Friday, November 10, 2006

Finished at last!

During the last 2 months of 2003 I was in a Lizzie Kate RR eventually mine arrived back in February 2004. I had every intention of finishing this as a wall hanging but to balance it up I needed to stitch another 2 LK charts on it. I popped it in a box and forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago when I came across it.

Recently having taken up quilting I decided I'd make the wall hanging but would separate the blocks with quilted blocks. The picture is of my completed wall hanging which I put the last touches to tonight. It isn't perfect by any means but I'm pleased with it and will be able to think of the ladies who stitched on it also whenever I look at it.

This is my first attempt at a quilt wall hanging, I took part in a SAL with the ladies of for the love of stitching an online group. The project was Prairie scholars Autumn leaves.
We also stitched BDD Autumn Silhouette, BOAF Quaker Garden as SAL's. We have a WIP's encouragement going, thanks to this I finally finished Mirabilia's Garden Verses after 4yrs!
I've also been stitching on my 3 Chatelaines all these can be seen in my webshot albums. I have uploaded a pic of a PS Autumn sampler which I stitched in August 04 whilst on holiday in Wales and a birth sampler I stitched in 2001 for our youngest grandson Jacob.
I've been sorting out some of my fabric for pillows and quilts, it's surprising how much there is when you start and I have seen some more which would make really pretty quilts and pillows. I am going to be strong though and resist for now as I'm going to a large Knitting & Stitching show in Harrogate in Yorkshire in a fortnight so will get my fix there. It is a really large show which takes all day to get around the many different stalls, there are many different crafts catered for.
I also need to rearrange things in my sewing room I thought I was very organised but I was looking for something the other day and it wasn't where it should have been which really threw me so a big sort out is on the cards! I've been looking for a suitable sewing table to accommodate my sewing machine but which is also big enough for me to cut fabrics on. At present for anything large I have to use my dining table which is frowned upon and watched over by DH because we inherited it from his Mum when she died and it cost more money then we would ever be able to spend on a dining suite. I do cover it with a felt cloth first and I'm very careful with pins and scissors honest.
I'm excited tonight because I've won the ideal thing on ebay! The seller has had several of these on his listings for the past few weeks and I've bid on them occasionally but have been outbid because in the last few minutes. I bid on one last night but was beaten by a £1 and I had bid a few pounds higher than before. There was a purpose for being outbid I'm sure because tonight I won another of his auctions for the same table and won it at £13 less than I'd bid last night for the same thing so I'm a happy bunny tonight. It will fit perfectly into the space under the window where I get the afternoon sun.
I baby sat for an hour last night for Jacob and this time he was asleep so I was able to stitch on my Blue sampler it's been a wip for quite some time so I thought it deserved a little attention.
Heidi of the neneedle necessities blog, link above, who is our resident encourager and sometimes teacher will be taking us through the making of a pin keep the next week or so. As I type this she is probably taking photos of hers and planning out the instructions for us. We need to have a stitched piece ready for the off date. I have a piece I'd already stitched a while ago which I would love to use for this and I've also managed some stitching on another piece which I'd love to make into a pin keep or needle work book.
Well I'm off to read some of the lovely blogs I found on here.
take care and have a peaceful happy weekend
hugs Blondie


solstitches said...

Hi Peg,
Glad to see you back in blogland.
Your LK wallhanging looks wonderful.
I love the way you added the quilt blocks - very effective.

Name: Vicki said...

Your wallhangings are beautiful! I really like the Lizzie Kate one.

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