the sun during the day that room stays lovely and cool. It's good for the dogs too if they get to hot they'll go in there to lay on the cool floor.

We got up to a lovely sunny day again, lovely clear blue sky, the only downside is Mr B worries about his plants when we're not here. I'm sure this must have been farm land before as the plants flourish so well. It really is nice walking around the site and looking at the beautiful gardens that receive such loving care from their owners. The ground staff cut the grass and tend to the trees. I'd love to see plants around the bottom of the three small trees we have on our plot, hopefully we'll do that next year.

On to creative matters, recently I came upon a lovely blog who's owner Mum, no not my Mum, was organising a blogging blanket chain, the idea is to volunteer to crochet either one or a few squares add them to the blanket then pass it on to the next volunteer. When its the given size it will be donated to someone who needs it. For full details please click on the link to Mum's blog below, please don't be put off if you're a beginner, its simply a granny square original or for the more advanced something a little different. I've been crocheting for a few years now but just plain blankets, finally mastered the granny square and now I'm doing it correctly I love it.
Mums blog

I received the blanket from Joy, along with a lovely parcel of goodies from her stash, thank you Joy they're great and will be used.

Both the blanket and goodies came wrapped in lovely blue tissue paper, aren't I a very lucky girl :0)

The blanket is beautiful, the colours are so different to what I normally use but despite being crocheted by several people they co-ordinate so well. I added a few lighter squares, some plain granny and 3 different variations I've just learned. These are my squares below, I have so enjoyed being a small part of this bloggy blanket chain and I know you will too.

This is the blanket now my squares are attached, its just waiting for the next person to volunteer, would that be you?

I have been busy on my own things which I will share in another post, I don't want to detract from the blogging blanket.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine, I'll be indoors sewing lol.

Peg xx

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joy said...

I love your squares, Peg, the blanket looks great now. Wonder where it will go next, I'm really enjoying watching its progress.
Joy xx

Peg said...

Hi Joy

Thank you, I've really enjoyed working on it and seeing the different squares. Just waiting for the next volunteer to come long, I do hope its not to long before someone comes along and we see what the next squares bring.

Peg xx

hazel said...

Lovely to see you posting again peg and your squares are so pretty hope somebody takes the challenge up soon.

Enjoy your days away and long may the sun shine like you I is in the shade and love being outside.

Hazel c uk

Frantic's Antics said...

Hi, I would really like to get involved in the bloggy blanket if you need some extra squares- Mum at Simply Living Blog said to get in touch with you over here- you can contact me via my blog x ps. your crochet is LOVELY!

Frantic's Antics said...

What a lovely surprise- the bloggy blanket arrived today, beautifully wrapped and with some simply gorgeous gifts that have cheered my day up so much. Thanks Peg, you are a doll xxx

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