Monday, November 6, 2006

Monday 6th November

What a weekend.........I managed to get caught up with my blog and reading a few new ones I found, I was truely blessed by those I read.

Our weekend has been quite hectic, Saturday was shopping day, we decided to go to Sheffield for this because I needed to go to Hobby craft. I bought a few quilting accessories and some gorgeous FQ's of orange to mid yellow print. I know autumn will be leaving us soon but I am determined to eventually make a quilt with a pumpkin on. :o)

I won a wonderful auction on ebay which included a 24" x 36" Olfa rotary cutting mat, an Olfa rotary cutter + a Fiskars 6" x 24" quilters ruler, these are 2nd hand but in excellent condition and it didn't cost me 1/2 of what the cost would be for new.

Sunday I had planned on working on my friendship
quilt, however Zebedee had other plans! Like the other dogs
he has been very unsettled with the fireworks going off nightly. He'd been hiding under and behind chairs or anywhere else he could get. I fed them all at lunch time and being Shih Tzu's they tend to get everything in their eyes, ears and beard so I have to wash their faces after a meal. It really is like wiping your child's face they struggle and want to rush off to play! I did his last and we always have to be on our guard with him, I let my guard down and before I knew it he'd taken a really nasty bite to my fingers. He has bitten me before but he's never broken the skin or bit hard enough but boy did he make up for it this time. Because I'm on aspirin along with other meds I bleed quite a bit when my skin is cut or broken. After cleansing it, which wasn't pleasant as he'd taken quite a large chunk and part of the top of my nail I had to sit with my hand in the air for 30 mins to stop it bleeding. Afterwards Neil managed to pull part of the skin in line and put butterfly stitches on it. He grumbled because I wouldn't go to hospital but Sunday at the hospital would have meant a stay of at least 8hrs and as it wouldn't be classed as urgent I'd be sat there waiting.

I rang the dr's this morning and went to see the nurse, she gave me a tetanus shot and dressed the wound again. We'd done the right thing with it, I have to watch it for the next 48hrs because that's when they have a tendancy to go septic. Needless to say Zebedee has been even more subdued today. It's very hard knowing what to do at the moment, we know he had a horrendous 3 1/2 yrs with his first owners who badly abused him. We've had him 8 mths and although we are firm with him I hoped he was coming to realise we wouldn't hurt him. I'm not sure if it's the fireworks that have upset him or if he has a problem with anything physical, he wont let you look in his mouth or touch his feet without snapping. I do worry as he loves to be around children but I know that if it had been a child he'd bitten it would have been a lot worse. The groomers aren't to happy at grooming him either because they can't get near his face without him trying to bite.

This of course has stopped me stitching or quilting for a few days at least until the stitches can come off and I know it's not going to open or bleed.

One of the groups I'm on has started another SAL, this time it's one of Tanya's first lady samplers, Mrs Jefferson. I wasn't starting straight away so will perhaps catch up later with the ladies. I have 3 Chatelaine designs on the go too, I have finished part 2 on one of them and part 1 on 2 of them. These also will have to be put on hold.

Neil's been out for the day with school today to a place in Yorkshire called Eden camp museum, this link will take you there it's great to take school children there to see their history.

I am still waiting for some more of my fabric I won on ebay to arrive, this is coming from the States so will take longer. The fabric I have bought recently is gorgeous!! I'm also waiting delivery of a new sewing machine, a Toyota Quilt 60, my present machine is a good one with several stitches but I don't want to use it for quilting, I don't think it would easily take the bulkier fabric ie top, batting and back all at once. It is coming straight from the manufacturers so can be up to a 3wk wait.
The pics above are of the stitched pieces which will go on the quilt. I took part in a friendship RR with 4 other ladies and these are the result. I have several fabrics around the pieces at the moment but dont want to touch them at the present.

The weather here in the daytime has been beautiful, a slight nip in the air, wonderful sunshine and all the autumnal colours your heart could desire. At night I've be able to lay in bed looking up at the night sky, through the window not a hole in the roof ;O) ! It's been amazing the moon has been shining really bright and along with the stars has made the most wonderful scene to behold, the dark dismal sky of late has made way for a very light dark blue sky, if that makes sense. The ground has been completely covered in the glittering, sparkling white of frost. Even in the darkest hour there has been some beauty to appreciate and thank the Lord for.

Take care

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