Sunday, September 10, 2006

Over a year!

Goodness I didn't realise it's over a year since I wrote in my blog. It's been a very hectic time with illness hitting us, our eldest son being critically injured in a horrific m/bike accident. My Mum falling and breaking her hip and a few complications which followed that.

The doctors warned us our son would not survive his accident his injuries were so severe, along with family & friends here in the UK and all over the world, many who didn't know him, we prayed The Good Lord would not take him from us, he has a great wife and two gorgeous girls of 13 & 10yrs. Our prayers were answered and after almost 5mths in hospital followed by time in a specialised spinal unit he came home at last!!

It is absolutely wonderful to see him at home, he still has a way to go but the hospital didn't expect him living then they thought he'd never walk and would be in a w/chair, now he's on his own feet, by Gods help and his own determination. He is in constant pain but just grits his teeth and gets on with it. He will not be able to ride a bike again and he will have to reconsider his employment because his job involves heavy work. He's using this time to see what options he has. He's not a quitter and has my full admiration for how far he's come, he still has a wicked sense of humour and would rather make fun of himself than sit counting his woes.

Mum is now doing well, I had to take her for another Echocardiogram the last one wasn't clear enough. She's a fiesty lady and perhaps this is where Paul gets some of his determination from :o)

Our three little tinkers, from left to right, Megan, Zebedee and Paddington all waiting for cheese!!

This isn't comfy!!!

Told you we could get 3 in a bed !!! notice it's Megan on the edge and not the boys :o)

See Megan and Zebedee's story below

Since my last posting we have adopted another 2 Shih Tzu's, Zebedee and Megan. Both are from rescues in Wales, Zebedee a Black/White spent the first 3 1/2 yrs of his life being used as a punch bag and football until he was taken away from his owners. This has made him quite wary of people, it has taken a few months to show him that cuddles can be pleasurable and not everyone is out to hurt him. He is making good progress apart from grooming. He hates it with a vengence!! We can get the groomers to deal with his body but his face and head are a completely different matter. He attacks the scissors and gets very aggressive so in future we will have to let our vet sedate him and cut his face and head fur. He has put quite a bit of weight on, he isn't greedy and will not eat unless he's really hungry. He can be bribed with food to let go of something he shouldn't have
He's now letting Neil play with him which is good, he is such a funny little dog, and is easy to love despite his grumbling.

Megan is Grey/White and is the victim of puppy farming which sadly still goes on in countries all over the world despite the efforts to close them down.

She was very badly emanciated, her coat was completely matted, she had 3 large hernias and many of her teeth were broken and rotten. The foster Mum who looked after her started to give her confidence and although she has a lot more today she is still shy of a lot of things and it will take a long time before she fully trusts other people. She spent her first 3 1/2 yrs in a small cage giving birth to one litter after another until she stopped being a successful breeder then she was disguarded. She was badly underweight when we collected her but she too has put weight on, she had her teeth cleaned and the bad and broken ones removed. She is such a sweetie, if you drop a pin she'll jump but is getting more confindent daily.

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