Saturday, November 4, 2006

Saturday November 4th

Well autumn is well and truly with us, I love this time of year, the air is crisp, the days are sunny and the trees put on their wonderful cloaks of colour. Traveling over to Yorkshire Bridge last Thursday the scenery was wonderful and the beautiful landscape God created over there was a pleasure to behold. I stopped to take a few pictures of the area Paul, Philly and the girls live in. It's just the other side of a small village called Bamford in the Hope Valley area of the Peak District.

This is the road just before Paul's small village of Yorkshire Bridge.

The lane leading down to their row of cottages

To the left of the Patio

From the Patio

To the right showing in the distance the wall of the famous LadyBower Dam

The view from their front window over the village green. The car at the gate is mine. I love visiting or going to stay with them, life there is so much slower than here near the town. The scenery is something to treasure.

I was there to take them to collect their new car from the garage, it had to go back in for repairs to the electrics. They have bought an automatic this time so Paul can drive, his left foot is still not sufficiently responsive so he wears a splint on it which keeps his foot from flopping downwards. He is starting to get some movement in it though which is encouraging.

He is still going for physio and will for a few months yet, the consultants are really pleased with his determination to get his life back and be as mobile as possible. He does get rather wistful when we see or talk about m/bikes, he knows his riding days are over but his interest is still there, just as his Dads was after his horrendous crash whilst racing.
He amazes me with his determination and grit, his sense of humour is still as wicked as always. Apart from breaking many bones including all the vertebra in his back he had internal damage to his lungs, kidneys, liver and bowel and we don't know how much this will affect him in the future but to hear him talk you'd think he just fell off and grazed a knee!! They have told him he will suffer arthritis later because of the damage to the bones.
To us he's a walking miracle which we thank God for everyday!

hugs Blondieuk

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