Monday, November 20, 2006

A Lazy Day

Today has been just that, a very lazy day. I'm ashamed to say I have done nothing creative unless you count lunch, I arranged the veg and the beef in a swirl pattern and drizzled a light touch of gravy over it :o) It must have looked and tasted good because DH cleaned his plate completely!

I've read through a lot of blogs today and delved into other peoples lives, looked through their homes, admired their latest works and whilst reading one blog almost fused my computer completely. It should have had a hazard warning on it, the blog in question, Smoking needles..... should not be read when you have just either taken a bite of your sandwich or taken a sip of tea! I had a great time reading Jacqui's very funny blog I can certainly recommend it.

I've also picked up a lot of tips and ideas from the many quilting and stitching blogs I've read and I've also won some fabrics on ebay!

It has been the most gorgeous autumn day again, I shall be sad to see this season leave us, I think it has the most wonderful array of colours out of all the seasons. I am wondering if we shall have a really cold winter this year as the day's are already cold even for me, I'm usually the one who's still in a short sleeve top whilst DH is in woolies and hugging the heating system. It's a woman thing which only another woman would understand!

Just around the corner from us is a wood which has the most amazing colours at the moment and this will only be upstaged by the winter frost. Before I became less mobile I used to walk through the woods with the dogs, it was just like a fairytale land. The ground and trees were covered with a sparkling magical frost. I know I have some pics of it from a few yrs ago I'll try and find them out and post them that you too may share in the beauty of Gods winter creation. My friend and I used to call it our trip into Narnia Land.

hugs Blondieuk

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