Friday, November 24, 2006

Chaos reigns!

I need to take some time out from what I'm doing so I can recharge my very depleted batteries and give my back a well earned rest!
I am sat at this moment amid total chaos! DH in his wisdom decided it would be better if I changed rooms and had my sewing room at the back of the house, now this isn't a problem I still get to view the neighbours comings and goings, just from a different angle and different neighbours.
The chaos occurred when Dh started having problems with his hip, discharging him from any lifting, moving or laying of new floors. I am only able to do small jobs, I'm not able to carry even medium weight boxes, or move furniture around etc soooo, are you getting where I'm coming from? The job stopped mid stream! I'm half moved in and half moved out. My computer is sitting on a spare table in here whilst my computer station is in the other room looking very naked apart from file boxes full of cross stitch charts sitting on the top shelf. Boxes of my 'stuff' are sat around on the floor thinking it's 1/2 term holidays and they don't need to do anything apart from playing at looking pretty.
My new sewing table is set up but has a mountain of various things sitting on it waiting for me to sort them into the appropriate drawers. Now I know that the very organised ladies amongst us will by now be looking up my name in the international phonebook trying to find my number to ring me and offer to come and organise my chaos. Ladies, I love to be organised and know where everything is but when I have 2 rooms disturbed my brain shuts down and decides to go on holiday.
DH will be occupied tomorrow with 10 of his climbing buddies discussing if they want to buy the cottage they have stayed in for the past 20yrs when in Glen Coe because the owner is retiring and selling up. The finding of an alternative cottage is a no no they love this one. I shall await that decision with baited breath as I thought I was getting a conservatory first.........

The dogs have just about had enough of the moving around, they're like children and don't take to upset easily. I'm pretty sure they are wondering what the heck I'm playing at when I'm usually sat either sewing, reading or on the computer, not dashing from room to room. Sorry I must alter that I never dash anywhere because I haven't got a dash in me !

Usually at this time of year DH and I spend a day cooking meals for the freezer because during the winter is my worse time healthwise and as he is in fultime employement I don't think it fair he should come home to a bare table and to start cooking. I must add he doesn't have these pre-cooked meals everyday just on my bad days. It works 2 ways, he gets a piping hot meal with little effort on my part and he gets to eat spicey, 'odd' meals with ingredients I haven't got a taste for.

On Sunday I'm going to Harrogate in Yorkshire to the Stitching and Knitting show with my sister, we will be chauffer driven by her partner who will drop us off outside the large International Hall and at some point in the day will join us to eat. He's a very patient man who usually takes me to oneside to ask what she's been looking at and drooling over and then he goes to buy them for her......eehh what a man!

I'm hoping there are some stalls for quilting included, the last time we went I wasn't a quilter but I'm sure I remember seeing some stalls selling fabric in FQ's, yardage and packs. We shall come home pleasantly tired, with our heads and hearts full of the beautiful goodies we've seen and I can guarantee there will be regrets for not buying something.

I spent some time in a shop I 'found' the other day which has actually been there for 14yrs but I've never seen it not even when I was doing a lot of making clothes and toys. It was like an Aladdins cave, as well as fabric of all types on bolts and rolls there were shelves which held miriads of remnants from the end of the bolts etc. I found some real treasures amongst these shelves. I popped them into the washing machine when I got home which took several loads, dried them then spent time the next day ironing them and putting them away. I was like a child with a new toy.............which leads me nicely onto my next 'new toy'. My Toyota Quiltmaster 60, my other s/machine is great to use but isn't happy when I put thicker fabric through it so as I wanted to make a good effort with quilting this is the pressie I got from DH....bless him. I know those of you who have been quilting for a long time will pity me for my simple joy but I'm really looking forward to stitching with it.
I'm hoping to get some xstitching done tomorrow too as I like to stitch for at least part of each day and sadly get withdrawal symptoms if I don't. I have quite a few sampler wip's on the go and they've been sadly neglected for the past couple of weeks.
The autumn is changing into winter here, the beautiful tree I can see from my kitchen window has given me such a gorgeous array of autumnal colours but due to the high winds we've had this week it is now reduced to a few stragly leaves hanging on for dear life. I feel as if an old friend has left me, the weather now is typically English, cold, damp and misty. In the mornings there may be a little ray of sunshine so you dutifully put out the days washing only to look up a short time later to see it's tippling it down with rain and that washing is now drenched again and needs rewashing and you're asking yourself why you didn't just 'pop' it in the dryer in the first place!
I think that's all I can recall for now, my brain is lacking in the bits which give you literal inspiration so I'll wish you all a great weekend, may you enjoy time with your families, enjoy peace and good health
hugs Peg

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